Meet Me On The Road

Effect: Someone shuffles the cards, cuts off a small packet and hides it. The performer turns his back as the packet is taken. He then has a card freely selected from the balance of the pack. The card is noted by the spectators and returned.

The cards are shuffled and the spectator brings forth the packet he concealed at the start. Both spectator and performer now deal in unison, until the spectator's packet is exhausted. As the spectator deals his last card, the performer turns up the corresponding card from the deck—-and it proves to be the spectator's chosen card.

Method: Here is another clever use of Penelope's principle. The application is similar to that found in "Tuppcnce", but things are managed to give a quite different effect. Have the spectator shuffle the pack to his satisfaction. Then ask him to cut off a small packet while your back is turned, and to hide it in a pocket or elsewhere. He can cut oif as much as half the pack, but in stipulating a small packet, you ensure that he cuts within the required limit. When he has hidden the packet, turn back to him and retrieve the balance of the deck.

Spread the cards slowly and deliberately between your hands for a selection to be made. As you begin the spread, push off four groups of three cards and inconspicuously injog the next card, the thirteenth from the top. Let the spectator draw a card from anywhere below this point. While he notes the card and shows it to those around him, square the deck into your left hand and form a break above the injog. (If the spectator insists on taking one of the top thirteen cards, form the break below the injog.) Casually cut at the break, have the selection returned and drop the cut-off packet onto it. This places the selection thirteenth from the top. Handle the cards in a fashion that shows no breaks are being held.

You now give the pack two faros. The first is used to position the selection twenty-sixth from the top. If the pack contains an even number of cards, perform an in-faro, followed by an out-faro. If it contains an odd number, perform two straddle-faros, cutting one card above center each time and weaving the smaller upper packet into the lower packet.

Ask the spectator to bring out the packet he has hidden and deal in unison with you. Deal car ds from the top of the pack into a pile, matching him card for card, until his last card is reached. Dramatically turn up the car d from the deck that falls with his final card; it is the selection.

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