Bruce Berkowitz

Begin to slowly turn your hands palm up and, as you do, you'll notice that when they're palm toward you the hidden copper coin will be directly above the left thumb hole (fig. 832). Without pausing relax your right thumb and drop the copper into the hole (fig. 833). Immediately turn both hands palm up keeping your right fingers pressed against the underside of your left fist (fig. 834). Slowly draw your right hand to the right, revealing the silver coin on your fingers (fig. 835). Open your left fingers to show two silvers and a copper. Turn both hands over dumping the coins onto the table.

Raise your hands and show both completely empty. Openly slide the copper coin over to the single silver coin on the right. Say, "The first silver coin has jumped over, switching places with the copper." Your right hand picks up the two silver coins at the left and apparently puts both into your left hand while actually retaining one. There are dozens of ways to do this - any click pass will do. (You can use Geoff Latta's Half Retention Pass taught in his Standup Spectator Coins Across). Afterward, your right fingers push the stolen silver coin into classic palm. Your left hand is in a palm-down fist.

Pick up the silver coin on the table and, simulating the action of the One-Hand Turnover Switch, slap that coin onto the back of your left fist. As your right hand moves from your left fist back to the table to pick up the copper coin let the classic palmed silver coin fall to fingertip rest. Pick up the copper and, as you apparently slap it onto the back of your left fist, do the switch. While keeping your right fingers pressed firmly on your fist raise your hands a bit and turn them palm toward you - loading the copper into your left hand (fig. 836). Ask, "Can you see the coins between my fingers?" After they've said "No" lower your hands turning them backs up again. Simply raise your right hand revealing two silver coins on the back of your left fist.

Pick them up and move your right hand away. Turn your left hand palm up and open your fingers revealing a silver and a copper. Both hands turn palm down, dumping the coins onto the table. Openly slide the copper from left to right, joining the two silvers already there.

Say, "Let's recapitulate what's happened up to now." Describe your actions as you go. Like this. Pick up the three silver coins and do the Roth technique, getting one into classic palm position and then displaying them on your palm-up hand. Turn your hand over and toss the two coins that remain loose into your left hand. Continue and then two of them jumped across one at a time." As you finish the sentence let both coins drop out the bottom of your left fist one at a time (fig. 837). Keep your fingers closed afterward - the audience assumes that the third silver coin is still in there.

Turn your left hand palm down. Your right hand, simulating the switch, picks up and slaps the two silver coins onto the back of your left hand as in figure 838. Pick up the copper coin and slap it on top of the silver coins so that rests evenly between them (fig. 839). Pause for a second, curling your right fingers and transferring the silver coin from classic palm to fingertip rest. Do the switch as you apparently turn the copper coin over.

Immediately raise your right hand about six inches revealing three silver coins. Lower your right fingers onto them again and, as you turn your hands palm up (exactly as you did when the first coin jumped), load the copper coin into your left thumb hole. Afterward your right hand moves to the right displaying the three silvers on its fingers. Slowly open your left hand revealing the copper coin.

In Addition: Notice that the timing on each load of the copper coin into your left fist is different - that makes this very deceptive.

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