Bruce Berkowitz

This is a for-magician's-only sequence. You apparently do a normal Spellbound sequence and then the coin falls into your hand and hits another with a loud clink. When the coins are looked at the audience discovers they're both the same color.

The handling on this is finicky because it's based a lot on personal hand size. I'll teach it exactly as Bruce. does it - though I'm warning you in advance that some of it may seem awkward. You must fiddle with the positions of the coins, and the tilt of your hands, etc., to get it to work smoothly.

To set up, classic palm a silver coin in your left hand. Also finger palm a copper coin in the some hand. Your right hand holds another silver coin in Spellbound position. To perform, straighten your left fingers moving your thumb onto the copper coin to hold it in place. Move your left fingers in front of the visible silver coin. Let the silver coin fall backward into right-hand finger palm. Your left fingers push the copper coin into Spellbound position, and your hand moves away to reveal the change.

Tilt your right hand to a completely palm-up position - the silver coin should automatically flip backward (toward you) and fall into classic palm (fig. 338). At the same time squeeze your right thumb and fingers together, snapping the copper to a vertical position. Also at the same time your left hand transfers the classic palmed extra silver coin to finger palm. (Simply let it drop to fingertip rest and then thumbpush it up to finger palm.)

Do a standard Spellbound change, your left hand covering the copper coin. The copper drops to righthand finger palm and the extra silver coin is left at your fingertips (fig. 339).

Turn your right hand palm down and your left hand palm up - place the visible silver coin into Spellbound position at your left fingertips. Separate your hands for a moment, moving your right thumb onto the finger palmed copper coin to hold it in place. Move your hands together, your right fingers covering the silver coin. Let the silver drop into left-hand finger palm and leave the copper in its place. Move your right hand away. Transfer the extra silver coin in your right hand from classic to finger palm. Move your hands together, your right fingers moving in front of, and your thumb moving behind, the copper coin in position for Vernon's classic original move. Your right hand moves to the left until it can grasp the copper coin in thumb palm It immediately reverses direction, leaving the silver coin between your left fingers.

After you've separated your hands pause for a moment. Extend your right first finger and smack the visible silver coin into your left hand. It should hit the one already there with a loud clink. Open your hand to reveal two silver coins.

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