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Have you ever wondered why more people don't like you as much as you feel they should? Are you a nice person that simply doesn't get the attention and love from other people that you should? Believe it or not, this is not your fault, and it's nothing about you! All you have to do is find the method to use with people to make them like you, and have NO idea why they like you so much. The method is called Automagnetism. Automagnetism is the way that you carry yourself that suggests things to people's minds that makes them like you without ever knowing way. You will be able to set yourself apart once you use the Likeability Blueprint; people won't know what hit them! All that it takes is a little bit of solid effort, and you can be on your way to getting people all over the place to like you! Read more here...

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Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this ebook, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I ordered a copy myself to figure out what all the publicity was about.

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Mole I rom I lie I iLlislicn

What I remember though is how 1 cast my vote lor someone 1 had never heard of before the only guy who fooled me the entire day - Jim Pace. You see, 1 have this curse It's REAL tough to fool me and believe me, I like to be fooled. So when Jim came out and did not one, but several items that fooled me, 1 knew he was someone special. I honestly feci that if the Magic Contest wasn't a Popularity Contest, Jim Pace would have placed.

Name three people you will intend to use Your Personality Softener on

Discover the secrets of making charismatic conversation with new acquaintances, and why the first words out of your mouth are crucial. Includes a 4_point Small Talk Checklist to make sure you are on target with your opening words. Then learn the Secret of Small Talk to keep all your small talk appropriate and engrossing.

Book Now For Your Club

Ben Hart wins The Magic Circle's Young Magician of the Year Competition 2007. 16 year old Ben Hart's stylish performance at The Magic Circle headquarters in London brought the art of the silent magician firmly into the 21st Century by applying fresh thinking to a number of classic effects, whilst completely reworking others. His variation on the Linking Rings was both clever and charming (you'll have to see it) and allowed him to really connect with his audience (the hardest aspect of performing silently). Dressed in a sharp black suit he looked like a young Bryan Ferry -very cool and charismatic with a winning smile. He'll go far. Congratulations to all seven finalists, especially Joe Ray (2nd place) and Lexi Watterson (3rd). The judges were Roy Davenport, Julia Howson, Peter Pinner and Paul Stone. The biennial competition was introduced by Derek Speight in 1961 and has launched many a professional career since its inception.

See also Lipcompression Lippout Lippurse

E-Commentary I was doing a search for the words 'deadpan' and 'expressionless' and I found your web site. I have had a deadpan and expressionless look most of my life. I am now coming to terms with how much it has impacted my life. I believe that it has kept me from being in meaningful relationships. I also have been quiet much of my life. I have a 10 year old son who had a traumatic birth and has a brain injury as a result. He has some of the same expressionless features. It occurred to me that much of what you are talking about is the result of brain injury. There are many people with undiagnosed brain injury. I believe that I am one of them. I think that I have motor problems with my facial muscles, which are not working properly. As a matter of fact, there has been great improvement because of dietary and nutritional changes, but I have never gotten to the point where someone might say that I have charisma. I still want to help my son so desperately. --F.N., USA (5 17 00 11 08 24...

Volume 5 Number 6 June 1979

In paying tribute to one who has been around so long and earned the respect and admiration of so many, everything that one can say has already been said. However, some of those whose contributions appear within did feel the desire to express their thoughts and pay their own personal tributes. I have had the pleasure of meeting Dai Vernon on several occasions and have the highest admiration for him. Whether beginner or expert conjurer, he always has 'time for you', and gives very sound advice on any magical problems you may have. He also has the ability to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm which I have not seen equalled by any other person. After a talk with Dai, I guarantee that even the most jaded of magical followers will go home and start practising. He is a kind and friendly man who has reigned at the top for a long time long may he reign.

Its Not Magic But

Often, when a magician is performing in a close-up situation, he will hear a layman say, Boy, I sure wouldn't want to play cards with you. This comment is usually interpreted as a statement of admiration for the magician's card handling ability. I believe it is actually an expression of the spectator's heartfelt hope that he will never have to spend any major amount of time with the magician in a social situation.

Out of the Closet and Into the Fire

A Rolling Stone writer has been ''quietly gathering material'' for an article, spending time with the gurus and interviewing a few aspiring PUAs. Our founding brother RJ was profiled by Rolling Stone and Playboy back in 1998, but he, and not the community, was the centerpiece. RJ probably received a lot more business from the free advertising, and more brothers found their way into the community. Six years later, the mainstream has returned, our community has grown and a new generation of charismatic gurus has arisen.

My Sad and Pathetic Story How Women Piss on Low Status

Different levels of male status produce different types of distinctive behaviors and attitudes that are commonly recognized i.e., the high status male will typically display confidence, strength of character, generosity, likability, charisma and so forth. Meanwhile, the low status male is typically very angry due to being stepped on all his life and ordered around everywhere he goes. He will lack confidence, avoid eye contact, seem either desperate and needy (or aloof and bitter), can be controlling and obnoxious, and will have generally developed some kind of an annoying personality. The important thing to realize is that all these attitudes are formed in response to a lifetime of conditioning (either positive or negative) by the actions of other men, not women. In some ways men really have a much easier time of it -- for while women must struggle mightily to put on a physically attractive appearance in order to appeal to men (sometimes in the face of overwhelming genetic...

On Fat Free Mentalism

The modern mentalist, personified by such acts as Marc Salem, whose Mind Games show has enjoyed a terrific off-Broadway run Craig Karges, one of the hottest college acts on the market, Jeff & Tessa Evason, whose two-person telepathy is astounding even to those in the know Banachek, Karmilovich, Tim Conover, Bob Cassidy -- the list is long -- combine energy, mobility, a sort of kinesthetic fascination, a loose, charismatic style of performing and props that are almost non-existent.

Advanced Methods of Persuasion

Defusing the Emotion Bomb - Resentment, ill-will and negativity prevent communication. Master the skill of defusing emotions. Present a convincing case despite tremendous resistance. Attract love win admiration with a few simple techniques. Learn handy formula words and phrases that bring cooperation and rapport. Learn the single most important technique in this book that will attract others to you. You can rally disciples to your cause in any situation.

Magic And The Science Of Medicine

I have told you how Magic will develop your personality socially. The importance of personality in the social world is great because being well known and well liked means so much in your happiness. Think, however, of the tremendous significance of personality in business. You know that it's the man with personality who gets ahead every time.

The Taboos of Seduction

How do we do this There are many ways out there. All the systems are in a way designed to do this in certain respects. Mystery Method is about escapism, wowing others with entertaining stories and getting them wrapped up in your charisma. Speed Seduction is about leading their imagination and making them think about all the things they'd rather be doing. Double Your Dating is about interrupting their reality and sucking them into yours. We use all sorts of tools, from talking about childhood fantasies, to using time distortion and false time constraints, to playing upon gender roles, to using preplanned routines to wow them.

An Introduction To Cold Reading

Your sexual adjustment has presented some problems for you. While you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them. You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage. You have a tendency to be critical of yourself. You have a strong need for other people to like you and for them to admire you.

One Secret to having Seduction Confidence

I started asking myself questions like, What is it about me that makes me so successful with Women life work etc. Why am I so magnetic and charismatic How do I make people feel so good about me and about themselves What is it about me that makes me so irresistible to women

Why are psychic or cold readings done

You have a strong need for other people to like you and for them to admire you. You have a tendency to be critical of yourself. You have a great deal of unused energy which you have not turned to your advantage. While you have some personality weaknesses. You are generally able to compensate for them. Your sexual adjustment has presented some problems for you. Disciplined and controlled on the outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure inside. At times, you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. You pride yourself on being an independent thinker and do not accept other opinions without satisfactory proof you have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. At times, you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary and reserved. Some of your...

Basic Persuasion Techniques

Instant Impact - Master the skill of reading body language clusters to understand exactly what is going on in your prospect's mind -- without being a mind reader. You will also realize how to send out subtle, subconsciously perceived signals that can give you a very favorable image. With these skills, you can become a charismatic charmer

Attributes of men who are the PRIZE

So, if you want her to see you as the PRIZE, make sure you take her into your world. Take her around people who already love and admire you. In these social situations you will not have to try hard to prove yourself to others because they already love you. This will allow the most PRIZABLE attributes of your personality to flourish. Also, your friends loving and admiring you will validate in her eyes that you are the PRIZE.

Prestige and Disillusionment

I was struck by the peculiarity of the sftuation when I spoke to a friend with no particular interest in magic about lecturing for magicians. I had been asked to speak at a few clubs but was not eager to do so. I tried to explain that one had to be careful about courting the admiration of the fraternity, as it was distracting and irrelevant compared to following one's career and vision as a performer. Her reaction was complete surprise it struck her that to be respected by other magicians would surely be a sign of truly remarkable ability as a performer. It seemed to her to be the pinnacle of success.

Steps Tools used Weasel phrases embedded commands

This next patterns is what I would have to call, for lack of a better term, a blinder pattern. What you're doing is getting her to associate massively pleasurable feelings to you like admiration and empathy, linking those to being in love, and then totally blinding her to any faults of character or appearance you might have. (Notice that this is what happens when a person really falls for someone anyway they say love is blind, and we're just inducing that blindness by describing it Remember

Can anyone learn cold reading

This is a common question, and the answer is the same for cold reading as for anything else. Almost anyone can try their hand at it, but there will always be some who have more natural aptitude than others. Good cold reading tends to require the gift of the gab, modest acting ability, lack of nerves, and a touch of 'stage presence'. If a person has these qualities, he or she can probably learn to be a good cold-reader. Charm and charisma obviously help, but I seem to have done okay despite a conspicuous lack of both.

The Structure Of Choice

Out of the ranks of modern psychotherapy have emerged a number of charismatic superstars. These people seemingly perform the task of clinical psychology with the ease and wonder of a therapeutic magician. They reach into suffering, pain, and dead-ness of others, transforming their hopelessness into joy, life and renewed hope. Though the approaches they bring to this task seem varied and as different as day and night, they all seem to share a unique wonder and potency. Sheldon Kopp described his experience of one such person in his book Guru (p. 146)

The Subtle Art of Manipulation

I'm very much aware this man isn't my friend. But I still harbor such respect and admiration for him, it's hard to be angry about what he attempted to do. In fact, I'm probably more in awe of him now than I've ever been. Whether or not it was intentional or he's incorporated these skills so seamlessly that it's part of who he is doesn't really matter. The fact is, it happened, and the process of which I got a glimpse into is utterly amazing.

Why resistance and rapport

Naturally in someone who is falling in love there is a very strong tendency to find everything about the loved one not merely acceptable but admirable. Film stars, singers and other charismatic people seem naturally to evoke similar feelings in millions. Advertisers attempt to use this by using such people to promote their goods. If your sporting hero says, buy these shoes then you will accept the statement, which you would reject if the marketing manager spoke directly.

Interlude 2 On keeping an open mind

An open mind is appropriate in situations where we have no good evidence one way or the other. Suppose I meet someone for the first time. Should I be prejudiced about that person's character, likeability or integrity, based on their looks or race or creed or accent or anything else Of course not. I should retain an open mind as to what that person is like. They may turn out to be among the most fascinating, likeable and charismatic people I have ever met. Or not. Time will tell.

About Herb Dewey

It is difficult to put into words the respect and admiration I have for Herb, professionally and personally. He is a master of the art, with a genuine concern for others. His ethics and methods are above reproach. He realizes the powerful impact he has on others and is meticulous in his care to plant only positive seeds. He strives to help people believe in themselves, to feel better about themselves, to like themselves, and to take responsibility for their own lives. This trait, perhaps above all others, I find to be rare and prized. Each time I am in touch with Herb, I am touched by him, by his warmth and the support for others.

Dignity No Cheapness

In line with this, let me say a word about your speech. WATCH YOUR ENGLISH. This is tremendously important in your success. When you are among educated people, you must be very careful not to get this reaction from them, Yes, his tricks were good, but how he did abuse the English language and when you are among very ignorant people, you must be correct in your speech so that they will look up to you and admire you.

Meeting and greeting

Some psychics specialise in 'mail order' or remote readings, but the majority are in the business of meeting and greeting people. If the psychic is a naturally likeable person, then meeting and greeting clients presents no problem. Other psychics, less gifted with natural charisma, may employ a range of techniques designed to help first encounters go well.

[ddithirty Fivb Tbi1

You have a strong need for other people to like you and for them to admire you, you like balance in your life and that would be expressed by the even playing card however you are someone that can think outside of the box ant I I think you would go for a card that would not be too predictable.

And Routines

The working of Stewart's mind is as cunning as Jordan's when it comes to the working out of some piece of intricate chicanery with cards. This effect is no exception, and although broadly it is a spelling effect, it is such an effect with a difference, for despite much mixing of the cards, card after card is spelt out in a straightforward manner. Before we ever read through any of Stewart's routines our good friend Francis Haxton runs through the effect the reading that follows increases still more our admiration plus the feeling that magic owes a great deal to such an originator. This is primarily for close quarter work and it gets and fully deserves our unreserved recommendation.

S Male Married

You are a persuasive individual, people listen to you, like you, admire you because you seem to have the ability of being very even-minded, so when someone asks your advice, you give them the proper advice. You will be good with numbers, perhaps not so now, but as you become older you would be good in numbers, you would do well in banking, accounting, real estate, CPA, anything to do with numbers.

O Jaysankey

Jay Sankey has one of the biggest followings in the world of magic. There are several reasons for this He performs cool, original effects with razor sharp wit and infectious enthusiasm, he's a brilliant innovator, releases quality tricks and possesses something quite rare these days - charisma. Not only that, he loves magicseen. The guy's bloody perfect

Advanced Maneuvers

15) Give Her a Sincere, Personal Compliment using her Name (but only one time). You perform a little bit of social magic merely by honoring her experience of life. Talk with her and get a feel for what her passion is. Then craft a sincere compliment that is unique to her, and deliver it in a way that is cleverly intriguing. The trick is to make it seem as though you were just struck by the notion to tell her this something about her that you find so utterly fascinating. Remember, you radiate charisma by making a person feel better about themselves after having encountered you, as opposed to feeling worse.

The Magic Of Touch

People who are well liked and who are confident put others at ease when they are around. Confident people let others relax and be themselves because those with confidence are being themselves. One method they put others at ease and convey a warm feeling is by utilizing the power of touch. People crave making a connection to other people so touching and being touched by others is one powerful way we do it. No matter whether the touch is a handshake, a congratulatory pat on the back, or a warm hug, people respond to touch.


The subject of spiritualism or the communication of the dead with the living has been of interest to people in every age. The priests of ancient times made deception a science and an art so as to convince their followers that there was life after death. They preyed on the superstitious fears of the masses with cleverly concealed apparatus in their temples to make it seem that the spirits spoke to them. In Greece today one may see the speaking tubes, trap doors, secret passageways, syphons, trick altars, etc., by means of which they controlled the speaking idols, fire-spitting, water-projecting, and food-eating gods. These excite the admiration of the modern magician and almost cause him to turn green with envy, so clever and such good magic are these contraptions.


If the spell succeeds, the target is granted an air of authority and dignity. Anyone within a 50 ft. radius of the target at the time of the casting will be enthralled by the target unless they make a Will saving throw (DC 15 + Charisma bonus of the target). Those who are enthralled view the target as a respected leader and will follow instructions that are not contrary to their nature (i.e. a paladin will not assassinate an innocent person). In addition, for the duration of the spell, the target focus receives a bonus of +5 to Leadership and NPC reaction rolls. However, with the benefits comes responsibility. If any of the thralls are hurt because of the action or inaction of the target, the target must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or suffer a temporary loss of ld6 points of Charisma. This occurs each time one of the enthralled is affected.


When you combine these three elements, you are able to tell powerful, exciting stories no matter what they're about. When a person displays these three elements when they're speaking, some people call it charisma. Look at films of some of the most charismatic world leaders, and you'll always see these three elements present when they address their audience. When President Kennedy gave a speech, he spoke with confidence. When President Regan gave a speech, he spoke with conviction. When Hitler gave a speech, he spoke with energy. You'll see all three elements in the speeches of these men, and when you do, you'll understand how they were able to lead and influence so many people.

Chapter Eleven

Bodily strength has won the admiration -- I might almost say, the worship--of mankind from the days of Hercules and his ten mythical labors, to the days of Sandow with his scores of actual achievements. Each generation has produced its quota of strongmen, but almost all of them have resorted to some sort of artifice or subterfuge in order to appear superhumanly strong. That is to say, they added brain to their brawn, and it is a difficult question whether their efforts deserve to be called trickery or good showmanship.

Classy Courage

One of the best ways to elicit a positive response from any woman is to have a presentation about yourself that appears charismatic. Your prospects for acceptance go way up (and, conversely, your chances of rejection go way down) if you can aspire to come across with charisma and a stylish flair. What is charisma Webster's defines it as a. the power or quality of winning the devotion of large numbers of people b. Great personal magnetism charm. Now, for our purposes we won't consider the religious co-definitions or that fact that you're probably not interested in taking over a country and ruling it with an iron fist a la Adolph Hitler (then again, maybe you are ). In any case, we only care about how to use the concept of charisma on a personal basis, one-to-one with some hot little fox that we're trying to impress. Incidentally, charm or finesse or even style might be a good way to think of it too, but these terms are equally vague. What I mean by charisma is this it's the ability to...

Miracles with Cards

I am a big fan of Jim Swain's work, and I'm not alone in my admiration many of the top professionals in the country include some of Jim's creations in their repertoires. Jim's routines are characterized by intelligence, ingenuity, and a diabolical combining of sleight-of-hand with subtleties, set-ups, or gaffs. His new book, Miracles with Cards, may contain his best work yet, and if you're a card man it should be at the top of your Christmas list.

Too Perfect Theory

Vernon was charismatic, frustrating, insensitive, and brilliant. As Ricky Jay states, he had the ability to cause people to get up and move. Wherever he was located immediately became the center of the world of magic. We will not see another like him. Dai Vernon The Spirit of Magic is fascinating and exhilarating. It is one of the best magic videos I have ever seen, and I highly recommend it.


Unpacking the Aronson Stack was my favorite section of Try the Impossible, but then again, I have a special interest in this type of material. I have been using the Aronson Stack in my professional work since 1990. I have a great admiration for the memorized deck routines that Simon has published in his previous books, but since most of them destroy all or part of the stack I rarely perform them in the course of an evening's work. If I have the choice between a routine that keeps the stack intact (or disarranges a minimum number of cards) and a routine that will require restacking the entire deck, I'm going to do the trick with the shortest reset time. Fortunately for all of us, Simon has taken a deeper interest in this keep the stack intact branch of memorized deck magic. In addition, he has discovered some amazing properties that were buried in the Aronson Stack itself. While these discoveries will delight those who already use the Aronson Stack, the really good news is that none of...

Stocking Stuffers

Flash Fold, Dehydrated Deck, Solid Deception and Vacuum Cleaner Cards kept me employed for a while. Then it seemed like Paul vanished from the magic scene for a number of years. When he reappeared a few years ago, it felt to me like the tricks had less sparkle than in the old days. That could be because now there are a lot of imitators of those earlier P.H. books. Regardless, after viewing this new tape, I once again feel the same wave of admiration for Paul's creative skills.

Lag Time

This video project was originally planned using a different performer and magic consultant. But it was brought to Louis Falanga's attention that Daryl had already completed the necessary research and had in fact shot a great deal of video for a similar series of tapes. The other participants graciously bowed out, and Daryl signed on, and it is a fortuitous choice, for there are few performers who have the technical ability and the personal charisma to pull off a teaching series of this scope. The series will eventually encompass six or seven tapes, and the first three are available now.

The Moment

Paul Rosini was one of the most successful magicians during the golden age of hotel and nightclub entertainment. He worked the top spots, he commanded an impressive fee, he was a hit with audiences of laymen and magicians, and he drank himself to death at age 45. Most contemporary magicians are unfamiliar with Paul Rosini. In Greater Magic, John Northern Hilliard sited Rosini as one of America's Ten Living Card Stars. He contributed a few tricks to the magic magazines of the day, and after his death W. F. (Rufus) Steele published Paul Rosini's Magical Gems. In House of Cards The Life & Magic of Paul Rosini, Chuck Romano fills in some of the blanks in the history of this most charismatic and enigmatic performer. The book is in three parts Part One is Rosini's biography Part Two is a detailed account of five different acts performed by Rosini Part 3 is an appendix which contains a reprint of Paul Rosini's Magical Gems. Rosini's repertoire consisted of standard effects the Cups and Balls...

Seal Coating

It has been pointed out to me that the above sequence is loaded with sexual undertones and to a degree that is both true and intentional. Visualize the realities of linking your mind to someone else's and the sexual parallels are unavoidable. It is a union of incredible intimacy and intensity and in order for this effect to work you have to be able to perform this with immense conviction and confidence with a willing subject. For me, this is not a cheap throwaway effect. This is a strong piece of theatre and emotional drama that can have a profound effect on the subject and the watching audience. I will say this though this effect will not work for everybody, indeed as a performance gambit, you will need huge amounts of presence and personal charisma to pull it off but when it hits, and it will, it will amplify even a simple trick to the extent where the audience will think you are a supernatural being.

Romance is a Trance

Falling in love is something that we do to ourselves in the privacy of our own thoughts when we're alone. During the interlude between your next encounter with her, she should be daydreaming about you and gradually convincing herself that you're a great guy with lots of relationship potential. Maybe she'll even go off the deep end and completely fall for you Make sure that you re-enforce these fantasy images when you're together on subsequent dates by continuing to be charismatic and charming. (In

They Are Booking

More than anywhere else, a performer has to be well-liked to be successful in the corporate market. Your personality is your most important asset in succeeding. Unlike the public entertainment arena where success is measured by how well the box office did at your last show or how many people bought your latest DVD, success in the corporate world is usually governed by how well the CEO or a division head likes you If he tells his meeting planners that he wants you at an event, you will be there This may seem to imply that the road to success would be an easier

Mystery Sex Magic

One thing I have to say about Mystery, the guy is probably one of the most charismatic people I know. He just radiates a fun energy that can be infectious, and I always have a good time hanging out with the guy. It's obvious why girls go for him, he's just entertaining as fuck. Of course, the whole time I was with him, I couldn't help thinking about the time TheOne did his ''Mystery'' impression for me, so I had to keep from laughing at some points.


Did not remember me, and had no recollection of the few weeks when we had been in Edinburgh together. How to account for this Perhaps it is a testament to my weak personality and general dearth of charisma. Then again, my appearance had changed quite a lot from my student days (and so had Becky's, come to that). Also, some people are just not terribly good at remembering people from the distant past. Whatever the reasons in this particular case, this story illustrates the fact that you can never be certain a psychic is operating without prior knowledge. Even if the client herself sincerely believes this to be true.

Faking Body Language

The human mind seems to possess a fail-safe mechanism that registers 'tilt' when it receives a series of incongruent non-verbal messages. There are, however, some cases in which body language is deliberately faked to gain certain advantages. Take, for example, the Miss World or Miss Universe contest, in which each contestant uses studiously learned body movements to give the impression of warmth and sincerity. To the extent that each contestant can convey these signals, she will score points from the judges, but even the experts can only fake body language for a short period of time and eventually the body will emit signals that are independent of conscious actions. Many politicians are experts in faking body language in order to get the voters to believe what they are saying and the politician who can successfully do this is said to have 'charisma'.

Cpiague ta SAoifi

There are some people however, you continue Upon whom we wish no ill-will. Someone known only to ourselves, or known throughout the world, for whom we personally have a great admiration, or perhaps affection of a baser kind Turn to another spectator, You sir, I'm sure, have the greatest admiration, respect and worship for someone known to yourself or others. Would you care to print the name of this person, or his or her profession, on a slip of paper Hand him the unprepared pad and pencil. Concentrate on this name, putting all your loving kindness into each letter as you print it Then tear it off . . . etc. . . . and seal it in an envelope. Give him an envelope. Repeat with three or four others, getting them to write names of people they like.

S Male Single

And I sense this energy about you that you are well-liked, that you are well-received, and that you probably could sell someone the Brooklyn Bridge and they would probably buy it. What I am sensing about you, is you have this way about you of being attracted to women, older woman, younger woman, you have a tendency of being well-liked and well-respected by women. You are getting an attitude, a little bit vain or perhaps a little bit cocky, because you seem to have the ability of achieving things that those around you cannot achieve with women. You seem to have decent looks, a decent body, certainly a good personality, a well-liked individual so you are not an introvert, and I don't think that you are terribly introspective. You have a good sense of humor. You don't take people or life terribly seriously.

Photo Routine

Have some photographs in an envelope that you had taken. keep them in your pocket. then when you see a girl or a group of girls, go up while looking through your pics and say, look at this. is that a thumb then critique your pics as if the girl is merely someone to talk to, you aren't HITTING on them. You are just being pleasant. notice how the landscape pics are boring but pics with people in them are interesting and grab your attention. See this one boring but this one has 3 people in it and I notice how my mind goes to processing the situation by looking at expressions of the faces and stuff. ohh, and I hate the ones where the guy in the photo is just standing there looking in the camera. BORING How 'bout this one though see 3 people are NOT looking in the camera and they are talking - doesn't that look more CANDID I like those the most. You have a choice from here. bail out with a pleasure meeting you or wing it for the rest of it cause by now you are IN. As long as you don't HIT...

The Formula Reading

One of your strengths is your ability to observe and evaluate others. You have a strong empathy for other people, an ability to understand them. However, you don't necessarily like them all. You would like to be more open and free. You want others to like you and admire you. There is a suppressed need in you to open doors in your life for the future. In fact, there is a great deal of unused energy that you have not turned to your advantage, and a tendency to procrastinate in some critical areas. On two occasions in the past year, your hesitancy to rock the boat has meant you have failed to reach for the brass ring.

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

You knowthere's something about you I like. I can't put my finger on it and it's not just the fact that you will download this ebook but there's something about you that makes you attractive.

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