David Roth

The Vanishes

Extend your right hand to pick up the second coin and classic palm the first coin as you do. Do another Retention Pass. Afterward your right hand drops to your side with the second coin in fingertip rest

(fig, 1026). Lower your thumb onto the second coin's inner edge, a bit to the left on its circumference (fig. 1027). Lift the coin, pivoting it into lower finger palm (fig. 1028). At thesame time crumple your left fingers and open them to show the vanish.

Lift the third coin and do another Retention Pass. Once the coin is in fingertip rest immediately extend your thumb downward behind it. Since the coin should project slightly beyond your fingertips its inner edge will press against the crease of your thumb (fig. 1029). If you curl your fingertips a tiny bit you'll find that the coin will pop upward to a vertical position against your thumb (fig. 1030). Lower your fingers a bit and straighten your thumb against the coin, holding it in classic thumb palm (fig. 1031).

Extend your right first finger and press the back of your palm-down left fist in a magic gesture (fig. 1032). Lower your right hand to your side, turning your left fist palm up at the same time. As you open your left fingers to show the vanish your right first and second fingers curl inward to above and below the

thumb-palmed coin (fig. 1033). Lift your thumb slightly away from the hand and the coin will almost automatically turn a bit (fig. 1034). If you wrap your thumb around the coin's edge you'll find it's now in Downs palm (fig. 1035).

Lift the fourth coin and do another Retention Pass. Afterward, when your right hand drops to your side, you'll be concealing four coins in four different positions (fig. 1036). From the front, though, it appears casual and relaxed. Crumple your left fingers and open them to show the fourth vanish.

The Reproductions

Turn slightly to your left and raise your right hand, back toward audience. Pretend to catch something between your thumb and fingers and immediately drop the coin that's in fingertip rest onto your palm-up left hand in finger palm. As you display that coin for a moment your right first and second fingers curl inward to above and below the Downs palmed coin (fig. 1037). Move your hands together in the Shuttle Pass action, your left hand turning palm down retaining the coin in finger palm, and your right hand turning only partially palm up - at the same time straightening your first and second fingers (fig. 1038). Don't turn your right hand too far or you'll expose the other palmed coins.

Your right thumb moves onto the coin clipped between your fingers and presses it flat against your second finger, your first finger curling out of the way (fig. 1039). Turn your right hand palm down and move it over the table. Drop the coin.

Extend your left hand and produce the finger-palmed coin at your fingertips. Afterward pull it back into palm-up finger palm (Shuttle Pass) position. Do another Shuttle Pass, this time doing the variant described in Wild Coin No. 1. In other words your right hand simply mocks catching the coin from your left hand (the coins in classic and finger palm stay where they are), turns palm down, moves over the table, and lets the lower finger-palmed coin drop onto the table.

To end, both hands turn palm up and produce their coins at the fingertips, dropping them to the table afterward.

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