Edward Marlo

This version bears some resemblance to Instant Sympathy, but its technique is much speedier and quite revolutionary. Some of the techniques from Simplex Matrix are used. The only preparation is to have six dimes in your left pants pocket. You should be standing when you perform this and, as with the other routines, working on a mat.

Remove any four cards from the deck and place them in a face-down pile on the table directly in front of you. Place the deck aside. Your left hand reaches into your pocket and removes all six dimes in a stack. Turn your left hand palm up and cover the sort-of spread stack with your thumb (fig. 628). The audience is not aware of how many dimes you have - and you shouldn't mention it! It'll appear, however, as if only four dimes are used. Your left thumb pushes the top dime to the right (fig. 629).

Your right hand takes the dime and places it at the outer left corner of the square you're going to lay out. Your left thumb pushes off the next dime, your right hand taking it and placing it at the inner-left corner. The third dime is taken and placed at the outer-right corner.

When your left thumb pushes over the fourth dime it will conceal the last two beneath it (fig. 630 in which the thumb is transparent). Your right hand takes the fourth dime and tables it at the inner-right corner. At the same time your left hand turns palm down, closing into a relaxed fist - but with the fingers still dropped open. Your left thumb quietly slides the top dime to the left, separating the dimes so one rests on your second fingertip and the other on your third fingertip (fig. 631). Note that the dimes' edges touch.

Your right hand lifts the packet of cards and lowers it onto your left hand, which turns palm up beneath it. The cards go onto t lie balanced dimes, covering them (fig. 632 in which the cards are transparent). Both hands work, spreading the cards to the left in a small fan (fig. 633). During this your left second and third fingertips slide the dimes beneath the lowermost card (farthest to the right) and, with the aide of your right fingers, maneuvers them so that they're held by the extreme edge (fig. 634 in which the cards are transparent).

Your right hand slides the lowermost card out from beneath the fan, your left fingers holding the dimes in place against the face of the third card. Your right hand covers the dime at the outer right, doing the initial steal already described in Simplex Matrix, tabling the card and sliding the stolen dime beneath the palm-up hand's fingers as it moves toward the coin at inner right,

Your right hand stops when it's halfway between the inner and outer corners. Your left hand comes over to your right hand, and your right thumb and fingers grasp the fan's lowermost card. Your right second and third fingers nip the right edges of both concealed dimes so they're firmly supported beneath the card once your left hand moves away (fig. 635 in which the card is transparent). Continue moving your right hand inward until the inner end of the card covers the dime that's visible on the table. Push downward with your thumb and slide your fingers out from beneath the card, releasing the two dimes held at your fingertips so they fall onto the table. The fourth dime, which was hidden beneath your fingers, also stays beneath the card, but it's farthest to the right and -shouldn't interfere with the others. All four dimes are now loaded under that card.

Your right hand places the two remaining cards, one at a time, over the dimes on the left side. Clap both hands above the layout. Your right hand picks up the card at the outer right at its right long side (thumb above, fingers below) showing the coin beneath it has vanished. Without pausing, use that card to scoop up the card at the outer-left corner, trapping the dime between the cards. (Your left fingers can help by holding the left long side of the tabled card in place as the other card moves beneath it.) Lift both cards and place them into your left hand, held at the fingertips.

Your right hand removes the lowermost card from your left hand and uses it to scoop up tile card and dime beneath it at the inner-left corner, placing those two cards beneath the one already in your left hand. Your right hand turns over the card at the inner right to reveal four dimes (fig. 636).

Turn the right-hand card face up and toss it onto the center of the mat. Take the bottom card from your left hand and toss it, face up, onto the center of the mat also. Take the lowermost of the two cards remaining in your left hand and toss it face up with the others. As your right hand takes the last card from your left hand, curl your left fingers slightly and turn your hand palm down into a relaxed fist. Your right hand immediately gathers the four dimes at the inner right and tosses them into your left hand which half- opens to catch them. Place them back in your pocket to end. The clean up should be done casually - the routine is over as far as the spectators are concerned so don't act suspicious.

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