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If you have never known what it is like to be at one with the universe, this is the book for you. This ebook from Stephanie Mulac gives you all of the tools to unlock the best zen state that you ever heard of in your life. You will learn how to let your chakra flow; chakra is the name for the 7 energy centers all along your spine. Once you learn how to tap into that energy, you are well on your way to balancing your energy. But here's the thing: it only takes ONE of these circles being out of place to throw your entire personal universe out of alignment. This ebook teaches you how to make sure that all 7 centers are aligned and then your life is in balance. It really is just that simple! From bad relationships to lack of confidence, you will learn how to take control of your own life and energy! Read more...

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The Chakra Tapping

The Chakras are the energy centers in your body, that govern all of your choices and the decisions that you have and will make in your life. Once a choice is made, you can never take that choice back. It is done forever. This eBook guide shows you how to make the choice not just to keep your life on track, but how to take the best advantage of every choice that you will ever make in your life. In your own body is the potential to wealth, freedom, great relationships, and life-changing friendships. This guide is the key to mastering your Chakras to create the most amazing life that you could ever dream of. The choice that you make affect who you are as a person; learn to control them and you have a life that almost no one can ever have. With this knowledge, you will Never feel stuck or alone. You will always control your life. Learn to control your Chakras and you have control of your life! Read more...

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Chakra Magic Activation Ritual

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Transmitter Please Draw A House

This effect can psychologically be made even stronger by having the drawing pads removed from the plastic carrier bag which the Theatre Manager brought on stage during the Base Chakra Projects the Answer routine as detailed in the Navels section of this manual. As they were removed from the same plastic bag that the theatre manager brought the cards up in for the Base Chakra Navel Routine the audience automatically assumes and believes that

The Grand Yoga Breath

Boiled Alive Pinishment Tudor

In The Grand Yoga Breath Exercise the various chakras are aroused to activity, and, at the same time, the nadis are stimulated and energized. In it, also, the power of creative mind is invoked and applied in an effective manner. The exercise is performed as follows (B) Perform seven more cycles of rhythmic breathing, following the same rhythm, i.e., Inhalation 6 units retention 3 units exhalation 6 units. During each inhalation perform the visualization (and accompanying feeling ) of sending the pranic current to each of the chakras, in turn, one with each exhalation, in the order named. At the same time, use the will to will that the current will go where it is directed (where it is visualized as going and is felt as going). By this procedure, each chakra is energized and stimulated by the inflowing prana thus directed to it. Here is the list of chakras to be reached in the way just instructed, in the order in which they are to be aroused in the exercise...

Kolanut In The Vagina

Lobelia Herb Magic

Exercise One To control ejaculation and orgasm (Muladhara Bandha). 4. It awakens the Muladhara chakra. 4. It awakens the Svadhisthana chakra. Muladhara Bandha should be followed by Vajroli Mudra daily, starting with ten of each. You should add five of each per day each week until you are doing sixty of each per day.

Dating the Bisexual Woman

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL The Seven Chakras I have started studying the chakras, and how they could be used to enhance the sexual experience. I purchased the books Pocket Guide to Chakras by Joy Gardner-Gordon, Sexual Magic by Margo Anand, and Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. Eden's book is very good. The topic of chakras is rich in pattern raw material. And, when used to explain it to a prospective subject, makes for an excellent trance induction, i.e. 'seduce-nosis.' Before explaining the chakras to my girlfriend, I wanted to see if she was in touch with her chakras. I did not explain the chakras to her before beginning, because I didn't want it to affect what she would see or feel. She had never heard an explanation of the chakras before. I did not use hypnosis. I had her lay on her back on the bed. I said There are seven chakras and I placed my hand over each of her chakras and told her the name of each. When I placed my hand over each of her chakras, I could feel a repelling force, such...

Hypnotism And Kundalini

In Pranayma, the practice of the correct rhythmic breathing, there is set into action the forces of the sushumna and its associated chakras in the direction of arousing, releasing, and directing the kundalini or serpent power. Thus by the oriental system of rhythmic breathing the magician releases and directs the potent kundalini according to his will, and in this process produces the power for his performance of the real magic of India. When all the motions of the body have become perfectly rhythmical, the body will have become, as it were, a gigantic battery of will. This is the true will power. This tremendous will is exactly what the Yogi wants. In this is the physical explanation of the importance of the breathing exercises of the Yogis. They bring about a rhythmic action in the body, and help us, through the respiratory centers, to control other centers. Thus the aim of Pranayma here is to arouse the coiled-up power in the muladhara, which is called the kundalini. The sushumna...

Navelgazing Cold Reading

05) When reading a complete strangers Navel for TV Radio shows you will often be sent to the Green Room (Hospitality) area together before going on air. In fact you can demand that this happens by saying that it takes a good five minutes of silent meditation to tune into the subjects Base Chakra energy point, they will then ensure you have time to do this before going on air so as not to bore viewers. This of course is bullshit and the truth is you have now got at least five minutes to have a casual chat with the volunteers and find things out about them which of course are then fed back to them in different words than those used by them once on air. This combined with knowing their star sign should give more than enough patter to fill the airtime.


Again this is based on The Native American Indians beliefs and religion of Shamanism, along with the seven energy points in our body called Chakras. Once again the Base Chakra which is in line with the Human Navel is used, except this time it is used for the purposes of powerful Spiritual Healing. One end of the Quartz Crystal is placed into their Navel and the other end held by the fingertips of your left hand and then your positive psychic healing energy is directed through your body, into the crystal and then into the Base Chakra energy point in order to promote rapid healing. Chakra) that this will help correct those imbalances and as such lead to successful recovery in rapid time Then you the Healer concentrate on a blue beam of light energy flowing from all the seven energy points (Chakras) in your body, down through your left arm hand and into the Crystal before finally entering the patients body via their Base Chakra energy point. It is also explained to the patient what they...

The Energy Orgasm

My girlfriend and I are very in touch with each other's energy. I had her lay naked on the couch on her back. I first got her in the mood by giving her a nipple orgasm. Then I told her that I was going to try a chakra experiment with her, and for her to close her eyes and tell me anything she sees or feels. After she closed her eyes and became very relaxed, I placed my hand over her womb chakra being careful not to touch her skin. I vividly imagined that my energy was passing from my hand to her womb chakra. Soon she said I feel warmth, and I feel a nurturing hug. That is exactly what she feels when I energize her womb chakra. I cranked up my energy more. Then she said I see a very bright light. That is NOT what she experiences when I energize her womb chakra. Then she opened her eyes and looked up and said Did you just turn a light on I just saw a very bright light. I said No Darling, close your eyes and relax. I knew that other chakras besides her womb chakra were being energized,...

Navel Mind Reading

01) You can look at the volunteers Navel whilst explaining that the Physical characteristics of their Belly Button combined with the vibes you get from the Base Chakra energy point will reveal the thing they are thinking of to you. 02) Or you can tell the volunteer that as they think of their randomly chosen word (or whatever the routine entails) that they are to hold up their shirt revealing their Navel. They are then told to imagine a Neon Light Beam projecting from their Base Chakra energy point, out from their Navel and out into the distance before them like a bright neon sign which

S Female Married

And without getting into a lot of metaphysical mumbo jumbo about auras and energies, and chakras, it's just a question of you getting a sensing it's sort of like a highly cultivated body language that you are able to read of other people, you have the ability of reading a person's energy.

Sequential Training

Teach her to push and to do her Kegal exercises. It may take several nights before she can squirt across the room. (See Learning to squirt. ) Step 11. Train her chakras Train her to bring her orgasm into the cosmos. This is some really really advanced shit man, but when you can truly visualize the energy and believe in it, it is easy. It will give her an orgasm that can only be described as 'beyond orgasm.' (See The Seven Chakras. ) Always remember


The Native American Indians have a Religion called Shamanism and amongst their many beliefs is the fact that we all have Seven main Psychic Energy Points in our body called Chakras . The Chakra most commonly used by Psychic Readers and most often talked about by the public is the Chakra located in the centre of our foreheads which is often referred to by many as The Psychic Third Eye However my studies showed me that there is a Chakra almost perfectly in line with the Human Navel, and this Chakra which is called The Base Chakra is the Chakra (Psychic Energy Point) used by me for Belly Button Reading. Interestingly enough it is also the Base Chakra, which is almost in line with the Navel that is spoke about in The Karma Sutra and in many publications on Tantric Sex. Apparently if both the male and female imagine the energy from their Base Chakras being transmitted from their Navels and joining together with the energy stream being sent out of their partners Navel, then the sexual...

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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