This is another handling of the Shuttle Pass, and it's based on Howie Schwarzman's method which appeared in Bobo. It's a bit simpler than the Roth handling, but not as versatile.

One coin rests in palm-up finger palm in your left hand; the coin to be switched in is clipped between your right first and second fingers (fig. 902). Your right hand is held palm down, relaxed, a few inches away from your left hand.

Your hands come together, your right thumb moving onto the coin in your left hand (fig. 903). Your right first and second fingertips shield this from the front. Without pausing your thumb moves to the right of the concealed coin. Both hands now move simultaneously: your left hand turns palm down while your right hand turns palm up. As your right hand turns your thumb pushes the clipped coin upward into view (fig. 904).

Continue turning until your right hand is completely palm up and your left hand is completely palm down. Your left thumb and fingers grasp the coin (fig. 905). Separate your hands, keeping your left hand palm down (the coin in finger palm concealed from the audience).

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