Fernando Roman

For this unusual hybrid of Copper/Silver/Brass and Coins Across you'll need five coins: two matching coppers, two matching brass, and a silver coin. Classic palm one copper and one brass in your right hand, the copper against the palm. You must be seated at a table opposite the audience.

Bring out the three other, different, coins held in a small fan between your right thumb and first finger. The coins are stacked so that the copper is on the inside, the brass is in the middle, and the silver's on the outside. Turn your right hand palm down and let the silver slide onto the table. Toss the copper and brass coins onto your palm-up left hand in finger palm; they should be spread slightly. Do a two-coin Shuttle Pass, your left hand turning palm down retaining the coins in finger palm while your right hand performs its actions, drawing the two coins that were classic palmed out from beneath your left fingers. You'll find that the two switched-in coins will clink at the proper time during the move.

Your right hand places the copper and brass coins onto the table beside the silver coin. Pick up the silver and hold it over your palm-up left hand (your fingers curled slightly to conceal the finger palmed coins) ready for a Retention Pass. Do the move, apparently placing the silver into your left hand; it ends, of course, in right-hand fingertip rest.

Push the silver coin into classic palm as your right hand reaches forward to pick up the copper and brass coins from the table. Hold the copper and brass on your first and second fingertips. Do a Palm Change, dropping the silver coin and pushing the copper and brass into classic palm. When you open your right fist afterward the silver coin will be seen by the audience. Open your left hand revealing the copper and brass coins.

Drop all the coins on the table. Your right hand picks up the silver coin and does a Retention Pass into your left hand. The silver coin ends in right-hand fingertip rest. Your right thumb and first finger grasp the copper coin and hold it slightly above your left fist. Open your left fingers a bit, keeping them curled enough so that the audience cannot see that the silver coin is not in your hand (as it should be). Drop the copper into your left hand and, at the same time, snap your right second and third fingers against your palm, clicking the silver coin against the copper and brass. The silver coin should hit at the same moment that the copper coin would hit the silver if it were in your left hand. The silver actually remains in righthand classic palm after it's pushed there.

Pick up the brass coin from the table and toss it into your left hand, your left fingers opening briefly. It should strike the copper already there and clink. Turn your closed left fist over. Make your magical gesture and let the silver coin in your right hand fall to fingertip rest (the copper and brass remain in classic palm). Open both hands, slapping their coins onto the table. Lift them to reveal the silver coin beneath your right hand and the copper and brass beneath your left.

Each hand picks up its coin (or coins) and turns palm up holding them between thumb and fingers (fig. 820). Note which coin is in the next (i.e., innermost) position in right-hand classic palm. Let's assume it's the copper. Lower your hands, your right hand dropping the silver coin onto the table. Arrange the other two coins on your palm-up left hand, brass on first finger base and copper overlapping it, though spread diagonally inward and to the right (fig. 821). Curl your left fingers into a fist at the same time turning your hand over. The brass coin will be caught between the flesh of your thumb base and first finger, and the copper will fall to fingertip rest. Push the copper coin toward your wrist and then Pull your fingertips back so that it dangles outside, held only by your fingertips (additional details on this type of action are in Roth's Deep Back Clip Steal).

Simultaneously lower both hands. Your right hand picks up the silver coin and your left fist, which is at the table edge, relaxes allowing the copper coin to fall straight down into your lap (fig. 822). Immediately raise both hands turning them partially palm up. Lower them a bit and curl your right fingers into a fist, the silver coin in fingertip rest. Relax your right palm and allow the copper coin to fall onto the silver coin.

Both hands slap their coins onto the table. Lift them revealing the copper and silver on the right and only the brass on the left. Your right fingers place the brass coin onto your palm-up left hand, which is ;it the table edge in position for Slydini's Revolve Vanish (which has already been described in Key to the Orient). As you turn your left hand palm down, closing it into a fist, do the move. The brass coin should be thrown inward because of the wrist turn, avoiding the copper coin already in your lap (fig. 823).

At the same time your right hand picks up the copper and silver coins, taking them into fingertip rest as your hand closes into a fist. Raise both fists a bit. Relax your right hand allowing the classic palmed brass to drop onto the copper and silver coins. Slap both hands onto the table and lift them revealing all three coins beneath your right hand and none beneath your left.

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