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How to Get Your Home in Order Almost Immediately

Declutter Fast How to Get Your Home in Order Almost Immediately is a systematic and a well-planned approach that helps individuals declutter their entire living space or offices instantly. Within the program, individuals learn the strategies they can use to avoid procrastination with just five minutes. It is a product of Mimi Tanner who encourages individuals to make a distinction between the cloths and the shoes that they wear from the items they need to dispose of. The program helps individuals put their houses in order by following just simple steps. It is a 71-page book and will help you make drastic changes in your house, allowing you to pay attention to what is more urgent and significant. It is a legitimate program and will help you put your home in order over a short period of time. Tens of thousands of individual of individuals have benefited from the program. You too can benefit immensely. More here...

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

The Garage Sale Toolkit

This guide can teach you everything that you need to learn about planning, promoting, and profiting off of your next yard sale. Most people use a sort of spray and pray method of setting up a yard sale; putting a little bit of advanced planning into your yard sale can set it head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to how well you do. This guide shows you all of the strategies to set up your yard sale like an easy business. And don't let the word business frighten you off; this sort of business is very easy to set up and profit from! All that you need are the tools that we outline in our guide; then you can just set it up and start reaping the profits from it! You will be able to have the best of both worlds; declutter your office AND make money on the side! More here...

The Garage Sale Toolkit Summary

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Author: Maria Gracia
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WeulgringcYOUkvin fox

With the right hand strike the card at the point indicated by the arrow in Fig. 2, which will cause the die to shoot into the lap. Lift up the card showing the die has vanished. Clean up by returning the cards to the pocket and picking up the coin, make it disappear that's it you started with nothing on the table and finish with nothing on the table.

Dr E M Roberts Method

Not only can the method be used to vanish a coin it can also be used at any time as a clean-up move. If an. effect requires one coin hidden in the hand at the beginning of a certain trick it would be best to sleeve the coin so the hands could be shown unmistakably empty. A coin can be sleeved from the hand that has a coin in its palm just as easy as without the hidden coin. At the finish of a trick if there is a coin that must be palmed or hidden in the hand in some manner it would, in most cases, be best to sleeve the extra coin, thus bringing the effect to a clean finish.

Published By Trapdoor Productions

The right hand's packet goes into the pack between the left hand's packet and the middle packet for the conclusion.On top of the pack you have two (supposedly one) face up cards. You can now clean up by double lifting the top cards and flipping them face down. Deal off the new top card and rub it on your sleeve, it changes to the card it was originally.

Sympathetic Coincidence

While spectators are commenting on the effect you quickly cut the top three cards to the bottom to bring the red card to face of deck. Take deck with right hand from above after first getting a break on the bottom card. Break is maintained by right thumb. With left hand scoop up the red deck as the right hand rests at right end of spread to sort of aid in the scoop up. Needless to say that as the two decks meet, the bottom red card from the blue deck is added to the top of red deck. Place red deck aside and all you need to do is right the bottom card of the blue deck to clean up and have both decks examined.

Pencil Thru Quarter Finesse

Once the pencil clears the quarter, immediately hand out the coin to be examined. David also has a very expedient method for cleaning up the gaffed coin, which is still on the pencil and is concealed in your right hand. Naturally, you can simply put the pencil into your pocket and be done with it. It is better, however, to hand out the pencil to be examined also. Here is how David does it

Alien Invasion and Grandpas Deck

There is still a clean-up problem here, but it is not nearly as serious as in the Alien Invasion trick. If you're doing this table-to-table, there is some very brief reset time. If the effect appeals to you, you'll probably find this to be a simple, effective addition to your repertoire.

December 1998 Tales from the Road II

Now let's talk about using the Direct Link. Mr. Anders provides a videotape in which he demonstrates and explains several effects using the device. Not one of these effects inspired in me a desire to use the prop. In fact, I question the manner in which Mr. Anders uses the Direct Link. To my eyes, objects were ditched at psychologically ineffective moments, and the ditching action was obvious and completely unnatural. I believe that the Direct Link, the Topit, and Sleeving are most effective when used to clean up, and the action must occur during a moment of audience relaxation (such as at the end of a trick). None of Mr. Anders' applications use the device in this way.

Card Sharp On Duty Please Wait To Be Cheated

I just got back from The Winter Carnival Of Magic in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Wayne Kyzer and I drove up to Asheville, N.C. where we spent the night with Don Morris. Following a trip to Bill Stanley's BBQ and Bluegrass, we stayed up all night long doing magic. As usual, we were beat before the convention even got started. While at Bill Stanley's, I came up with the following quickie. You're seated at a dinner table doing match puzzles, among other bar bets. You have a match box hidden in your lap. Take four matches from the others on the table and carefully form a square about three inches from the edge of the table. Do this carefully, as if setting up another puzzle. Do you know what this is Give them time to make a few uninformed guesses. It's a match box. Pause for a second, as you secretly palm the match box in your right hand and let what you have said sink in. Then drag the matches off the table into your lap as you. apparently pick them up. Quickly bring the hand forward and...

Dishonesty In Card Tricks

You should know that you must switch the gaffed coin in and out for this routine, and this will take a small bit of practice to do well. However, the method in which the coin is gaffed allows for a very nice moment the instant the pen is withdrawn, the gaffed coin can be pivoted to show the heads side. There is absolutely nothing to be seen on this side of the coin. Because of this, there is no heat on the clean-up switch.

January 2000 Did We Make It

So, as a one-on-one trick performed in a dimly lit bar, I could see that Power-Lev might be an effective quick trick. (The instructions state that the bottle should not levitate sic for more than 5 seconds.) However, there is still the problem of cleaning up. You are wearing the gaff and there is no way to get rid of it. If the spectators make a grab for your belly, you're going to get nailed.

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation By Mike and

Mike Let me preface my remarks by saying that I have a certain prejudice against the use of the sleeves or the topit. I feel the same way about them as I do about lapping - the techniques are powerful and can be deceptive, but magicians fall in love with them and overuse them. If I were going to utilize these techniques, I think I would only use them to clean up. In other words, the spectators believe that the effect is over, and then I use my sleeves or a topit to get rid of something. Done in this way, the gestures, which must be used to toss the item in the sleeve or the topit, are not associated with the actual effect. When the effect and the necessary gestures coincide, I think that these actions become tells, and an astute spectator will begin to notice that every time the magician's hand disappears inside his coat something magical happens.

Why Dad Thinks Im Adopted

As with many other cards books that have been published recently, 21st Century Card Magic focuses on standard card plots. However, there is a big difference, because Jim Swain understands that if you are going to publish a variation of a familiar plot then you must substantially improve the effect, the method, or the presentation. To do this you must understand the creations that precede you and the problems you are trying to fix. Look, for example, at Metamorphosis, a handling of Paul Harris' Re-Set. The initial problem for Jim was to clean up the ending of the trick, a process that took 20 years. He writes, In 1998, I hit upon a solution, one which I believed finally did the trick justice. I began to perform the routine regularly and came to another startling conclusion. Laymen didn't like Re-Set nearly as much as magicians So what if the Aces and Jacks switched places No one cared Re-Set was a trick desperately looking for a plot. Jim discovered a presentational hook, and the...

Turn the egg to show the silk stuffed into the hole FIG

Suiting your actions to words, peel the hole off of the real egg and stick it onto your forehead. Now cleanly break the egg into the glass, dropping the shell inside also. This is a definite applause cue, which you accent with a slight pause, but do not entirely stop your actions. Continue by taking the silk into your right hand and, as the audience applauds, accordion-pleat it into a small bundle in your right hand (FIG. 12). This takes only a few seconds, and passes as mindless clean-up after the trick has supposedly ended.

The Duplicity Holdout

Another way to handle the ditch is to show the changed object with your display hand, as your other hand reaches in and drops the exchanged object into the inner jacket pocket. If you took something out of your coat to set the holdout in motion in the first phase, returning it at the end allows for the clean up.

Horse Of A Different Color

If you do not want to perform a Bottom Deal, repeat the Elmsley Count a second time, but both Elmsley Counts must be done so that the last card goes to the bottom. No blue back will show and the cards will be back in their original order, with the blue-backer sandwiched between the Black Queens. For the clean-up, discard the left-end 2H. With the remaining three cards face up, turn the end Queens face down, leaving the 2H face up and sandwiched. Square and turn the cards face down. Utter your patter line and spread the cards, showing the blue-back and so on.

Mental Air Mail Revealed

When required or if time allows, I WILL do a clean-up on this and if the ending above really troubles you, of course you can proceed along the same lines. I open up the multi-card envelope first and pull out the cards face down on the table or floor. I retrieve the star envelope with the bluffed destination card, cut it open on my way back to the stage area, remove it and place it face down on the others. After tossing aside the second, now empty, envelope, I pick up the pile of all the cards and turn them face up towards me. With one of the magic markers I quickly sign autographs on each of them and place them one at a time on the table, talking merrily as I go along. Their order is thereby reversed and the audience is now completely confused as to which one was first or last or whatever. (Much like a cross-cut force , such nonsense mixes up all possible reference points for the audience.) I then hand back the cards to their original owners as I call out their crazy destinations and...


That concludes the silver-copper double transposition with both hands empty and the coins on the table. To clean up lean back naturally letting the hands fall onto the lap and pick up the lapped coins with the right hand, and lean forward again, picking up the coins with the right hand and place them in the inside pocket. The throw covering the switch should not be a large movement, just a little toss. If done naturally and casually the sleight will be unsuspected and undetectable.

Point Blank

Now for an ingenious 'clean up' that will allow everything to be examined. With your empty hand, pick up the cards dealt to the table, turn them face up and spread them across the table showing that they are all blank Once you've done this, the hand still holding the jumbo card (and the blank faced card hidden beneath) drops the jumbo (and the card beneath) onto the end of the tabled spread. This action causes the previously stolen blank faced card to coalesce with the rest


The nesting principle makes the clean up at the finish a simple matter. The right thumb and index finger remove the thimble from the left thumb, an action which gives cover for the left index finger to steal the one in the right thumb palm position. The one removed from the left thumb is placed mouth, downwards onto the table followed with the two as one from the index finger and finally the three remaining on the other fingers. Both hands are now empty.

Nelson C Hahne

If, for some reason, you prefer not to get rid of the last coin in your pocket as explained, you may palm it in the right hand as you did the others, then, as a clean-up move, execute the Utility Switch by tossing three of the four coins into the right hand. The spectators see four coins in the right hand and naturally assume that there are no more. Finally toss the four back into the left hand and place all five into the pocket.


In the case of my routine (as with Epigraph ), when using business cards with blank backs, a double turnover can be executed very effectively since the DEATH card can be shown, and then immediately thumbed off, without leaving any other cards apparently reversed. It makes cleaning up a non-issue.

Jon Racherbaumer

Place the red deck on top of the gaffed card and immediately direct the spectator's attention to the blue Brain-Wave deck. Say, You know, I knew you would choose the odd card. Before we started, I removed the same card from the red deck and placed it face up in this blue deck Remove the cards from the case, correctly turning them to disclose the matching card as per Brain-Wave. Spread the cards between your hands, split the correct roughed pair, disclose the face-up matching card, then remove it to show its red back. The clean up should be obvious.

Major Mr Mike Rule

In any case, don't you stand for this kind of bullshit or you will be a miserable, cowered, bastard as you fade away into the sunset. Sure you can probably stand to clean up your act a little and you should keep an open mind and take heed of her better suggestions, but just don't go off the deep end on me caving into her every little demand to change this or that about yourself. To hell with that There are plenty of women out there who don't think of men as restoration projects, and you must keep seducing away until you find one.


Cleaning up is not so easy but can be accomplished with a little bit of gall. The out card can be gambler's copped or palmed and added straight to the deck. If the deck is face up in your hands the box can be set on the deck and then removed, leaving the out card on the face (if

We Are Stardust

It's hard to describe the real impact or beauty of this, but try it and you'll make your own discoveries. The only thing that may destroy the charm is tossing glitter around on someone's floor. If you work on stage or stand-up, it is still important that you keep in mind someone has to clean up the mess when you are finished. If you don't do it, some crew will need to do it. That means you are either paying more for someone to clean up your mess, or you have antagonized a whole lot of people you otherwise might have charmed. Stop and think about how a crew being upset with you might hurt your career. Who do they speak to, and what also might they say to the theatre manager or to their employer Are you aware that many people who are in top positions in entertainment once worked in crews and theatre jobs Can you afford to upset these people who may be asked to book you a few years from now

Norman Cliffe

With Bostik type cement, thinned with petrol if necessary stick the cards together with a If strip of thin rubber sheet along the length of the card between them. Clean up the outs ides with a cloth damped with petrol, powder freely with zinc stearate or fanning powder and leave to dry under a weight.

Viva Where

The seven routines on this video are divided into two three-trick sets plus an encore. Included are a three coin production, a routine in which the three coins vanish from a purse and appear in the magician's hand, a coins across routine, and a routine in which the coins vanish and appear under a saucer. The encore is a version of the popular let's get on the floor and do Matrix routine. Using only three coins gives the magician an edge methodologically, and Rune's clean-up is clever. With the exception of the Matrix routine, all the material suitable for performance in real world conditions. (And I suppose that the Matrix routine could be done depending on whether you think that getting down on the floor to do a trick is a good idea. I'm at the age where once I get down I have a hard time getting up.)


How do you clean up If you use this as an opener, then the gaffs and the extra blue-backed card can simply be picked up and pocketed, since they do not match the deck that is now in play. (In doing this, the blue-backed card is slid under the other three so the face of the packet can be flashed.) If you are using a rainbow deck, its appearance is so strong that the audience will dive for the deck. This is fine, since (other than its multicolored backs) it is ungaffed. The packet of four cards can be added to the rainbow deck and the whole thing pocketed.


Ricochet is a variation of Paul Harris' very popular trick Reset. Paul Wilson offers two different handlings. One handling requires intermediate level sleight-of-hand. The second handling is sleight free. Curiously, both handlings play equally well for a lay audience. This means that regardless of your skill level you can perform this very strong piece of magic. In addition, the clean up is very simple and very deceptive. The spectators have eight genuine cards in their hands at the end, leaving no possibility that the method will be discovered.

Shock Wave

In the course of the videos Greg explains two utility moves, The All-Around Vanish and The Pitch and Ditch. (These moves were also explained on the Off the Cuff video.) In several routines Greg uses the Pitch and Ditch to clean up after the routine has ended. For this purpose the move works quite well. In one routine he tries to use the move to vanish a coin and he gets busted. I believe there is a lesson here.

Jules DeBarros

Clean-up The left hand picks up each Black checker from the center of the tableau, placing one of the three into the right-hand classic palm position. The usual Shuttle Pass is executed as the three Black checkers are apparently transferred from hand to hand. The tag line is, That's how you play Tibetan Checkers The Shuttle Pass is made on the words, . . . and that's how you play. . . On the words, Tibetan Checkers , the left hand extends itself towards the spectator. Look directly at the spectators and relax, as the right hand drops to the edge of the table and laps the extra Black checker. You are clean and the Red and Black checkers in your lap may be picked up and placed aside at any opportune moment or at the conclusion of your close-up act.

Rabble Rouser

The gaff used in Alida is smaller than the gaff in Floaters. It is a common object with two end pieces glued on. For this trick to have any impact whatsoever, the spectators must be looking almost straight down on the card as it rises. Those of you who perform at restaurants will be hard pressed to arrange conditions so that all the spectators are looking down on the card. During the time the card is rising, any spectator who bends down and looks under the card will see the gaff. While the rotation of the card looks weird, it also looks as if the card is resting on something (which it is). It does not look as if the card is hovering. In order to clean up you have to steal the gaff while you pick up the card. There is an enormous amount of heat on the card at this moment. Mr. Harris offers several ways to clean up, but I think all of them are completely unsatisfactory.


For purposes of description, we will assume you have a packet of seven cards, the lower five of which are face up. In the apparent act of turning the packet from face down to face up, we will adjust this situation so that all the cards face the same way. The technique does not work as an all-purpose Half Pass but as a clean-up technique for secretly reversed cards, or when a presentational reason can be found for openly turning the deck or packet over. In other words, Turnantula might be called a Turnover Half Pass. It is natural in appearance and very deceptive. I'm not aware of much directly related history for this approach to the Half Pass. The Half Passes by Jim Patton and Bruce Cervon, described

Dice Switches

He may instead use hc palm sw tch which leaves he switched out dice trapped in the palm between die- base of the humb and the edge of the palm as the yaffs arc dropped in the cup. In this case, the cheat will hold Ihe cup between both hands as he shakes il His empty hand will cover the mouth ot the cup as the other banc holds the base of the cup. 'litis completely hides the palmed dice from view. Later ihe switch is repeated to clean up and leave the square dice in play. The fact dice used at haekjfjammo-i are often smaller ihan those typically used in crap games makes the switches even easier.

Joe Safuto

As mentioned, if you are performing standing, the pieces of cigarette are secretly dropped to the floor during the restoration phase of the routine. It is obvious that various measures may have to be taken to clean up, these being governed by the performing conditions. If you are working behind a bar, nothing need be done. If working for an intimate group seated around a table, the pieces may be left to lie until later when some unobvious time arises in which the pieces may be surreptitiously gathered up. If conditions are such that people may easily see under the table, other measures may be used. The back of the tablecloth may be pinned up to form an impromptu servante. Or your close-up case may be left open on the floor to catch the pieces as they fall. Performers, knowing their performing conditions, will quickly see how this problem can be handled conveniently. There is therefore no reason to stop you from performing this excellent routine.

Table Top Transpo

Wayne Kyzer suggests the following for a guillotine routine. Almost everyone who does the routine pulls a fake head out of the head-catching bucket with the remark, I forgot to clean up after the last show. In addition to this, have a shrunken head in the bottom of the bucket beneath the regular head. After producing the first head, place the bucket back on the floor underneath the victim. Pause for a moment and notice something else in the bucket. Peach down in it and remove the shrunken head. I do kid shows, too.

The Dusty Drink

This is a gag based on the self-refilling glass which was pttolished in J.G.Thompson's My Best. It was originated by vynn Boyar and is titled, An Amusing Interlude. The glass is prepared so that it appears to be full of liquid. At will, you can make it (almost) empty and refill without any cover. The beauty of the gimnick is that there is, no liquid to worry about and no mess to clean up. There are other glasses which are ginmicked to to the same thing so you might want to check your dealer. Imnediately thumb off the top card of the left half onto the table and square the remaining cards. If you'll place the right half under the left half, it will be easier to clean up when you are finished. Table the deck and pick up the face down card. It is the card with the chosen name on it.

The Torn Corner

In order to perform the crimped corner dodge, you'll need a shill or confederate in the audience. The cards are face up on the table in the usual order. Now, while your attention is momentarily diverted - lighting a cigarette, cleaning up a drink spill, or talking or arguing with someone -your partner in crime, slightly bends back the upper index corner of the black ace. See Photo 24. The shill makes sure that the spectator sees him do this. When you're ready to start the game again, you pretend not to notice the marked card. You proceed with a simple throw down and mixing of the cards. You ask the spectator to pick the money card and he, of course, picks the card with the bent corner. You turn it over and it's a red ace


The instructions contain four simple tricks (including an ace assembly which would probably stump magicians), but I think that this device is most useful if you come up with your own applications. I prefer to use it as a clean-up device (for example, a completely examinable Pothole Trick ) because the switch occurs after the audience thinks the effect is over. If you can think of a reason to use Switch*A*Roo, and if it fits your style of working, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Recommended.

Roy Walton

Clean-up Raise the fan, close it, pull out the three selections, toss them face up onto the table, and turn the red packet face down. Thumb over three cards, holding the last two as one. The right hand takes this fan or spread of cards and shows them fronts and backs, disclosing four Kings. (Incidentally the Kings are still apparently in the same order. i. e.

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