Show the half dollar and apparently place it into the left hand. Actually, retain it in the right hand by slipping it into thumb palm. This is a standard coin vanish:

As the right hand brings the coin into contact with the left palm, the left fingers bend upward, forming a screen. Behind this cover, the right forefinger rides the coin smoothly up the length of the right thumb, until it can be clipped in thumb palm. Then the forefinger straightens again and withdraws from the left hand as the left fingers continue to close.

Turn the left fist back upward and, with the right hand, pick up the penny from the table. Insert the penny into the curl of the left forefinger and leave it protruding there. "Of course, you must not open the hand, or people will see the half dollar." Turn the left hand over and open it, showing that it holds only the penny. The half dollar has vanished.

With the right hand, pick up the penny from the left palm, loading the thumb-palmed half dollar onto the left fingers at the same time. This loading maneuver is identical to that explained in the first phase of the trick (refer to Figure 192). Turn the left hand palm-down, forming a fist.

Replace the penny in the curl of the left forefinger, leaving it partly exposed. "Also, you mustn't let the half dollar appear from the bottom of the hand before the penny has been pushed in." Wiggle the left fingers, maneuvering the half dollar- leftward until it can be seen in the curl of the fourth finger (Figure 191 again).

Turn the left hand over and open if to display the two coins. As you do this, with the left thumb push the penny onto the left palm. Also, support the half dollar- with the right thumb and forefinger, so that it does not fall when the left fingers open. Shift the silver coin onto the inner phalanges of the left second and third fingers.

Pause a moment, to let the situation register in the minds of the spectators. Then do a utility pass; that is, simultaneously turn the left hand palm-down and the right hand palm-up under it, letting the penny fall into the right hand, joining the finger-palmed half dollar, while you retain the second half dollar In left finger palm. The illusion created is that both coins from the left hand are tossed into the right.

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