Alex Elmsley

Volume II

Written by

Stephen Minch

Illustrated by

Amado Narvaez

Pre-illus tra tive Pho tog raphy: Debbie Murray

L L Publishing

P. O. Box 100 Tahoma, California 96142


This volume, like the first, was made possible through the help and generosity of a great many friends and acquaintances. Gordon Bruce of Glasgow, Scotland, and Milt Kort of Birmingham, Michigan, did immense amounts of research, unearthing scores of articles in old journals and scarce booklets. Jack Avis, through his notebooks and correspondence, is responsible for the preservation of a significant portion of the previously unpublished magic that appears here.

Those who volunteered to contribute unpublished and rare Elmsley items and information include Gordon Bruce, Dr. Edward Brown, Roy Walton, Richard Kaufman, Herb Zarrow, Bruce Cervon, Anthony Brahams, David Michael Evans, Roger Klause, Simon Aronson, David Solomon, Hairy Riser, John Thompson and Allan Ackerman. Of those who patiently answered and researched countless historical points, foremost are Milt Kort and David Michael Evans, ably followed by Peter Warlock, Jack Avis, Roy Walton, Reinhard Müller, Francis Haxton and Edward Mario.

Supreme Magic of Devon, England kindly granted permission for the inclusion of "Animal, Vegetable and Mineral", a trick for which they hold manufacturing rights.

Concerning the material in Chapter Eight, special bouquets are ardently tossed to Milt Kort, Dr. Gene Matsuura, and Ron and Patty Bauer. It was Milt Kort who had the foresight to tape record Mr. Elmsley's 1975 "Card-work" lecture. This recording, supplemented with copious notes provided by Ron Bauer and Dr. Matsuura, made possible the complete and precise documentation of this lecture.

For the task of proofreading the manuscript for this volume, I have once more imposed on three trusted and exceptionally knowledgeable friends, David Michael Evans, Max Maven and Darwin Ortiz, whose efforts and suggestions have made this a better book.

Finally, of course, my renewed thanks go to Alexander Elmsley, who first invented all the wonderful magic, then took valuable time to ferret through private notes containing unpublished items from decades past, corrected my text and provided important historical insights.

To all these men I owe an incalculable debt of gratitude.

Stephen Minch


© Copyright 1994 by Louis Falanga.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known or to be invented, without the permission of the publishers,

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CHAPTER ONE: Flourishes 3

The Tower Bridge Cut 7

Little-finger Spinner 11

The Multiplying Aces 13

The Rosette 19

Two-ball Roll 22

CHAPTER TWO: Hidden Thoughts and Future Deeds 27

The Fan Prediction 29

Hidebound Forecast 33

The Mexican Prediction 37

Face Your Brothers 39

A Delicate Balance 45

It's a Small World 48

Halfway to Heaven 51

Verbum Sapienti 53

Open Intruder 56

Brownwaves II 60

Brownwaves III 64

Multiple Mind Reading 67

Double-cross 69

Like a Rolling Bone 73

Failure 76

Auto-prediction 80

Divina-sign: 83

A Card from Cagltostro 85

Aussi-mental 87

Animal, Vegetable and Mineral 89

The Octal Pencil 93

Verbum Veritas 97

Pack of Lies 1 00

CHAPTER THREE: Exotica 107

Still Taking Three 109

Point of Departure 118

Economy Class Departure 1 22

The Fiddle with the Biddle in the Middle 129

The Red and the Blue 133

The Shy Chameleon 136

Turn-about Card 1 40

A Small Revelation 1 44

Fool's Mate 149

Jubilee 153

Separating the Men from the Boys 161

A Problem with Duplicate Identities 166

The Imp of the Inverse 168

Sum Talk of Alexander 171

Switchy-coo 175

Half Packed 178

Second Link 183

Diamond Cut Diamond 186

Signing Off 189

Signature Piece 192

Shakedown 197

CHAPTER FOUR: Marsupial Favorites 205

Pocketpick 207

Pockets Full of Miracles 211

Reluctant Cards to Pocket 217

Duplicitous Cards to Pocket 222

Flight Plan 228

En Voyage 233

Processional 241

Daley Double 243

Between Your Palms 246

Only Child 250

Incommunicado 254

CHAPTER FIVE: Coinages 259

Devaluation 261

Revaluation 264

Boston Two-step 268

The Astral Coin Rides Again 273

Milling a Coin 280

Sucker Silver 282

The Spider's Treasury 287

CHAPTER SIX: Faro Tapestries 293

Indulgences 295

Deck Preparation for Faro Shu ffles 295

Weave Corrections for Miscuts 297

Placing a Key at Twenty-sixth Position 300

The Mathematics of the Weave Shuffle 302

Out- and In-weaues 303

The Odd Pack and Weave 304

Equivalent Odd Pack 304

Returning a Pack to the Same Order 305

Solving the Shuffle Equation 306

Stack Transformations 307

Royal Flush Deal 308

The Constant Stack 309

The Restocking Pack 309

Binary Translocations 311

Double Control 312

Penelope's Principle 313

Penny Wise 315

Prediction by Proxy 317

Tuppence 319

Meet Me on the Road 223

A Woven and Cut Case 325

Autopilot 326 Direct Link (Featuring Bill Reid's "Automatic Discovery") 329

The Custodial Card 333

The Fan and Weave Controls 335

The Fan and Weave Control 335

The Fan and Weave Double Control 337

Brainweave 338

The Obedient Faro 346

Spell by the Numbers 349

Paraspell 353

Collinspell 357

Arab Roto-pack 365

What a Party! 369

Late Night Location 372

Auto-discovery 374

The Elmsley Rising Card 376

CHAPTER SEVEN: Stray Stacks 383

Computer Dating 385

Empty and Full 387

Wedded Ambitions 389

Topsy-turvy Stay-stack 391

Parity Failure 392

Tell Me Three Times 396

Future Stock 398

Through Darkest Peirce 401

Blind Stud 406

Mental Boxer 410

Kingfisher 414

Pursuit of Thought 419

CHAPTER EIGHT: The Dazzle Act 423

The Dazzle Act 425

The Properties 427

Fate's Datebook 433

Cold Steel 440

The Tale of the Old Timer 449

Dazzle 463

Tour de Force 471

Notes on Structure 481

Bibliography of Works by Alex Elmsley 485

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