Geoffrey Latta

In order to do complex routines utilizing Geoffrey's handling of Han Ping Chien you have to be able to isolate one of a number of coins in your left hand so that you can hold the others securely and release only one for the move.

Stack a group of four half dollars on yo ur left palm. The bottom coin is on the base of your pinky and the others are spread inward and to the left (fig. 482). Simultaneously close your fingers into a fist and turn your hand palm down. The coins will automatically slide into a neat stack at the base of your pinky (fig. 483).

Press your pinkytip lightly against the inner coin's face (fig. 484). Tilt your fist slightly to the right, allowing all the coins behind the one touching your pinky to slide to the right (fig. 485). They should roll until they're nestled between your first and second fingers (fig. 486). Curl your first and second fingers inward, pushing the stack of three coins against your thumb base locking them in place .

This is going to take some concentration and practice because, once you turn your left fist up, ready for the move, you must relax your pinky so that the single lower coin is very loose and ready to slide out, while tightly gripping the stack of coins between thumb, first, and second fingers.

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