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Your right thumb pushes the gimmick forward so that one of its coins appears at your fingertips (fig. 658). Your left hand lifts the inner side of the card at the outer left as you stick your right fingertips beneath it (fig. 659). As soon as the coin is covered by the card your right thumb pulls the gimmick back, moving the coin under your fingertips again (fig. 660). Withdraw your hand from beneath the card and lower it onto the table as if the coin was beneath it.

Repeat the same fake placement at the outer right, pushing the gimmick partially into view and pulling it back again as your left hand lowers the card over your fingers.

Repeat again at the inner right - this time, however, actually place the entire gimmick beneath the card and leave it there. When your left hand lowers the card over the gimmick leave the outermost coin sticking out from beneath it (fig. 661). With your right first finger push that coin to the right, beneath the card, also pivoting the gimmick (fig. 662 in which the card is transparent).

The spectators think that there is a coin beneath each card. Actually there are no coins beneath the outer cards, one beneath the inner-left card, and three (the gimmick) beneath the inner-right card.

Lift the card at the inner left with your left hand to show that the coin is still there. Replace it, snap your fingers, and do the Pickup Move showing the coin has vanished. A moment later your right hand grasps the card at the inner right and draws it back a bit to reveal two coins. At the same time your left hand moves back to the table edge and lets the hidden coin slide into your lap (fig. 663). Return the card to its position at the inner left as your right hand slides its card forward until the gimmick is covered, and also getting it ready for the Pickup Move (i.e., slide the card forward until your thumbtip feels the innermost coin of the gimmick touching it).

Both hands snap their fingers and then move at the same time. Your left hand lifts the card at the outer left, your right does the Pickup Move at the inner right. Act surprised that there are no coins at the inner right and move both hands toward you, your right hand placing its card with the gimmick behind the card in your left hand (fig. 664).

664 665

Your right hand quickly turns over the cards at outer right and inner left to show no coins. At the same time your left thumb pulls the gimmick into finger palm (fig. 665). Your right hand comes back to your left hand and tosses the cards it holds, one at a time, onto the table to end as your left hand settles into a relaxed fist on the table or drops into your lap.

In Addition: If you use Roth's technique for lapping more than one coin (see Ultra Coin Assembly) you can lap the gimmick from the position shown in Figure 664. Simply move your hand back to the table edge and let it go.

SLYDINI: Three New Sleights

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