Sucker Silver

Effect: The performer explains a magical secret. But first he places a half dollar into his hand and works it through the tunnel of the closed fingers. When it emerges from the curled fourth finger it has become a large British penny (Figure 190).

The hand is opened to show it contains only the copper coin. "Of course, to do this you need a half dollar." Such a coin is removed from a pocket and placed into the hand. The hand is closed and the copper coin is slipped back into the fist. Then the silver coin is worked through the fist and into view. The performer cautions his students of several errors that can give away the trick. First, "You must not open your hand, or people will see the half dollar." He opens his hand to illustrate the blunder, but only the copper coin is there. The half dollar has vanished,

"Also, you mustn't let the half dollar appear from the bottom of the hand before the penny has been pushed in," He closes his hand again, with the penny visible in the curl of the forefinger. With a squeeze of the closed fingers, the half dollar appears from the opposite side of the fist (Figure 191),

He opens his hand and shows the two coins. The hand is closed once more and the penny is pushed into the fist and out of

sight. "Another thing to watch is that the coins don't clink together." He shakes his hand, causing the coins to rattle. "Once you have pushed the penny into your fist and made the half dollar appear from the other side, you take it and put it away." He removes the half dollar from the hand and pockets it.

"But there is the problem of what to do with the penny. I think the best answer is to change it into a half dollar." He opens his hand to show that he has done just that. A second half dollar is revealed and the penny has vanished.

The coins used are ordinary and all sides are seen throughout the trick,

Method: Needed are two half dollars and a copper coin of like size. The old British pennies are fine for the purpose. Place all three coins in the right-front trousers pocket, positioning them so that you can locate the penny without looking.

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