Geoffrey Latta

Here's another of Geoffrey's applications of Tom Gagnon's Tiddlywinks Change. You need two glasses, two copper/silver coins, and a copper coin and a silver coin. The two gimmicked coins are classic palmed in either hand -the one in your right hand copper side against palm, and the one in your left hand silver side against palm. The two regular coins are on the table about a foot apart, silver on the right and copper on the left, with a glass beside each one (fig. 564).

Extend your first fingers and push the coins toward the spectators as you say, "Examine them." While the coins are being looked at your hands return to relaxed fist rest position near you on the table. Allow the classic palmed coin in each hand to drop to fingertip rest. When the coins have been replaced on the table move both hands forward and do Geoff s One-Hand Turnover Switch simultaneously with both hands. It appears as if both hands simply turn over their coins - both sides of each, the copper on the left and silver on the right, are clearly seen. The coins that you've switched out are left momentarily in fingertip rest.

Raise your hands, your second and third fingers pushing the coins into classic palm in each hand. Your fingers grasp the top (actually the bottom) of each upside-down glass, lift them, and place them over the coins in Tiddlywinks Change position with just a bit of each coin's inner edge protruding from beneath each glass (fig. 565). Say, "Two coins, separated by two walls of glass, completely isolated, change places!" As you finish the sentence do the move simultaneously with both hands and the coins will appear to change places.

Pause for a second, life the glasses, and place them aside. Curl your fingers and allow the classic palmed coin in each hand to fall to fingertip rest as you lower your hands to the coins on the table.

First, your right hand reaches to the silver coin on the left and does the One-Hand Turnover Switch, switching out the gimmick and leaving the regular silver on the table. A moment later your left hand does the same with the copper on the right.

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