David Arthur

This is David's version of a J.C. Wagner idea that appeared in his excellent book Seven Secrets. Again, the previous sequence leaves you in position to begin this one, with the extra copper in right-hand classic palm.

Your left hand picks up the copper coin that's on the table and maneuvers it into Shuttle Pass position. Do the Shuttle Pass, your right hand apparently taking the copper and placing back in your left hand, held between thumb, first, and second fingers (fig. 798).

79B 799

Your right hand picks up the silver coin and holds it over your left palm in Retention Pass position (fig. 799). Do the vanish and, without pausing, let the copper coin held by your left fingers fall inside the hand - it'll clink against the copper already there (fig. 800). It looks and sounds exactly as if both coins have been dropped into your left hand.

During that action say, "Please hold out your left hand, palm up." Put both coppers into their hand, your thumb moving beneath their fingers (fig. 801). Gently close their fingers and turn the hand over. Ask him to reach into the thumb hole and pull out one of the coins (it does not matter which). Take the copper coin from them and do any Spellbound type of change, leaving you with a silver coin. When they open their hand they'll find the copper coin.

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