Geoffrey Latta

There's a silver coin finger palmed in your right hand and a copper coin in Spellbound position at your left fingertips. Your hands are about six inches apart. Start moving your right hand to the left, extending your first finger to tap the copper coin. As your hand moves your thumb pushes the silver coin upward (fig. 309). Simultaneously curl your second, third, and pinky fingers so the silver comes to rest horizontally on the upper side of your second finger (fig. 310). Move your thumb onto the right edge of the coin (fig. 311).

All that takes only a second, and should be done by the time your first finger taps the copper. Tap it once more, moving your right hand back to rest position afterward. As you start to move your right hand to the left again, for the third time, your thumb pushes the silver coin to the left (fig. 312). Once the coin has passed completely over your second finger it will snap to a vertical position held between thumb and first finger. Your thumb continues pushing it to the extreme tip of your first finger.

You must time your right hand's action so that the silver coin pops into view at the first fingertip just as your first finger rea ch es t he copper coin (fig. 313). A second later your left thumb relaxes and lets the copper fall inside your left hand while your right hand guides the silver coin into Spellbound position and then moves away.

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