Geoffrey Latta

This utilitarian switch is a streamlined version of Sol Stone's One-Hand Switch, though Geoff has not seen Sol's move and developed it independently. For teaching's sake let's assume that a copper coin lies on the table. A copper/silver coin is in your right hand in fingertip rest, copper side against your fingertips (fig. 488).

Move your right hand over the tabled coin, your thumb moving onto its inner edge. When your thumb presses downward (you must be working on a soft surface) the outer end of the coin will rise slightly. Slide your fingers beneath the copper, your thumb guiding it along the left side of your first finger (fig. 489). Lift your right hand and turn it palm down, straightening your fingers (fig. 490). Immediately slap it onto the table and raise your hand, leaving the gimmicked coin copper side up on the table (fig. 491).

Curl your fingers into a loose fist, your thumb pushing the copper coin to fingertip rest as your hand settles to the table behind the visible coin.

If there's no soft surface available Geoff will do the move on his left hand.

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