A Few Seconds On Stay Stack Jon Racherbaumer

If you are partial to using the Stay Stack, you can perform several effects while maintaining the Stay Stack. You can also fluctuate between using Si Stebbins and Stay Stack as outlined by Marlo in Hierophant #2, p. 61, "Marlo On Stebbins/ Stay-Stack."

Therefore, before commencing the Clock Effect, give the deck a couple of quick Out Faro shuffles, retaining the Stay-Stack order. Turn your back and tell the spectator to think of an hour, remove an equal number of cards from the top of the deck, and then place them in his pocket.

He is next asked to deal cards into the clock configuration as in other versions, beginning at one o'clock. As usual, he asked to note the card occupying the position of his chosen hour. Next tell him to pick up all the cards and add them to the ones in his pocket.

Turn around and pick up the tabled talon. Say. "Please shuffle your cards." As you deliver this patter, hold the talon with the faces towards yourself and perform an Overhand Shuffle. Run12 cards, throw, and note the thirteenth card originally from the face, and then shuffle off normally.

The thirteenth card glimpsed will be a pseudo-mate of the spectator's selection. For example, if you glimpse the King of Clubs, the spectator's card will be the King of Spades.

This brief note is meant to instigate more investigations using the Stay-Stack in conjunction with the Clock Effect. Elsewhere in this manuscript, Marlo applies the Stebbins set-up.

August 15, 1971

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