Geoffrey Latta

I've always liked this effect - laymen love it. I saw the props laying on Geoff's desk and asked him about them. He showed me three different handlings and I like two of them - so I'm including only those two! This one is more difficult. You need all the usual stuff for Boris Zola's trick: a small glob of silver about the size of a nickle (usually an irregularly shaped piece of melted solder), and a clear plastic disk the size of a half dollar. You also need an expanded shell that fits over the disk.

To prepare place the shell over the clear disk and hold that in finger palm on your palm-up right hand. The silver glob is in Deep Back Clip beneath the shelled disk (fig. 504 is an exposed view). Your palm-up left hand holds a cigarette lighter. Your hands are held comfortably in front of you and you should be standing near a table. Remember to keep your right fingers tilted downward so you don't expose the silver glob.

To perform, extend your left hand toward the spectator, handing him the lighter. As you retract your left hand after he's taken it, move it directly beneath your right hand (fig. 505). Allow the silver glob to drop Onto your left fingers in finger palm as they pass beneath and immediately curl your left fingers into a loose fist, the glob in fingertip rest.

Your right thumb pushes the shelled disk onto the extreme tip of your second finger. Spread your fingers and display the coin (fig. 506). Close your fingers into a fist as you turn your hand palm down. Push the shelled disk into classic palm and as you lower your fingers let the disk drop out of the shell to fingertip rest.


Lower your left fingers a bit and move your thumb onto the glob (fig. 507). Do that as you ask the spectator to wave the lighter (lit, of course) beneath your right fist. Make sure he doesn't get too close or you'll be in trouble. Shove your left fingertips into the thumbhole of your right hand (fig. 508). Your left thumb pushes the silver glob to your left fingertips as you pretend to pull it out of your right fist (fig. 509). Move your right thumb onto the disk and push it to your fingertips as you turn your hand palm up to display it (fig. 510). Turn your hands palm down and drop both on the table for examination.

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