"The second part of the trick Is more difficult. I shall extract the half dollars from the box and pass them into the handkerchief." Lay the lid momentarily on the table, freeing the right hand to grasp the handkerchief at one corner. Give the handkerchief a brisk shake, while turning the left hand to standard finger-palm position to conceal the palmed half dollars. Then drape the handkerchief once more

over the left hand, resuming the previous position (Figure 175). While this shaking of the handkerchief is not strictly necessary, it does emphasize the emptiness of the handkerchief and is recommended.

With the right hand, place the lid onto the inverted base of the box and leave it on the table. Make a motion with the right fingers of plucking the coins invisibly from the box and tossing them toward the handkerchief. Then bring the right hand over the covered left hand and grip the half dollars through the cloth (Figure 176). Turn the right hand smartly palm-up, flipping the handkerchief over and letting it fall open over the right hand. At the same time, fan the stack of halves between the right thumb and fingers as the coins come into view in the center of the handkerchief (Figure 177). This is Jack Clianin's TV surprise production.

Drop the half dollars dramatically into the left hand and deposit them on the table.

"While I'm at it, I'll extract the penny as well." With the left hand, pretend to draw the penny from the box on the table and throw it toward the draped right hand. Then produce the penny from the center of the handkerchief, using the Chanin production; that is, with the left fingers and thumb, grip the penny through the cloth and flip the handkerchief over, letting it fall away from the penny and over the left hand.

With the right hand, take the penny from the center of the handkerchief and place it on the table. Then pick up the box and let the bottom fall from the lid, for a distance of three to four inches, onto the handkerchief and left hand. The weight of the box bottom and the coins affixed to it will turn the bottom right-side up as it falls. Gravity may be aided by the tip of the right second finger: with this fingertip, engage the outer lip of the inverted base and let the base trip over the finger as you release it (Figure 178).

Let the box be seen empty. Then place the half dollars into it, lay the penny on top and set the lid over all. The trick is finished and you are reset for the next performance. The magic here is clear and surprising, the action concise. There is a sense of economy to the whole, which makes it as pleasing to perform as it is to watch.

July 1961

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