Geoffrey Latta

I don't know how Geoff thinks of offbeat stuff like this: it's terrific. You must be seated at a table in position to lap a coin. If you've Shuttle Passed after Copper/Silver No. 4 then you're already in position with the extra copper finger palmed in your left hand. If you haven't, do it now.

Your right fingers pick up the silver coin and place it onto and overlapping the copper coin on the table. Pick both up and place them between your left thumb, first, and second fingers (fig. 806). You're about to use Edge Grip, and you'll get into it as described in Hanging Coins Plus (which is Method Two). Do the basic Edge Grip "put" as already taught, lowering your hands, your right hand taking the silver coin and ostensibly placing it into your left hand (all as described in Hanging Coins Plus). Your left hand places the copper coin into Edge Grip Display in your right hand and Your hands separate. At this point there's a copper coin in your left fist, another copper coin visible in right-hand Edge Grip Display, and a silver coin in right-hand Edge Grip.

Swing your right hand toward you to blow on the copper coin (fig. 807 is the audience view). Figure 808 shows your right hand's next movement - it swoops down in a semi-circular motion, first to the table edge and then immediately forward over the table. As it passes the edge of the table it drops the coin (a Slydini technique from the One Coin Routine). When your hand reaches the center of the table slap it flatly downward. The silver coin in Edge Grip will flip flatly against the table beneath your fingers as they hit the table. Raise your right hand to reveal the silver coin, then open your left hand revealing the copper coin.

In Addition: I've lightly glossed over the Edge Grip technique because it's fully described in another part of the book.

Make sure to swing your right hand toward you to blow on the copper coin - that's your justification for bringing it forward (and past the table edge). With some practice you'll be able to swing your right hand past the table edge and release the coin without any hesitation.

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