Geoffrey Latta

This is ultra clean - clean to the point that it satisfies almost any visual conditions you could think up. Your hands never touch, only four coins are shown at all times (both sides, too), and both hands are shown empty at all times. You'll have to try it to see how to-the-point every move is. There's not even any palming!

To start, four coins lie on the table in a horizontal row about a half inch apart, the coin that's second from the right has an expanded shell over it (fig. 499). Hold your left hand palm up. Your palm-down right hand picks up the coin at the left end of the row and holds it in Retention Pass position. Place that coin into your palm-up left hand simulating (but not doing) a Retention Pass. Repeat with the second coin (the one now on the left end of the row) placing it into your left hand. Pick up the third coin, with the shell on it, and, holding it shell side toward audience, do a Retention Pass, apparently placing it with the others in your left hand. The shelled coin should smack against the coins in your left hand just before it's stolen back into your right hand, making the proper noise.

The shelled coin remains in fingertip rest on your curled right fingers. Your right thumb and first finger pick up the fourth coin and toss it into your left hand from a few inches away, your left fingers quickly opening and closing to receive it. Make your magical gesture and open your right hand revealing the shelled coin sitting, shell side up, on your fingers. Turn your right hand over and slap the coin onto the table. Lift your hand and turn the coin over so the shell side is up again. Show your right hand otherwise empty.

Open your left hand revealing three coins. Turn it over, slapping them onto the table. Lift your hand and turn the coins over and show it empty.

Both hands pick up their coins and display them on the fingers - three in the left and one in the right. Turn your hands over, closing your fingers into fists. Your left hand does Isolation Placement, preparing one of the coins for Han Ping Chien. The coin in your right hand remains resting on your curled fingers. jingle the coins in your left hand as if the second coin has jumped. Begin to simultaneously straighten your right fingers and turn the hand palm up. As you do your thumb lands on the edge of the shell nearest your fingertips (fig. 500). Without pausing it lifts the shell and slides it inward until it leans three-quarters off the coin beneath it (fig. 501). Note that your thumb continues to rest partially on the shell.

Begin to raise your right hand, tilting your palm toward you. As you do your right thumb slides the shell over the lower coin (fig. 502). Say, "The second coin has jumped." Now, turn your right hand palm down

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