Danny Korem

The idea of secretly tossing a coin inside your shirt is not new, but this is a sure-fire handling covered by a perfectly logical action: doing a heads/tails flip of a coin. You must be standing, wearing a button-down shirt.

Hold the coin in your palm-up right hand between thumb, first, and second fingers. Your hand should be held comfortably close to your body, just above waist level (fig. 884). Move your thumb beneath the coin and flick it upward so it spins end over end as it flies. Say, "Call it - heads or tails?" Catch the falling coin on the center of your palm-up right hand and slap your left hand over it (fig. 885).

You're going to move your right hand out from beneath your left hand, raising it slightly to turn it palm down, and then slap it onto the back of your left hand. During your right hand's palm-down turn the coin will be tossed into your shirt.

In detail: Move your right hand to the right (fig. 886). Note that it already has started to turn over. Turn your hand over in a large to-the-left arc, passing in front of the shirt opening (fig. 887). That's when the coin is tossed - but since you're probably trying this slowly the first few times it won't work. You've got to do this quickly - the same speed that you would really perform the action at. Your right hand's over and down swing will impart enough motion to the coin to propel it between the flaps of your shirt. Obviously you must also practice a little so your aim is good!

One other thing happens at the same time. Your left hand moves slightly closer to your body (fig. 888). That covers (if any is needed) the possibly illogical move of your right hand closer to the body. Actually your right hand moves so quickly that it won't be noticed.

To complete the action, slap your palm-down right hand onto the back of your left hand and pause for a moment (fig. 889). Lift your hand to reveal the vanish.

In Addition: Danny pointed out an important point in the way the right hand is held. Your fingers should be pointing toward the left at about a forty-five degree angle throughout the move, regardless of whether your right hand is palm up or down. That facilitates the secret toss, aiming the coin in the proper direction.

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