Your left hand grasps the dangling end of the string and brings it up so you can tie the ends together (fig. 402). Once that's done leave the loop draped around your thumb (fig. 403 shows your entire upper body so you can get an idea of the audience view - your empty right palm is toward them). Your left hand picks up the coin and places it between your right thumb, first, and second fingers (fig. 404).

The Mirror Change

Your left hand reaches in front of your right hand and grasps the portion of the loop in front of and directly below your right thumb (fig. 405). At the same time your right second finger curls inward and moves in front of the lower portion of the coin (fig. 406). Straighten your second finger flipping the coin to a horizontal position, clipped between your first and second fingers with your thumb resting on its edge (fig. 407).

While your thumb holds that coin in place your first and second fingers curl inward. The coin moves to back clip. While your first and second fingers are curled they clip the Downs palmed coin between them (fig. 408). Once you feel the loose coin properly in back clip begin to straighten your first and second fingers moving the threaded coin outward (fig. 409). Note that your left hand moves with the threaded coin shielding the action from the audience.

When your fingers have straightened your thumb flips the threaded coin to a vertical position held between thumb, first, and second fingers. As you're completing the switch your left hand moves around your right fingertips and drapes the loop over the back of your hand (fig. 410). Note that your right thumb covers the hole in the coin for the moment. It appears to the audience as if you've simply transferred the loop from your thumb to your fingers, while you've secretly switched the coins. To reveal the penetration simply lift your thumb allowing the coin to slide downward to the loop's center (fig. 411).

Pause for a second, then raise your left hand, moving it behind your right hand so that the back clipped coin falls into left-hand finger palm (fig. 412). Now swing your hands around in front of you (fig. 413 is the audience view). Separate them as you untie the string and, once it's open, grasp both ends with your left hand. Move your right hand around the coin at loop's center so that it rests on the insides of the fingers of your loosely closed fist (fig. 414).

Your left hand drops the ends letting them dangle and moves around your right hand, fingers outside and thumb inside (fig. 415). Slide your left hand to the left, as if pulling the coin off the string. Actually, of course, your right thumb holds the strung coin in place hidden inside your right fingers while your left thumb presses the string against the loose coin as it moves (fig. 416). Your left hand displays the coin while your right hand inserts the center of the string with the hidden coin into a spectator's breast pocket (fig, 417).

Vanish the loose coin any way that you like. Ask the spectator to grasp one end of the string in each hand and pull - the center will pop out of his pocket with the coin dangling on it (fig. 418).

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