Fingertip Rest Position

I am not going to teach all the basic palms and grips because you should already have read Bobo's Modern Coin Magic and they're all well described there. What follows is a bit of finesse - something that most advanced coin workers use a lot. It's a simple thing to understand and do - it'll just take a bit of your concentration to remember to use (and I'll remind you constantly).

Classic palm a coin in your right hand. Curl your fingers into a loose fist and rest your hand on the table. Now relax your palm and let the coin fall onto your fingertips (fig. 13). That's fingertip rest for, as Roth calls it, fingertip palm).

The coin just sits there on your second and third fingertips - it's not gripped in any way.

You can go directly into fingertip rest after a Retention Pass - in which case your hand doesn't rest on the table (assuming you're standing, of course), but simply hangs casually off your wrist (fig. 14).

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