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Chapter One Getting Started on Your Journey

She grew up listening to music each spare moment she could and singing in her church choir. She currently sings in her woman's group yet she visualizes what it would be like for her to be a professional with her own CD released, touring the region and giving concerts.

The Development of Style

But to some extent, the size of my home town worked against me as well. To some extent, 1 HAD to be the ever evolving, cameleon-Uke entertainter in order to deal with my tiny pool of potential audience members. Of the three West Virginia towns 1 divided my youth in, the population of the largest one peaked at 17,000, and that was during hunting season. In situations like this, it's easier to get a new act than a new audience. All I had to do was one school show, the local men's club, a church function, a few birthday parties, and everyone in town would have seen my act. If I wanted to be re-booked, I had to get a new act.

For Yoijr Next Entertainment

Arrange with the local newspaper to use a certain amount of advertising space, well placed, and suggest that the editor give you a few words of write-up in the news columns. If you are working under the auspices of a church or school, they perhaps have some influence with the newspapers, and can use it to get you publicity.

Great Mystery Man Coming

(Your Name), Magician, to Present Evening of Wonders at First Methodist Church The Magic Rabbit is getting ready to make his unexpected appearance at an odd mystery program to be given by (Your Name), the Magician, at the Auditorium of the First Methodist Church, Wednesday night, March 8, at 8 p. m., under the auspices of the Men's Bible Class. The entertainment is for the whole family. For everybody -- young folks to old folks -- Wednesday night will be the most enjoyable evening spent in a long time. The proceeds will be for the benefit of the church. Some high schools and churches have their own orchestras and are glad to have them give you their services. Music before the show and between the acts is welcomed.

What To Charge For Full Evenings Show

Here is a church that could well use the services of a good Magician. Go to the minister, the head of the men's or women's organizations in the church, or the young people's society -- and show them how you can make money for them. Admission is, of course, to be charged, and you will work on a percentage basis. Because of your initial expense in putting on the show, you will charge the first 25 taken in for yourself. Then you will split fifty-fifty on the rest of the proceeds. Or you may work on a straight percentage of two-thirds for yourself and one-third for the church. Percentages vary according to conditions and may run from 60-40 to 75-25. You, of course, always get the bigger end. On some occasions, a fifty-fifty percentage works out well. Many things must be taken into consideration in determining this percentage -the size of the crowd expected, etc.

Out of the Closet and Into the Fire

Honestly, I don't think it will be a big deal once this hits the mainstream. It might be a bit of a curiosity for a while, but chances are it will be met with such disdain from feminists, Alpha Males, AFCs, and any church based institutions, that if anything it will be driven further underground. You might see a lack of traffic on ASF because of people afraid to be exposed as seducers, while something like the rather exclusive and ''invitation only'' Mystery's Lounge becomes more important.

The Big Three Questions

First, you need to figure out the type or types of magic you want to perform, and then discover where you can present those kinds of shows. For example, if you decide to put on a two-hour full-evening stage show, don't approach the local McDonald's and ask if you can do it in the playroom. I wouldn't go to the local comedy club to try to book a children's gospel magic show. Understand If you do gospel magic for kids, an obvious place to start would be churches and Christian schools and daycare centers. If you keep the same show, but secularize it, you could try doing birthday parties. Then you could put an ad in the local family magazine, and with party planners. If you're thing is close-up, you have a HUGE market available, beginning with restaurants. So decide what you want to do first, then identify the venues where you could possibly do it. Now, how do you get someone to hire you You could take out an ad in the newspaper and the yellow pages, and then just sit back and wait for...

What Not To Do When Flirting

Don't fidget - I may sound like your mother at church when I tell you this, but do yourself a big favor and don't fidget when you're trying to flirt It's distracting. You want the girl focused on you and all your good qualities, not your leg that you're bouncing up and down a mile a minute. Confident people don't fidget,

Spiel For Caseing A Sucker

You see, I am a member of the International Spiritual Church, and the great white brotherhood of India. There are only two hundred and seven members in America and the parent church is in Los Angeles County. When I take a case I send your name, explaining your problem to the parent church and they forward it to the other churches throughout the country, and on a certain night, certain hour and certain minute we all concentrate - we cooperate with each other, and this is called chain concentration. I have charged five hundred dollars a week for my work, but they could afford it, and didn't mind paying it. However, I know you are no millionaire, however, I also know that getting this person back is worth everything to you, isn't it I donate a part of all the money I take in to the church. The money is used in this great work, and every year at our convention, one of the members is sent to India and Tibet for six

Catholics Condemn Stem Cell Decision

Bush's own denomination, the United Methodist Church, had urged him to uphold the ban on federal funding, but leaders said they were satisfied the president had thoroughly considered all the ethical issues involved. ''We would have liked him to continue the moratorium that was in place, but if you're going to do this research with federal funding, he narrowed it as much as he could,'' said Jay Dee Hanson of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society in Washington. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which opposes abortion in most cases, has taken no position on embryonic stem cell research but has said it ''merits cautious scrutiny.'' Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Mormon, had urged Bush to lift the federal funding ban. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) was alone among major Protestant denominations in endorsing embryonic stem cell research. The church backed the research for medical goals that could be achieved no other way, if embryo donations were kept separate from...

The Perpetual Almanac or Gentleman Soldiers Prayer Book

In the 'Seven Dials' of London two or three centuries ago. This book relates how 'one Richard Middleton was taken before the Mayor of the city he was in for using cards in church during Divine Service being a droll, merry and humorous account of an odd affair that happened to a private soldier in the 60th Regiment of Foot,' which, by the way, is known today as the King's Royal Rifles. The story reads thus 'The sergeant commanded his party to the church, and when the parson had ended his prayer he took his text, and all of them that had a Bible pulled it out to find the text but this soldier had neither Bible, Almanac or Common Prayer Book but he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a pack of cards and spread them before him as he sat and while the parson was preaching he first kept looking at one card and then at another. 'The sergeant of the company saw him, and said, Richard, put up your cards for this is no place for them. Never mind that, said the soldier, you have no...

CIHB3Thirty Fivi3 Tllll

Morgan's entree into the world of illusion began as a child when his parents gave him a magic set for his birthday. Instantly bitten by the magic bug , Morgan began performing for family and friends. By his early teens, he was a local celebrity, performing close-up and stage magic for birthday parties, corporate events and church functions. At age 17, Morgan was immersed in the design and construction of his first full-scale illusion show. The show opened with Morgan magically producing a convertible sports car out of thin air That first show held greater significance for Morgan then even he anticipated. He was joined with Mikala, who would become his personal and professional partner.

September 2001 In the Beginning

If you have problems learning origami from a book you might want to take a look at a new CD-ROM titled Money Folding with Paul Ingram. Mr. Ingram is an experienced paper folder and close-up magician. He teaches 10 money folds, including a shirt, ring, peacock, elephant, duck, church, butterfly, bow tie, boot, and Robert Neale's Bunny Bill. When you place the CD-ROM into your disc drive the program autoplays, bringing up a menu that allows you to install a video codec (do this first) or play the program. The program itself offers some folding hints and a menu of the various objects. Clicking on the name of an object brings up a video of Mr. Ingram explaining the folding process. It is easy to pause the video as you fold along with the instructions. I believe that the program is only for the PC, but you can contact Mr. Ingram for further information. 25

Life on the Wrong Side of the Brain

Side Secret Pocket

I've even spoken to Father McClain at the Episcopal Church we attend as to whether or not the niches in the Memorial Garden behind the church which house the cremated remains of parishioners could be expanded to 24 inches square. He just shook his head and wandered away muttering something under his breath.

Four Ace Repeat Reprise

Born November 13th, 1938, Roger was educated at Malvern College, Durham University and Cambridge. He was ordained in the Church of England in 1965. His interest in magic was aroused when Fabian (Ray Griffiths) came to perform at his birthday party. Later, he was introduced to the world of sleight of hand by Cyril Golding, a superb practitioner, who greatly influenced him.

Babbie Richardson

At the time I Had four growing children, so making money was apie-ominatc necessity in my life. I traveled by automobile from my house in Holland, Michigan, covering a territory ofWQ-hundral miles in radius, which induded Chicago and northern Indiana. I took almost any job that came my way. I performed banquets, church fund raisers, bar mitzvalis, weddings and private parries. I was never sure what working conditions I would find, so i developed different murines to adjust to the circumstances. Since the majority of my work was lor banquets in hotels, I soon learned how important visibility, sound and access to the audience is. My performing fiiends today generally have contracts and a letter outlining their needs in terms of audio equipment, table arrangements, etc. 1 was too busy, and perhaps oo lazy, to do this. I rarely had a contract and 1 never asked for special arrangements. I would adjust my program to the situation. Over the years Pvc performed in a huge barn for a corporate...

First word

This is the third volume of my magic. In this book you will find close up routines (none of which use cards or coins) and stand up material appropriate for banquets, schools, churches, auditoriums, etc. It has been my goal to present the material as clearly as possible, and all the routines included are ones that I actually perform regularly in real-world, paid, lay-audience shows.

Half Million

I WISHED TO predict a phone number that someone freely selected from a totally unprepared telephone book, and. I wanted, a direct, uncluttered way to do this seemingly impossible prediction. After going down many pathways, I finally came up with a simple solution while playing with a church bulletin on a Sunday morning.

Donald E Knuth

As an ordained deacon of the Church of England, Dodgson also was quite familiar with the Bible. So let's play a game that combines both activities Let's construct word ladders in which all words are Biblical. More precisely, the words should all be present in the Bible that was used in Dodgson's day, the King James translation.

Lesson 10

The reason that I give you this lesson at this point is that I believe you are now ready to begin to break into public work. Of course, I expect you to make only a small beginning. You may invite some friends in for an evening and entertain them with your Magic, or you may arrange with some friend to entertain a group at his home. Then if you gain a little confidence in your ability, you may offer your services to entertain your club or lodge, or the church club. The Rotary club, The Kiwanians, The Lions, and various other organizations are constantly on the lookout for entertainers, and you may use them to get started in public work.

Sum Solus

His last appearance in Paris was most remarkable. The dinner began with a soup of asps in simmering oil. On each side was a dish of vegetables, one containing thistles and burdocks, and the other fuming acid. Other side dishes, of turtles, rats, bats and moles, were garnished with live coals. For the fish course he ate a dish of snakes in boiling tar and pitch. His roast was a screech owl in a sauce of glowing brimstone. The salad proved to be spider webs full of small explosive squibs, a plate of butterfly wings and manna worms, a dish of toads surrounded with flies, crickets, grasshoppers, church beetles, spiders, and caterpillars. He washed all this down with flaming brandy, and for dessert ate the four large candles standing on the table, both of the hanging side lamps with their contents, and finally the large center lamp, oil, wick and all. This leaving the room in darkness, Dufour's face shone out in a mask of living flames.

Lesson 20

Go to the entertainment committees of your club, your lodge, your church, go to the schools in your neighborhood and offer your services. In most cases they will be delighted to have an entertainer whom they can call on. If you feel justified in doing so, charge something for your performance. If not, give your services gratis and you will gain immeasurably in experience and confidence and ability.

Easter Cross

It should be noted that the centre squares are fitted together in alternate positions, i.e. diagonal and diamond shaped. This enables the points to fit more closely into each other and makes the cross more compact. It is advisable to paste some paper along back, thus binding the stars together and making the cross more permanent. A handsome centre piece may be made, suitable for Church decoration at Easter, if two-inch paper is used for the stars.

Where To Start

You need not go into the theaters to make money with Magic. You can make thousands of dollars without ever entering the theatrical field. Even if vaudeville is your ultimate aim, get your start elsewhere. There are unlimited opportunities to entertain for a good profit. Thousands of societies, clubs, schools, churches, are constantly trying to raise money. Here is your chance to make money by making money for others. There are thousands of other organizations always on the lookout for good entertainment merely to keep up interest in their membership. Give them a good show, and they will pay you good money. In your Tenth and Twentieth lessons, I gave you a few hints regarding the introduction of small programs into clubs, schools, and churches. I hope that by this time you have presented a few programs with good success.

How To Get Bookings

Some Magicians prefer to hire an advance man to book for them. You may have a good friend who would like to get dates for you on a percentage. Commissions vary all the way from 5 to 33 1 3 . The advance man's commission is figured from the amount that you net from a performance. If playing clubs, schools, churches, and other such single dates, the percentage is higher than if you play vaudeville where bookings are made in lumps. In the case of single dates, the advance man has expenses and he must work on each date individually. Commissions of 20 and 25 are permissible for this work. Some performers work independently. They go into a city and rent a hall or auditorium. Then they depend on billing the town and advertising in the papers to bring in the crowd. It is better in the beginning, however, to work under some organization such as a church or Kiwanis Club and get your bookings from them. This organization then works to get a good attendance at your show and spreads publicity for...

The Black Arts

The development of Satanism is a perfect example of the powers of propaganda and public relations. Christianity comes to the heathens and one of the early Church fathers has the bright idea of telling everyone that the old fertility religion that they used to follow is actually worshipping the Devil. (See Witchcraft and Gnosticism.) The Church Fathers scratch their heads a bit and come up with the idea of telling everyone that these devil worshippers eat children, sacrifice virgins, drink urine and defile graves. This works for most of the congregation but of course there has to be one person who thinks That sounds interesting. I'll need to give it a try next full moon. And so Satanism is bom. 'Do unto others as they do unto you' - The motto of the Church of Satan*. You wonder how many long winter nights they sat up thinking up that one.

Where To Meet Women

That said, the location you find a woman will directly correlate to the type of women you find. For instance, if you're looking for a wild party chick to have anonymous, mind-blowing sex with, chances are you won't find her when you go to church. So keep this in mind when you go out to meet women.

Guy Marsh

Well, for the next few years he breathed and lived as any normal person should, but in the year 1928 or 1929, he paid the sum of ONE PENNY to watch a man stuff loads of cotton wool into his mouth and pull out yards of ribbon or was it paper Anyway, it looked wonderful to him. From then on, this lad Geddes was doomed, magic was in the blood. The time came to leave school, to go out into the world, and to come up against all types of tricksters. He intended to take up the study of Hotel Management, but the trouble was that it left little time for this magic business. Nevertheless, magic was studied, and on New Year's Eve in the year 1934 he took the stage as John R. Geddes, in a small Church Hall.

The Magic Camper

Every year, millions of Americans vacation at campgrounds across the country. Often, groups from churches and civic organizations rent out campgrounds for big events. If there's a campground near you that hosts these kinds of events, you might want to talk to them about offering your show as an additional service. Ideally, your show would be suited to the outdoor environment and have an outdoor theme. Groups will love it when you make use of lots of audience involvement.

Dave Coleman

Begin passing the real half and the shell (containing the quarter) across each other from hand to hand as explained in the previous trick, as you ask, When the collection plate is passed to you in church you always drop in a five dollar bill, don't you He will reply, No, twenty-five cents. Continue the action with the coins and ask him the second question. When you buy a present for your wife (or sweetheart) you always spend at least twenty-five dollars, don't you He will reply, No, twenty-five cents. You are doing fine. Now for the last question. When you loaned me this half dollar a few moments ago you expected to get it back, didn't you (Regardless of his answer, he loses.) As he sputters his answer, No, twenty-five cents, allow his half dollar to slip into the shell (as explained in the previous trick) and bring the quarter into view, X side up. The effect is that his coin suddenly reduced itself in size with the X still unit.

The Early Years

My grandmother and I went to a lot of churches Presbyterian Church, Baptist Church, Episcopalian Church. But my grandmother never did put herself into one church, because she disagreed with the philosophy of a lot of them. And I went along with her because I had, really, no choice, but I did learn to believe in God and Jesus Christ back in those days. (And you'll have to excuse me for saying back in those days a lot, because it all was back in those days, in 19 and 25, and 19 and 26.)


With palms facing, the person's fingertips become the top of a church steeple. From there, he, or she, pontificates. Readily seen on talk shows as the guest enlightens us all. Low Steepling and disguised steepling are similar but usually indicate confidence rather than superiority. LOOKING DOWN ONES NOSE


If you ever perform for pay, you have probably used some form of a contract at one time or another. After getting burned on several occasions, I now use contracts in ALL of my shows, even the ones I do for free for churches and charitable organizations. In this article I will cover the basics of performance contracts, in addition to a few points you may not have previously considered.

Office Politics

Steele was shocked as his only child, a daughter, grew. At every turn, society, school, church attempted to make her into a polite domestic, Thus, the overall tone of the book feels hie a training manual for female guerrillas who are outnumbered eight to one in the corporate management war.

Building Illusions

For those students who will use them for temporary work, such as club, school, church, or local theater engagements, these illusions have been arranged so that they can be constructed at little expense by the student himself or by a local carpenter. These temporary illusions need not be taken apart for packing and thus can be nailed together permanently.

Bob Lawrence

Bob 'blames' a local parson for his initiation into magic, for, in his very young days, while a member of the Church Lads Brigade, he was one of an audience being entertained, by the said parson, with a few simple card tricks. A little practice and Bob found that he could handle cards as efficiently as his parson friend, and that started it

Club Entertaining

Men's church club and only last night appeared before the local Exchange Club. The following effects were given in this order Vanishing Wand, Cut and Restored Ribbon, Spanish Sliced Bananas, Burning Cigarette, Mystery of Traveling Numbers, Cards in the Orange, Passing Card in the Night, Popping Corn in the Hat, Swallowing Package of Needles, Mystery of Silks and Flame.

Stewart Lamle

14th Century Decks of one-sided Tarot playing cards first appeared in Europe. They were soon banned by the Church. (Cards, like other forms of entertainment and gambling, competed with Holy services.) Card-playing spread like wildfire. 16th Century The four suits were created to represent the ideal French national, unified (feudal) society as promoted by Joan of Arc Nobility, Aristocracy, Peasants, the Church (Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts).

Elusive Silks

A small bag, attached to a handle and resembling a church collection bag, is turned inside out and shown empty. Performer then turns it back right side out and suddenly a red handkerchief appears in it. This is given to a spectator, who is asked to place it in the bag again. He does so, and the handkerchief changes instantly to a green one. Here follows a series of appearances, changes, and disappearances which work into a pleasing routine. Last Sunday when I was in church, I noticed that a collection was being taken up in little collection bags like this one.


Jim Buffaloe is a musician and a magician, and for many years was Minister of Music for the Southwest Baptist Church in St. Louis. He contributed two One-Man Parades to the Linking Ring (in 1985 and 1987), and each won the trophy for best One-Man Parade. Many of the routines in Buffaloed originally appeared in those Parades, but all the material has been updated and revised.


Shekinah - Wisdom, given a female personification. She is mentioned in all the really obscure parts of Proverbs that no-one reads in church. Achieving knowledge is likened to sexual union with Shekinah, which probably explains the rather eccentric meaning of the word to 'know' in the Old Testament.

John Riggs

The opening John uses is an old finger trick. Instruct the spectator to interlace her fingers as if she were praying. Her two forefingers should be extended as if to form a church steeple (reference children's games). Have her separate them as far as they will go. This will be about two inches for the average person. Have her focus her eyes at the point in space between her two fingertips. This activates the psychomotor response. (Reference Robert Nelson's Hypnotrix.) Do not delay here. As soon as she complies, use both of your hands in mystical gestures to apparently (magically) push the two fingers together. She will think you are the world's greatest when her fingers start coming together until they touch. This is automatic. It is a natural muscle reaction which is further aided by the power of

Chapter Onl Maritinc

A twenty-minute program should offer no problem to the experienced Mentalist. In fact, the problem is to keep it down to the time limit I suggest a few quick routines with premises about Graphology, Subliminal suggestion, coincidence, and mental coercion. It is important to keep the presentations fun and entertaining. You are not trying to start a church

The Numbers Game

William Shakespeare

Church and thereby risking court martial. He explains that the ace stands for the one God, while the two reminds him of the two Testaments of the Bible. The three symbolises the Holy Trinity, while the four represents the Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), the five the wise virgins and the six the number of days taken to create the world, with the seven as the Sunday. The eight is for the righteous people (Noah and his family) who were saved in the flood, nine the number of ungrateful lepers, ten the commandments (what else ), Jack the Devil and the Queen the Virgin Mary, with the King bringing us back to God again. All a bit random, but there you go.

Priest Prays

'The Church's Uri Geller', as he is known, is soon to begin a twelve month series in the Budget (2008) called Magic of Soul and is also in the early stages of organising a Magic of Soul lecture tour for 2008. Rave reviews greeted his first performance of the lecture at the Hereford Society of Magicians recently, and it sounds like Mark has a winner on his magical hands reckon that Jesus himself must have been a nifty illusionist, among other things, and if that seems blasphemous, there is no doubt that some of the tricks used by magicians through the ages have also been used by the more evangelical preachers. When I lived in Atlanta, Georgia in the mid-1980s I went a few times to Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King had been ordained and where his funeral took place. The then-pastor, Joseph Roberts, was a remarkably dynamic speaker with hypnotic powers it was not unusual to see visitors to Ebenezer Baptist rising from the pews and walking forward, as if in a trance, to...

Conditions wK

Now Chat we all agree that your show should reflect you and not some other magician, what are the other elements that effect illusion planning Conditions would be number one. What type of conditions will you be presenting your show or new illusion under Will it be on stages at schools surrounded in churches outdoors indoors at night during the day with backstage no backstage three shows a day one show a day carry it in a Volkswagon carry it in a truck travel far travel across the street with no assistants with two assistants or ten dancers

Magic From Ireland

In the Linking Ring Hubert Lambert David Frederick Wingfield Vernon is a scion of the Verners of, County Armagh, Ireland, whose family motto is 'Pro Christo et Patria1. During his first visit to Ireland, Dai made pilgrimage to the family seat, where by arrangement, he met Mr. P. J. Patterson Curator of Armagh Museum, and friend of the present who resides in England. Later, at a reception in Dublin, this writer was privileged, on behalf of the Magicians of Ireland, to present to Dai Vernon a replica of the Verner Coat of Arms. This was created by Mr. Gibson Price, having been verified by the Genealogical Office in Dublin Castle.