Geoffrey Latta

This sequence uses Geoff's handling of Han Ping Chien. The extra copper coin should be finger palmed in your right hand. Pick up the visible copper coin and place it into finger palm on your palm-up left hand. Place the silver onto it, overlapping and spread inward (fig. 802). Do the Utility Switch, turning your left hand palm down and your right hand palm up beneath it. The silver coin moves from hand to hand while t lie copper is retained in left-hand finger palm. The silver falls onto your right hand and coalesces with the copper already there.

Curl your right fingers slightly, flipping the two coins over so the copper coin is now on top. Turn your hand over at the same time straightening your fingers - the two coins fall and are caught horizontally between your thumb and fingers, copper on bottom (fig. 803). Toss both coins into your left hand, onto the finger palmed copper. Close your left fingers into a fist and turn the hand over. As you do squeeze your fingers tightly, forcing the three coins (stacked) out of finger palm and against the bases of your second and third fingers, the silver coin resting on your fingertips. Tilt your hand a bit to the left, letting the stack roll into Isolation Placement position, your pinkytip resting on the silver coin.

Your right hand, held palm toward you, reaches into the left thumb hole and grasps both coppers between thumb, first, and second fingers (fig. 804). Pull both coins to the right. The silver coin is left behind in position for Han Ping Chien. Continue to pull the coppers to the right until they're just inside the. thumb hole. Leave one there, locked in place between your thumb, first, and second fingers as in Isolation Placement, and simply remove the other (fig. 805).

Turn your right hand palm up and openly bounce the copper into classic palm position. At the same time your left fist turns up. Now you're set to do Han Ping Chien. Your right hand turns palm down, retaining the copper in classic palm. It shoots forward in its little hop to the table and, on the way, your left hand moves smoothly to the left releasing the silver coin, which is smacked downward to the table by your right fingers. Immediately spread and lift them so the silver is visible. Then, open your left fingers revealing the copper coin.

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