Wedded Ambitions

Effect: The deck is shuffled and cut into two even piles. A spectator freely chooses either, looks through the cards it contains and removes one. This she keeps, while the performer reassembles the deck and gives it a shuffle.

The spectator now turns up her card, showing evetyone what she has chosen. She is told to give the pack a tap with it as she thinks of the mate to the card. This simple action causes the mate to rise magically to the top of the deck.

Method: The deck is set in stay-stack order. Give it one or two faro shuffles as you talk, and form a break at center (between the centered mates). Continue to chat for a moment; then cut the deck at the break and set the halves face-down on the table.

Have a spectator point to either half she wishes to use. Pick this up and hold it with the faces of the cards turned toward her. It should be clear- that you cannot see the faces as you now spread the cards from hand to hand and invite her to draw any card she wishes from the group.

When she takes one, catch a break at the point of removal and square the cards. Lower the packet to a face-down position and cut it at the break. Complete the cut and obtain a fresh break between the two portions. Now pick up the unused half pack on the table and drop it onto the held half. Cut the deck at the break and complete the cut.

The mate to the spectator's card now rests twenty-sixth from the top of the deck. To bring it to the top, split the pack between the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth cards, as if for a faro shuffle; and, if you are sure of your accuracy, cut at that point. Otherwise, perform a straddle faro as a check and, if the cut is good, complete the shuffle. Should the cut be inaccurate, strip the packets apart, make the necessary adjustment, and cut the pack to bring the required card to the top.

Set the deck onto the table. Then invite the spectator to turn up her card and tap the deck with it while she thinks of its mate. Conclude by turning up the top card to reveal that the mate has apparently been drawn there by some strange attraction.

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