Flash Production

David Roth

This is a method for producing coins, one at a time, from the fingertips of your apparently empty hands, David's held this back for years - it's how he ends the Hanging Coins for the inner circle crowd.

Let's assume that you've just done the Hanging Coins and have three coins Edge Gripped in your right hand with one coin (still visible) in Edge Grip Display. Show your right hand to be completely empty except for that coin and then move your hands together, your right hand dropping the visible coin onto your palm-up left hand in finger palm (fig. 157).

Do the Shuttle Pass Drop as already taught, apparently dumping the coin into your right hand - your left hand actually retaining it in finger palm. Your right hand immediately moves forward over the table and drops one of the Edge Gripped coins onto it. Raise your right hand and transfer the two coins from Edge Grip to Curl Palm as it settles back to the table in a relaxed fist. Pause for only a second and extend your right thumb and first finger to lift the coin just Shuttle-Pass dropped. After you've picked it up turn your right hand palm up.

Your left hand, also palm up, reaches to the left. Your left thumb pushes the finger palmed coin to your fingertips, magically producing it (fig. 158).

Turn both hands palm down, each placing its coin onto the table (fig. 159). Now, a few things happen at the same time. As soon as your right hand has released its coin your thumb moves onto the inner edge of the two coins in Curl Palm as your second finger straightens, transferring them back to Edge Grip. Without pausing, raise your right hand holding it palm toward you (fig. 160). I've broken it down here to teach, but at the same time your left hand also moves upward and slightly toward you, turning palm up and moving its fingertips directly beneath the Edge Gripped coins (fig. 161).

Continue rapidly, your right thumb and second finger relaxing and dropping the lowermost of the two coins from Edge Grip onto your extended left fingers (fig. 162). Immediately move your left thumb onto the left edge of the just-dropped coin and start turning your left palm toward you (fig. 163).

Your left thumb pushes the coin to the right, past your left fingertips. Your right thumb and second finger grasp it as your left fingers curl to reveal it to the audience (fig. 164). Your left fingers release the coin and your left hand turns palm up. Your right thumb and second finger display the coin, still concealing another in Edge Grip.

Drop the visible coin onto your palm-up left hand in finger palm and immediately do a Shuttle Pass From Edge Grip as described, your hands moving together, your right hand turning palm up and your left hand turning palm down, apparently dumping the coin into your right hand. Your right thumb pushes the coin to your fingertips afterward as your hand turns palm up.

Turn your left hand palm up and produce the fourth coin by thumb-pushing it to your fingertips as before. Both hands turn palm down and drop their coins onto the table to end.

If there's one commercial routine that you get out of this book, a routine to perform for both magicians and laymen anytime, anywhere, it should be this one. You start clean, end clean, and the visual illusion is perfect. It uses anywhere from three to six Palm Changes in quick succession - so it'll take some practice. But it's worth it.

To begin, you have a copper/silver coin classic palmed in your right hand, silver side against palm. (I'm describing this position as if you're going to use the Palm Change which is described elsewhere in the book. If you want to use the Kaps Palm Change, or any other for that matter, where the coin does riot turn over - but drops directly to the fingertips - start with the copper/silver coin palmed copper side against palm.)

Your palm-up left hand holds two coins: a copper on your palm and a silver on your fingertips. Your right thumb and first finger turn these over a few times to display both sides (fig. 165). Take the copper coin with your right hand, leaving the silver on your left fingertips. Turn both hands over making fists. Your right hand does the Palm Change, switching the regular copper for the copper/silver coin. As you close your fingers ask the spectator which coin is in which hand. No matter what his reply is, turn both hands partially palm up (actually your left palm faces the right and your right palm faces left) displaying the coins on your fingers, your thumbs resting on them (fig. 166). Everything appears exactly as itshould. The right hand concealment is a Fred Kaps subtlety.

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