Geoffrey Latta

Do it with conviction. If you don't really believe that your right hand has caught a coin then there's no way you can convince the audience. it works, too - they'll think you're actually holding a coin in your right hand.

Now, simply place the coin that you've caught with your right hand onto the table. Of course, you do the Han Ping Chien move so that as your right hand smacks down onto the table, your left hand moves smoothly to the left. The isolated coin slides out of it and, as your right hand descends, your fingers push it downward onto the table. The illusion is perfect, as if you were simply smacking the "caught" coin onto the table. It's also a little easier than some other applications of the move because there's nothing else in your right hand to worry about (no extra coins, etc.).

After you lift your right hand, leaving the single coin on the table, turn it over to show it empty. Turn it palm down and make a fist. Shake your left hand and open it to display three coins. Maneuver them by shaking your hand so that they're stacked inward in position for Isolation Placement. Do the move as you close your hand and turn it over, getting another coin ready for the Han Ping Chien. Then, turn your left fist up again. Give it a shake and follow the invisible coin, catching it with your right hand, which immediately smacks it to the table as you do the move. The second coin will slide out of your left fist and, as your right fingers push it downward, clink against the coin already on the table,

Simply repeat the entire business as described to get the third and fourth coins across. Remember that your aim has to be good here so that each coin that's released from your left hand lands on the coin or coins already on the table.

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