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Maintaining your trust is number one. Therefore I try to provide as much reliable information as possible.

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Las Vegas Closeup

Paul Harris, that lengendary scoundrel who gave you SUPERMAG C, has hit yet another jackpot with the release of this major new book, LAS VEGAS CLOSE-UP This super deluxe edition contains twenty-one solid gold deceptions brought to you direct from Las Vegas the close-up capitol of the world Paul Harris' previous books have attained the status of contemporary classics. His newest contribution, LAS VEGAS CLOSE-UP, sets even higher standards for magic literature in LAS VEGAS CLOSE-UP also includes New Twisted Collectors The Las Vegas Leaper The P.H. Invisible Palm Over Exposure The Hard Way Aero-Dynamic Dollar Gambler vs. Mentalist vs. Magician Paper Chase The Incredible Tap Dancing Aces Looy's False Count Korem's Card on Tie Splits Unlimited Cardician's Blendo Interlaced Vanish Perpetual Motion Coin Myth. LAS VEGAS CLOSE-UP is a 160-page hardbound, professionally typeset edition with dust jacket, and can be purchased for 17.50 + 1.00 for postage and handling.

Second Gamblers Palm

This method for palming the bottom card of the pack is used extensively by gamblers because of its ease and simplicity. It is a comparatively simple matter to spring the top card of a small packet of cards directly into the Gambler's Palm position. Holding the card in the left hand, the thumb at the centre of one side and second and third fingers at the other, bend the cards upwards from the two sides as the right hand comes over to take the packet by the sides. By (g) The following method enables the performer to palm the bottom card of a small packet of cards with one hand, the palmed card being taken to the Gambler's Palm position. Now move the left hand to the packet, the thumb going under the side against the right thumb and the forefinger above to hold the card and packet and move them to the fork of the right thumb. The packet can now be removed by the left hand, leaving the original bottom card in the Gambler's Palm position in the right hand.

Reward if you received this document illegally

I have met a lot of millionaire magicians here in Las Vegas Siegfried and Roy, David Copperfield, and Lance Burton. Siegfried and Roy once told me that they never thought of the money instead, they believed that if they had a great show, the money would take care of itself. Well that's true, but they had great management. Most of us magicians don't have such management, so we need Randy's book. I met Randy when he was about 12 years old. He would come to Las Vegas and visit his Uncle, 'King', a wonderful retired Magician. Little did we know that Randy would one day become a young millionaire magician.

Mole I rom I lie I iLlislicn

Several years ago a contest was held in Las Vegas to determine the best Impromptu Magician in the,world. Competition was still'. With the likes of Carl Clouticr, Daryl and Michael Weber, the lesser-known pcrfomcrs didn't seem to have much of a chance. To top it off, there was 110 panel of judges to determine the winner - no sir, the audience was going to decide the outcome of this battle. And so. the competition began.

Imm for nil writihg this book

A* I write the introduction to this book I am on a flight from Las Vegas to I on Angeles. I am presented with exactly forty-five minutes to sum up my ((clings about this book. A lot has contributed to the style in which this book has been written among ni her things a recent transatlantic relocation from the UK to the USA to nntke a home in Las Vegas. I now find myself a married man and to top it all off I have even begun work i in t hat traveling freak show I have been dreaming about for oh so long. As write this, I am currently on my way out of Las Vegas, the magical capital I I he world, feeling very ill from the extreme turbulence on an otherwise Uninteresting flight. Vegas is a town that has, in the short while I have lived ilit l'e, already deeply affected my approach to magic and mentalism. Las Vegas really is the best place in the world to see both great and terrible magic. In nut he best of the best to the worst of the worst, Vegas is the place.

Youll be the Envy of your Friends

Interestingly, some of the biggest names in magic are some of the nicest people in the business. I had the opportunity to speak to Lance Burton in Las Vegas recently. He not only shows a genuine interest in all magicians but is also down to earth and very modest. In fact, you will often find him mingling with the audience after the show, in the magic store next to his theatre.

Types of Cards to

Good borderless card brand choices include Steamboats, Bee or Gemaco (used by most casinos). Many writers on this subject recommend using narrower bridge-size versus standard, poker-size cards when learning the Three Card Monte. However, most magicians will not experience a problem learning and performing the Three Card Monte with poker-size cards. Of the three types of cards mentioned, Bee brand is the most readily available through mainstream (non-magic) stores. In fact, you should be able to find them in just about any retail establishment that sells playing cards - from pharmacies to liquor stores. All three of the brands mentioned - Steamboats, Bee or Gemaco - are readily available from Kardwell International, a playing card supply specialist. Kardwell also sells used casino decks with their logos on the back (such as Harrah's, Trump, etc.). Casino cards can add a nice commercial gambling touch to your presentation. Remember to buy at least two decks, since you'll need two...

Arc the Games Honest a

A Whenever the subject of gambling casinos comes up, someone is bound to observe that places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City don't have to cheat because they make enough money from the mathematical edge they enjoy over the player. Besides, 110 casino operator would risk forfeiting a casino license representing a multimillion-dollar investment jus to make a few more dollars by cheating. These two bits of I-as Vegas Chamlx.T of Commerce propaganda have been repealed so often they have become part of the conventional wisdom. But let's take a closer look. People don I cheat because they have to they cheat because they're greedy. They cheat because, no matter how much money they make,, they want more. They want every dollar on the table and even- dollar in your pocket and they want it as fast as possible. Some o the greediest people I have ever encountered arc to e found among casino executives. If the operators of Nevada and Atlantic City casinos thought they could get away with it,...

METHOD 5 December 1 1973

TpFollow the procedures described in Method 1, Step 2, but set the deck face down 9m on the table before you pretend to place the Kings into your right sleeve, stealing giS them out in Gambler's Cop. Before taking the Kings into Cop Position, turn them over under your jacket, so that they lie face to palm. 7 Continue by moving the four Kings into Gamblers Cop as you say, Magicians don't use Kings, they use Aces. Turn the Aces face up as a group, fan them and use your right hand to drop them onto the table, face up. As you do so, your left hand swings naturally downward and moves the cards from Gambler's Cop to Gambler's Flat Palm. Immediately bring the left hand back up to waist level. This palm adjustment occurs rapidly without the left hand ever coming to rest. If the angles require it, you can duck the hand behind your left thigh, briefly, to help screen the action. I passed this last version on to Pat the following day, December 1. My work on the effect ended at that point. I've...

Wait for the applause to end from the previous demonstration Anything Can Be Learned

However, I haven ' learned how to consistently predict the Jut ure. If I could consistently predict the future, I would be living in Las Vegas', playing golf each day, and belting on sporting events to make a living, hi fad. if someone ever claims they can consistently predict your future, he-very, ve y careful. These people, arc normally more interested in your money than your future.

The Perfect Mental Utility Device The Anything Goes Tic Board

During my performance, I tell the audience that we are about to play BINGO Las Vegas style. That is, I will wager 500 to none that I have correctly predicted which letter in the word BINGO will be left after four members of the audience have freely eliminated four of the five letters in the word. If I fail then the members of the audience who participate in the game can split 500 between them. Now, I ask various members of the audience to eliminate one letter at a time until only one letter in the word BINGO is left. As I point to them, four members of the audience each call out one letter. As each letter is called out, I check it off by placing a check mark next to it using the special marker supplied. (Note Be sure the check marks are placed to the right of each letter in the same fashion as on the vinyl side of the board.) When only one letter is left, cap the marker and place it to one side. Hold the board in your right hand fingers in front and the thumb to the rear. Rest your...

[1121THIRTY f1VII T8I1

You have a feeling of utter certainty. Imagine yourself above the casino floor looking down at all the tables. You can see the hustle and bustle of the players, hear the ring bells of near by slot machines, you even at this stage are sure that there is one table you have to play that has one hand that you simply must play.

Its Not Magic But

However, if the subject of gambling (and especially Las Vegas) comes up in the conversion it would be a good thing to be able to speak knowledgeably on the subject. David Malek sent along a book which will allow you to do just that. It's called The 101 Most Asked Questions About Las Vegas and Casino Gambling and the author is George Joseph, Director of Surveillance for Bally Corporation and hand-mucker extraordinaire. This is a very entertaining book, and in it you'll find the answers to questions which laymen will often ask you. For example Can the dealer make the ball land in any number they want on a roulette wheel Can slot machines be hot or cold Do casinos cheat customers What is the dead man' hand Do cheaters get beat up by casinos What does 86'd mean What happens if the dealer makes a mistake What is the black book What is the eye in the sky What is the most money ever won or lost at a casino and the most important question of all Why is the carpet in most casinos so ugly I...

Police to Train As Magicians

Lesson 1S - Resorts and Casinos (Back to Index) Performing in showrooms at casino resorts and hotels is similar to working non-casino theatres. There are many ways to cut a deal, and oddly enough, casino hotel owners are extremely risk adverse when making deals with entertainers. I guess they know all about gambling and have seen enough people lose money and don't want to join the losers. to a self-produced show and ultimately, as you know, received a dream deal in Vegas. This is the exception and certainly not the rule. From a realistic business standpoint you need deep pockets to 2 wall, which is likely what you will do. Even if you have the money and or backers, there is major competition for room space in cities like Las Vegas. LAS VEGAS - Robert Goulet has pulled the plug on a summer stint at the Venetian hotel-casino, saying he can't afford the 15,000 US nightly showroom rental. Peter Reveen and I have been friends for several years now. I greatly admire him in many respects. He...

Timii iioqs bhckuiflrd 111111fill STIilJHIHRlll Kli JIJRIllflY

Morgan has kindly contributed this item to the book. I remember vividly when he shared the basic concept with my sitting at my kitchen table in Las Vegas. Instantly I fell in love with the concept. There were however a few problems I felt existed in the routine that I have since changed to suit my style better. Morgan's original idea appears below with my additions appearing in the afterthoughts section.

Nonverbal Surveillance

Software enables personnel-identification cameras to recognize faces in airports, ports of entry, government buildings, casinos, and stores. Future software will enable cameras to recognize facial expressions of emotion, as well (see MOTION ENERGY MAP). (N.B. Research on the human-computer interface HCI may result in software for interpreting postures, body movements, and hand gestures.)

Method and Handling

You now turn to a spectator on your left and explain to him that you want him to count the cards himself to be certain. Explain that you want him to use the same count employed by casinos when checking their decks at the end of a shift, as it is the most error proof. By way of illustration, you count the first three cards yourself. As you count one, take the face card of the packet in your right hand. Turn it face down stud-style and slip it under the packet. Repeat this with the next two cards as you count two and three. Pick up his packet and verify the count by rapidly dealing the cards stud-style in a face-up row above the row of red cards. However, you deal a bottom on the third, seventh, and eleventh cards. (I use the Jennings stud bottom deal, taught in God of Gamblers.) This is very easy since you're working with only a small packet. Furthermore, there i6 no heat on the deal since the spectator has already established that there are thirteen cards. Your count is only verifying...

Reflections by Eugene Burger

As I write this, it is the first of September. I have been traveling much of the year and have come home to Chicago only for short periods of a week or two -- usually to face a small mountain of mail. This time I have been home for twelve days. Chicago is presently muggy and hot. In a few days I will go to Las Vegas for two weeks where it will also be hot but not muggy. After dozens of visits, I still find Las Vegas an exciting city. In Las Vegas, I will conduct two Master Classes with Jeff McBride and also work with Dan Harlan and John Thompson on a book of John's magic and fascinating recollections about magic and magicians. These are all exciting projects for me teaching with Jeff is always stimulating and surprising, and a book by John Thompson will be an important addition to magical literature.

Original Author Unknown

You need a deck of cards from Las Vegas that have a hole punched through the deck. The hole is usually in the center off to the left a little bit. Make sure all the holes in the cards are lined up so that you can see through the deck. Then tell your spectator to pick a card and memorize it. You then take the card and put in the deck(make sure that the hole is on the right side of the deck) You then can go through the deck and find the card that the hole is off to the side. When you get better at this you can start shuffling the cards but make sure that the holes are lined up when you shuffle. This trick can also be done if you have a deck of cards that the back of them are not symetrical in other words if you lined them all up and one was put in the deck the wrong way.

A1b1c1d1nnn A2b2c2d2nnn A3b3c3d3nnn A4b4c4d4

Bring out the name-cards, explaining that for the next few minutes, four members of the audience will become wealthy gamblers, each of whom owns a stable of prime racehorses. Continue, Each of you is a daring gambler, willing to put everything on the outcome of a single race. Therefore, please look your horses over, and decide for yourself which single horse you want to bet on.

Develop IValk Aivay Power

Siegfried, of Siegfried and Roy, once pointed out that before you could make good money in Las Vegas, you had to look like you didn't need it If you needed the money, or if you needed the booking, it was like the kiss of death. Successful people like associating with successful people. Thafs point number one.

The Ten Card Special Plus

I used this effect as a feature upon my Supreme Magic Tapes, Five'll Getcha Ten. Although the tapes were predominantly gambling moves I used this effect to show just how powerful some of the gamblers moves can be when incorperated into a magical routine. I've shown this effect to very knowledgeable magicians, big gambling experts, cheats and lay people. It has never failed me. The effect is powerful, direct and reeks of high quality skill way above the actual high quality skill you are using This is, quite simply chaps, an absolute blockbuster The multiple top change can be found in various books including my own Close Up Magic To Tap Dance To book and Specialist Moves manuscript. False shuffles and cuts abound throughout the magical book world and a skim through Expert Card Technique will give you a good array. You will also find out how to palm properly from Expert Card Technique. The bubble peek can be found in most gambling expose books including Gambling Scams by Darwin Ortiz....

May 2001 Seven Year Itch

I don't exactly remember the circumstances that prompted Mac King and I to offer our services as product reviewers for MAGIC magazine. Our plan was to do the reviews ala Siskel and Ebert, with a lot of back and forth banter about each product. At the time I was in Indiana and Mac was in Las Vegas. This meant doing the reviews via a computer hook-up. I was still using a funky Atari computer with limited Internet accessibility, so Mac would call me, my computer would answer, and we'd try to communicate through this crude text link-up. The two-man idea was never really as successful as we'd hoped it would be, and after 12 months Mac decided to bow out. Curiously, I eventually ended up in Las Vegas, which meant that Mac and I could actually do the type of review column we had envisioned, but Mac is adamant about not returning to the reviewing arena. (The reviewing job must have traumatized him, because to this day he won't even comment on things like the weather, or how his food tastes.)...

January 2001 Melt Down

Jeff has long been a part of the Las Vegas magic scene, and he is now working in Reno with Mark Kalin and Jinger. Jeff Hobson Live , captures Jeff performing at the Convention at the Capitol, in front of an audience of magicians. You'll see Jeff perform Fire Eating, the Silk in Apple, Card to Mouth, the Rope routine, the Egg Bag, and the fabulous multiple watch steal. After the performance segment, Jeff explains the Silk in Apple, the Vanishing Wand, the Balloon Bag (a great trick for kid show performers), some cigarette tricks, and the watch steal.

CIHB3Thirty Fivi3 Tllll

Morgan & Mikala started doing magic shows throughout the Midwest, capturing the attention of numerous television and radio stations. In an astonishing display of wizardry, Morgan & Mikala shocked and amazed the public when they vanished a 20-story municipal power plant that sprawled over two city blocks Morgan stretched his creative capabilities even further when he became the youngest magician in the world to catch a live bullet between his teeth. This deadly illusion, which had killed 13 performers in the past, garnered front-page newspaper coverage for Morgan, as well as exposure on the CBS Evening News. Feeling the call of the world Mecca of magic, Morgan, Mikala and their young son, Caleb, soon called Las Vegas home. Recently, the dynamic magical duo finalized design and completed construction of their revolutionary, multi-million dollar show, which ranks as one of the largest in existence. This extraordinary show will be supported by a professional cast of over twenty dancers...

Jokes About Card Tricks

Steve Forte's Gambling Protection Series Volumes 1-4 Mike Steve Forte is the president of International Gaming Specialists, a consulting firm which specializes in the area of Game Protection, and in this capacity has plied his trade to casinos worldwide. Mr. Forte also has a sensational set of chops, which he has put to excellent use on these four videos. These are not magician-oriented tapes. They have been designed to help gamblers who play in private games protect themselves from cheats, scoundrels, and scalawags (i.e., Bob Farmer). So, the big question is Can a magician benefit from watching these tapes Absolutely. But bear in mind, these are not teaching tapes. The moves are demonstrated (in some cases, many times and from various camera angles) and a slow motion replay accompanies the explanation, but you are not specifically taught how to perform these sleights. But if you have any knowledge at all about the subject you can certainly figure out what must be going on. And if you...

The Use of Cards in Mentalism

I believe many performers who come from this magic club environment assume everyone in the world thinks of playing cards as something magicians use to do tricks with. This may come as a complete shock to them, but most regular people think of cards as something you play games with This is only reinforced with the present popularity of casinos, online gambling, and tournament poker. To bring out a deck and do something mind bending with them, especially if it relates to gambling, is right on target these days. cards. The moment you look suspicious doing anything, you telegraph that to the audience and the entire mood changes. Try using some of the gambling patter I used on this DVD and see if it doesn't instantly get the interest of your audience.

Martin Gardner to Rubber Chickens

Mike This is a top-notch commercial mental effect right our of Larry's professional repertoire. You may be familiar with this routine if you have a copy of Stunners (although the method here is slightly different) or you've watched the Mental Masterpieces Vol. Two video. The performer has previously made a prediction that is placed in plain view of the audience. A spectator is invited to go on a mental gambling spree. The spectator selects a poker chip from a large goblet that contains chips from many different casinos. He pockets this chip. The mentalist displays a tray that holds a large stack of phony 100 bills, and (while the mentalist's back is turned) the spectator cuts off a bunch and pockets them. This represents the bet. Finally, two cards are chosen

Presentation of Al Korans Magic

Openness is far stronger misdirection than furtiveness. I have seen Koran double-lift slowly and deliberately right beneath a spectator's nose. In the trick called Til find it', you are required to top-palm a card. Try doing this by the furtive technique and they will all sec it. Do it right in front of the audience, when the time is right (and goodness knows the routining allows for this contingency), and no one will be any wiser. This simple fact of doing the dirty work in the open is well known to crooked gamblers and street swindlers. Their survival frequently depends upon it.

Tetradistic Stack Order

The Programmed Deck in Magic Mafia Effects (1970), p. 36 'Tor Magicians Only and The Three Card Location (by Steve Ehlers) in Las Vegas Kardma (1994), pp. 139 & 173 and Ackerman's Opener in his Lecture Notes 992, p. 3, which is a good opener that ends with the whole deck in order, after doing Vernon's Triumph a wonderful thing that I have included in my own repertoire (see p. 264). In his routine, Ackerman uses an interesting stack ( Tetradistic ) and does a Mario trick originally published in Ibidem, No. 8, p. 38 (see the entry for Mario in this bibliography), ending with a very direct assembly of four of a kind, the value of which is selected by a spectator.

Reflections In A Bloodshot

While in Hollywood I stayed with a very good friend of mine, Mrs Nancy Caldwell, with whom I am secretly in love. Nancy has a husband, one Mike Caldwell, who doesn't do close up, because he has never been able to get close up to anyone. Mike suggested we take a trip to Las Vegas for a couple of days, which proves he'll do anything to get me away from Nancy. Las Vegas, it's all you have read about it, and more. We saw several shows with magicians, but as this is Pabular, we'll stick to the close up men. I saw two. Daniele, a barman in the Desert Inn. French, tall, handsome, charming, impeccably dressed, in fact, the guy looks like a film star. He did two tricks for me, a Jack Avis dice routine called (I think) POKER POT, and a version of Kaps' Floating Cork using a seahorse and actually has it dance on the spectator's hand. I'll remember Las Vegas for a long long

[1be1thirtt Fivii 11311

Throughout the 90s Craig Browning slowly shifted away from the world of grand illusion even though he'd work hand in hand with designer Ken Whitaker in the creation of several brand new illusions and illusion systems that would be released through Creative Illusion of Las Vegas. It was however an unfortunate car accident in 1996 that would lure Craig Browning deeper into the realms of true mentalism, his injuries preventing him from being able to work with the heavy equipment he so loved. For most of his life Craig Browning lived with a peculiar health condition that could not be readily explained away. It plagued him significantly and cost him a great deal of credibility when it came to his ability to fulfill certain obligations. It wouldn't be until the late fall of 2004 that a clever physical therapist would point doctors on the right path Craig Browning being diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in November of that year - the mystery was finally solved

Life on the Wrong Side of the Brain

Side Secret Pocket

That little story brings to mind the first time I met Jimmy Grippo, the legendary hypnotist and magician. After years of entertaining high rollers at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Jimmy recently passed away. He was in his nineties. I saw Jimmy many years ago at a Miami nightclub. He was doing hypnosis and cards and was very entertaining. He fooled the living daylights out of me. I sent the waiter to his dressing room after the show and invited him to have a drink. Jimmy later came over and sat down. He asked me if I was interested in magic I told them that I was, but I never expected his next remark. Then prove it, he said. He handed me a pack of cards and asked me to show him something. He later told me that he often did this to determine at what level the conversation should take place. In other words, if I was a heavyweight, that would dictate an in conversation. If not, than he would be sociable, but stay away from the real work. I took the deck and began to show Jimmy a trick. I...

Rounders A Technology for Unshuffling Cards

Most magicians are familiar with stripper decks and belly-cut cards. Short cards, thick cards, wide cards and punched cards are some of the ways gamblers and magicians have developed to identify and control cards. I have chosen to use gambling casino cards, which sell for 1.00 per pack. These cards have been in play for 12 hours or less and are then switched for a new deck. The rejected cards are then mutilated. Why is this They do not want these cards to be surreptiously put back in play. Some casinos punch holes in the center. Some mark them with ink, and others cut the corners. They are then sold for a dollar or so or given away as souvenirs.

CAN be Performed With Burn Cards One Six

Hold the double above the flame allowing the heat to leave at least a bit of a mark on the card. Hold the card up to show the spectator the burns then turn the card to yourself to inspect it before holding it to the flame once more. Take the card back and look at it again and ask the spectator hold the lighter up higher, as they do, bring the double back to the top of the deck and drop the regular card to the top so that you are holding only the gaff card this needs to be done quickly, but not rushed. Alternatively, if you have got rid of the deck, perform a gamblers cop with the lower card of the two as explained in the sleights reference towards the beginning of this book, I much prefer this method as there will appear to have only ever been one card in play.

Double Count Handling For More

Marlo applied the hide-out concept in It's Over Here, Of Course from Hierophant 2 (1969), pp. 63-65, a routine that uses a display-and-duck procedure as per the Double Count. Another neat use of the hide-out principle was used in Invisible Thought Transference from The New Tops (February -1974). Paul Harris used another form in a splendid effect called Las Vegas Leaper, only the reversed card is there at the outset. The dealing-and-ducking procedure, however, is the same. These techniques are Minus Counts. That is, more cards are counted as less while one or more cards seem to disappear. Another use of the Unlimited Count was used in a marketed trick called The Missing Hour (1983).

Gaffed Shoes And Marked Cards

J2S Gambling Sown Instead of smuggling in a gaffed shoe, a casino executive night miuggle in gaffed cards. If lie can get marked cards mixed in with the casino's supply of dccks his agent will be able to read the dealer's hole card. If the game is dealt from a shoe-, he markings will be placed so as to be visible through the opening at die front of the shoe. The agent will then also know the top card before deciding whether to hit. As an example of how lucrative this can be When a casino host at a large northern Nevada casino was caught in such a scam a couple of years ago. it was estimated that he had succeeded in taking off the house for over one hundred thousand dollars before being delected. When he went to trial, the resulting publicity caused a drop in the casino's stock, which again indicates why so many casinos chouse not to prosecute in cases like this.

FR Back in the Saddle Again A Stuff Afterparty Report

The last really interesting interaction of the night happened with some of the naked body-paint models. I had run into K-ROQ DJ Striker at the party. I seem to run into him a lot, the last time being at Drais after-hours club out in Las Vegas. I walked up to him and talked for a bit. He's pretty good at using his quazi-celebrity status to pull girls. The body-paint chicks had the highest value of any girl at the party because men were falling all over them. Striker was able to use his celebrity to pull one of them, who was quite into it (you go, boy ).

Count Stores Tiik Rale

Razzle Board

Mike has abort eighty dollars on him lie figured that would be enough to enjoy the carnival and still have some emergency money left Since he has just arrived, he has been walking around, checking the attractions, and has spent hardly any money yet. As he walks along the crowded midway, he passes a skinny old man handing out tickcts to passcrsby. I le gives one to Mike and tells him that it's good for a free play at the booth right behind him. Mike has been to Las Vegas and knows that some casinos hand out free play eon pons to attract business, so he isn't loo surprised to find an enterprising carnival game operator doing the same. He decides there ii no harm in using the coupon If he shoulc lose, as he knows he probably will, he'll quit without spending any money on the game. 16-f Gambling Scarry 17 k i Gambling Scam i74 Gambling Scam

And Other Probability Paradoxes

Transitivity is a binary relation such that if it holds between A and B and between B and C, it must also hold between A and C. A common example is the relation heavier than. If A is heavier than B and B is heavier than C, then A is heavier than C. The three sets of four dice shown unfolded in Figure 21 were designed by Bradley Efron, a statistician at Stanford University, to dramatize some recent discoveries about a general class of probability paradoxes that violate transitivity. With any of these sets of dice you can operate a betting game so contrary to intuition that experienced gamblers will find it almost impossible to comprehend even after they have completely analyzed it.

Steel and Silver Video Series Volumes 2 and

Volume Two begins with a performance and complete explanation of Paul's competition act, which brought him first place awards at the Las Vegas Desert Seminar and FISM. I was in the audience when Paul performed this at DMS years ago, and I can attest to its effectiveness. The routines which make up the act ( That's Ridiculous, the Cups and Steel Balls, and The Ring on the Hourglass ) are so completely associated with Paul that I would not suggest that anyone else ever perform them. However, if you are interested in discovering how a world-class competition close-up act is constructed, there is probably no finer example available. What is immediately apparent is the enormous amount of attention to detail which underlies the act. Nothing has been left to chance the placement of every prop, its introduction and disposition, has been carefully considered. Also carefully managed is the crescendo of audience excitement, which is controlled to produce the maximum ovation at the end of the act.

No False Counts False Deals Multiple Lifts Passes Shifts or Palming Required

With two notable exceptions, the effects gathered here are of the Gambling Demo or Poker Deal type. I enjoy performing these types of effects and I find that they lend themselves quite well to entertaining stories, themes, and patter. A special thank-you to Keith Kip Pascal for his design and layout of Stack Attack. THANKS GUYS L. R. Brooks Las Vegas, NV

Devoting Time to Seduction

Since last July, I'd been going out sarging pretty much every night. It was a lot of fun, hitting the clubs, winging with friends, meeting lots and lots of new girls, making mistakes and learning from them. I probably learned more in those 5 months of constant approaching than I did in 4 years of Speed Seduction. The only problem was that I was not able to keep that lifestyle up. Because of my late night outtings to various clubs and bars around LA, I would find myself being perpetually late to work, and sometimes I'd miss work entirely. This not only put me in the doghouse with my boss, but it really put a cramp on my finances. Not only that, but it began to have a negative impact on my health. I got sick in October when I went to Chicago for the DYD seminar Lounge reunion, and didn't really recover until December (both my finance and health problems were compounded by a trip to Las Vegas in November that, while extremely fun, ended up making me miss a week of work because it...

Nit Court Card Cut Prop

1 hat logic has cost a lot of money to die many suckers who have fallen victim to this prop. Most people, even among professional gamblers, simply have no idea how to calculate the eidds on a problem of this type. They have to rely on what seems to make sense to them. The fact is you can't simply 2 V) ' Gambling Scams The next question is how many of those 22.100 combinations will win foi you and how many will lose. To put t differently. I low many of those combinations will not contain even a single picture card Suppose we had a deck of cards from which all the picture cards had been removed. That would leave us with forty cards. Selecting them in groups of three would give us 40 X Vx 38 1 x 2x 3 possible combinations. In plain knglish, that's 9.8K0 possible three card combinations contained in a full deck which would not have at least one court card. If we subtract this number from our earlier total of 22,100, we find that here are 12,220 possible thrcc-card combinations which...

Surveillance Techniques a

If you have ever been in Las Vegas, you haw probably noticed the mirrors on the ceilings I mean the ones in the casinos, not in your hotel rooms. These two-way mirrors are pari of the casino's surveillance system, the 'eye in the sky that watches out tor cheating. The casinos also use closed circuit IV and videotaping in their surveillance. In addition. hey have their dealers watching the players, their fioormcn watching the dealers, and their pitbosses watching the doormen. Finally, most casinos subscribe to a service provided by Griffin Investigations, a detective agency, called the Black Book. 'I he Black Hook, which ih constantly being updated, contains the names, photographs, descriptions, and modus operandi of known casino cheaters. I o the outsider, this creates a picture of an impregnable fortress in which cheating against the house is out of the question. Unfortunately, the reality1 is not so simple. Most players would be shocked to learn how often, even in the. major...

Using Your Background

No, we don't mean the cloth that hangs at the back of the stage. We are talking about your interests and hobbies that you have developed over the years. Is there something amongst these that you can use in your routines A good example of this is the magician Steve Wyrick. When you enter his theatre in Las Vegas, it's styled like an aircraft hangar, complete with landing lights, search beacons, industrial props, and a metallic aviation themed finish to the set.

METHOD 1 November 24 1973

Openly remove the four Kings from the deck while secredy culling the four Aces to the face with one indifferent card for cover. Mario's Moveable Card Pass (New Tops, Vol. 9, No. 3, March 1969, page 27 or M.I.N T, Volume II, 1995, page 50 or see page 173 of this volume) will allow this to be done directly. You may, however, use the Mario Prayer Cull New Tops, Vol. 6, No. 6, June 1966, page 28 or M.I.N. 77, Volume I, 1988, page 232) to bring the Aces to the top of the deck, then with a Double Cut transfer five cards from the top to the bottom. The cuts can be dealt with as idle handling during your introductory remarks. Patter to the effect that you are going to show the audience how a Holdout Operator or Furniture Man operates in a game. You may also wish to explain that the Kings are preferred by gamblers because the Aces are too obvious. To prove part of your claim and make it easier to follow, you assert, you would like to have the Kings signed. Have each King quickly initialed on...

Zany Wacky Silly but Funny

The fourth concept is for the magician to act as a wacky, zany character the whole time. Not only do they look funny, but their actions and presentation style are funny. Mac King in Las Vegas pulls this off very well. From the moment you see him come on stage you know he is a comedy magician from the way he looks right through to the way he moves. Mac reinforces this perception straight away at the opening of his show, by walking up to the microphone dressed in a ridiculous looking plaid suit, saying something like, Do you like this suit It was my fathers it was also my mothers couch

Cellini Writes About Magic

Magicians create the biggest illusion in their own minds when they envision a working atmosphere. As you know, very few places are of a Las Vegas nature. Briefcases full of magic tricks are cumbersome and self-defeating. The workable way, especially in close-up magic, is to carry props on oneself fortified with the knowledge of magic in the mind.

Appendix A Cayman Magic

David let his eyes roll lazily around the cozy tropical barroom. Frail tendrils of blue cigar smoke suspended themselves like dead jellyfish in the warm rays of the evening sunlight -- angling through foggy, sandblasted windows. He and Roger and his two pals had the place all to themselves for now, but it was early yet - still daylight - and that would change in about an hour or so when mobs of tourists began to drift in from the packed resorts, red-faced after a long afternoon squandered vegetating on the beach or getting cleaned out in the casinos up in George Town.

Poker Players Picnic

Offer to demonstrate how gamblers cheat at cards and comment casually that their skill is greatly overrated. As a matter of fact, you say, almost anyone can duplicate their feats with very little practice. Single out one of the spectators. You look as though you might be a good poker player. Will you help me


The mentalist hands an unprepared pack of playing cards to any spectator for mixing. While the cards are being thoroughly shuffled, a small brown paper bag is handed to a second spectator for examination. The bag is then opened and placed upright on the table. The mentalist asks the first spectator to place the shuffled pack face down into the paper bag. Remember, up to this point, the mentalist has NOT touched either the cards or the paper bag. He then explains that the bag will in effect perform the same function as the shoe in Las Vegas casinos in other words, it will preclude any possibility of manipulating the cards. Now, the mentalist picks up the paper bag and begins to remove one card at a time, dropping them face down in a pile on the table. At any time he wishes, the spectator is instructed to yell STOP. When he does so, the mentalist IMMEDIATELY hands the bag to the spectator. Turning his back, the mentalist instructs the spectator to remove the next card from the pack in...

To Perform

Begin by removing the cards from their case and handing them to a spectator for shuffling. While he is doing this, snap open the paper bag and hand it to a second spectator for examination. When he's satisfied it's unprepared, have him place the open bag on the table so that it stands upright. Ask the first spectator to place the pack of shuffled cards face down inside the bag. Now, pick up the bag and place it on the palm of your left hand as you explain that the bag serves the same purpose as the shoe used by blackjack dealers in Las Vegas. It prevents any possibility of manipulating the cards. With your right hand, reach into the bag. The bottom of

The Greek Deal

Similarly, poker as played in Nevada casinos is conducted by a house dealer who shuffles, cuts, and deals but does not participate in the game. He just takes a cut out of each pot to provide Ihe house its profit. It is standaid practice in these games for the dealer to seal the deck before dealing by placing a blank card or joker on the bottom to prevent any of the players from catching a glimpse of the bottom card. It also serves to prevent bottom dealing. I lowever, if the dealer had mastered a Creek (leal, he could still use When I first perfected the Greek deal, 1 felt 1 was on to something really new. That is, until I read the following passage from fCoscftitz's Manual of Useful Information, an expose of crooked gambling methods pub ished in 1894 Second dealing from the bottom of the deck may also be practiced

Who is Randy Charach

At the age of five, I met one of my uncles, a magician (known as 'King' and passed away in 1975) living in Las Vegas. At once, I became hooked on magic. I did my first show at the age of 10 for my grade five class. My first paid performance was at the age of 12 and my fee was 6. Yes, 6. Now 26 years and 5,000 shows later, my fee for a corporate show in the U.S. is 5,000. Most of my performances now, are as a Mentalist or a Speaker. My highest fees are earned when I combine presentations at a single event.

Beating the Odds

Finding no consolation in the textile business David went to Juan les Pins, in the South of France, w here his I 'ncle Alex had a villa and a speedboat, a tempting combination for a young man. Alex's son was the same age as David and they spent a large amount Of their time driving the boat and w ater skiing. Together they won several slalom competitions and enjoyed a great bachelor lifestyle. The South of France, with its many casinos, was a fine location to put a very unusual idea to the test. 1 ncle Alex had told David about a formula that he had learned from a Scottish mathematician. He said it could predict the outcome of an even chance bet such as the toss of a coin. David, intrigued, took the time to study the formula and modify it so that it could be applied to the game of roulette. They spent six months in France enjoying the sun, water skiing and high lifestyle, always playing roulette and always coming out ahead. These days David demonstrates the mathematics of the system to...

Bob ostiti

The Gaming Board for Great Britain in their annual report regret that 1974 may well be noted as 'the year of the cheat'. Properties found during police enquiries included inks for marking cards, glasses and contact lenses. It seems that amateur sharpers are appearing on the gambling scene. No mention is made in the Report that patrons of casinos are being lured from these places into hotels and other places for a 'friendly' game and taken for a ride. Maybe you think this is confined


The inspiration for this effect came from Vegas Fling in an early issue of Magick. The presentation used two of the three casino games used here, namely Roulette and Craps. I changed the third game from Poker to Blackjack. Why Because the third game involves a force and the one used in the original wasn't to my liking. In fact, the mandatory force called for in most one ahead routines similar to this is usually the weakest point in the routine. However, I believe you'll positively love the variation I've conceived.

Casino iRkcaijtions

Naturally, the casinos do everything thev can to make it more difficult to load their dice. Hice used in private games are often opaque '1 his makes it a simple matter for a dishonest dice maker to drill a hole in one side of the die and nil it with a heavy substance Ry contrast, casino dice are always translucent. II is possible to .Nee Completely tluough the dicc except tor the spots Therefore, the loads must be fr.dden under the spots. While Ibis can lxr done, it means the dice cannot be loaded us heavily, and that limits the hustler's advantage. Furthermore, if you examine a pair of dice piuehascd at a candy store., yon will note that, even f he dice are translucent, the spots will be recessed. 1 his a.lows a cheat to fill some of these spots with a load of platinum orgoid and then paint over the loads to resemble the other spots. However, casino dice arc made in a style known as flush spot.' The spots are flush with the surface of the die and che spot paint is imbedded in the die...

The Top Sweep Deal

It is important to note that the card is actually taken between the thumb and SECOND finger. The first finger provides all important cover during the take. This cover is called 'shade' by gamblers. If you are talking to professionals about second dealing they will often ask what your 'shade' is now you know

Enforcement Problems

Of the many different kinds of scams that can be run against a gambling house, the ones the casinos fear most are those involving eollusion between players and casino personnel to take off the house. I'he dealer cheats to help Ins partner win. Few outsiders realize that the casinos' elaborate surveillance apparatus is primarily designed to keep an eye on their own employees. The Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Division of Gaming Kntoreemenl in New Jersey also work hard to uncover this form of cheating partly because, by hurting the casinos' receipts, these conspiracies also hurl the state's gaming revenues. Vet collusion remains a persistent problem in die gaming industry, The situation is aggiavated by the tact that most casinos are inclined to simply fire a suspected chcat ralher than seek criminal prosecution, lhe policy of the Nevada Gaming Control Board is that sleight of hand cheating must be observed by three different agents on three different occasions in order to have a...

November 241973 SEWT

EFFECT The exact perception an audience will have of this effect will differ slightly from version to version. The basic effect, however, is relatively straightforward and consistent. Four Kings are removed from the deck, signed and openly placed in the performers sleeve, in which, the audience is told, you have a card cheat's Holdout. The Kings vanish and arrive, unexpectedly, in the deck, positioned for a game of Poker. This is proven when the cards are dealt. The performer suggests that this is surprising to him since what has happened is rather magical and magicians are known to prefer Aces. The hand of Kings is then revealed to have changed to four Aces. Gamblers, alleges the performer, commonly carry the Kings in their wallets, like money in the bank. The performer then reveals the signed Kings in his wallet.

November 29 1973

Picks up the pen used to have the Kings initialed. Leave the Kings in the lap and, with your left hand, grab the edge of your jacket, pulling it open. Put the pen into your left inside jacket pocket or left shirt pocket. Let the left hand fall to the lap and pick up the Kings in Gamblers Cop, with the back of the cards to the palm. With the right hand, sweep the face-up deck off the table, adding the Kings in the process. Continue as in Method 1, Steps 4-9 or try the approach of Method 3.

O Julianachen

Born and raised in the Hunan province of China, Juliana's rise to become one of the World's top magicians is the sort of story that would make a brilliant movie. Not only does she possess supreme manipulation skills, she is a performer of the classiest kind and has performed to amazed audiences from China to Las Vegas.

Poker Stack

This one is for a quick gambling demonstration. We will assume that you have mastered a passable bottom deal . Stack a Royal Flush on top of the deck and place the pack in its case. Talk about gamblers and crooked games and then volunteer a demonstration. Open the flap of the case and take the deck out with the left hand. Place the case in front of you on the table. Spread the cards and close the spread again, getting a break under the five card stack.

Poker Challenge

It will be easier to explain the effect and method at the same time. Get the five high spade cards (royal flush) to the top, in any order, preferably during a previous routine. After a few shuffles, keeping the flush on top, start talking about poker, and cheating at poker. To avoid cheating, professional gamblers shuffle like this. Do two In Faros (top card is lost each time). Then Double Cut one card from bottom to top.

Plcial Intekvieav

Chuck - This is 'Charming' Chuck Martinez coming to you live from the locker room of Las Vegas' top-rated close-up team THE VEGAS VANISHERS. We're here today speaking with their star table-tackier Paul Harris - the man responsible for scoring this year's most impressive victory over an opposing team of spectators. Paul, can you comment on the 6 to 5 odds that Nick the Greek's been giving in favor of the spectators

Three Methods

I have been privileged to gain the confidence of a few little-known card cheats. Naturally they prefer to remain anonymous. One such artisan taught me a few deck switches which are still being done by the hustler. I have seen gamblers switching in a cooler , from time to time. These are all good methods for the magician who needs to get his pre-arranged pack or get rid of one. The back designs of both decks must be identical. Do not use this as a nourish or an exposition.

Let Me Be Brief

You'll find this month's review column to be shorter than most, for two reasons. The last 35 days have been extremely busy, with convention appearances at the Magi Fest, the Blackpool Convention in England, and the 20th Desert Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. In addition, I have traveled to Florida and there have been a large number of recording sessions. This produced one pooped reviewer. This has also been a rather dry period for new products. I'm sure this is just the lull between storms, however, and in the months ahead you'll see the flood of material you've come to expect.

Tuef P4j

7 45 a.m. - Paul performs Las Vegas Split, Interlaced Vanish, and Reset as one long routine. He isn't happy with his performance and does the sequence over again - three more times. We look at the video playback. All four takes are perfect. Paul still isn't happy. The prop girl comes over and gives Paul a hug. Now Paul's happy.

Obliging Aces

Presuming that the conversation has been about gamblers and poker playing, offer to give a little demonstration, under very strict conditions, by having the spectators themselves name the numbers at which certain cards are to be found. Shuffle overhand, using the overhand break control to return the arranged cards to the top of the pack.

Poker Puzzle

Can I deal a good poker hand you repeat. The answer to that is--yes and no. I'd better show you what I mean. No doubt you've read articles on the methods used by the gamblers --everyone has heard of second dealing and bottom dealing, although very few persons have seen these sleights performed. In poker, the gambler arranges to get the high cards of course. Let me show you the usual method. I'll use the four kings. As you are talking in this vein, run through the cards with the faces toward yourself and, as you come to each king or ace, slip the kings to the bottom and the aces to the top of the pack. Do this casually without explaining what you are doing. 2. Take off the four kings and show them. Four kings make a good hand, you say, so the gambler places the cards he wants on the bottom of the pack. Place the four kings on the bottom. 3. We shall suppose it is a five-handed game. The gambler deals four cards, but when he deals one to himself he pulls off the bottom card, so. Do this...


You can see that after the Jumbo Card Calling and the joke about getting up a card game, I continue my talk about gambling. You can hear the murmuring in the background when I mention how good that ability (that I just demonstrated) would be in a game of Poker. Then I start to talk about Blackjack and how mindreading would be of no help there. Notice please how I have, after the fact, basically told them I just did mindreading without ever having it said it before and in such a way that it is just accepted I also tell the story about being banned from playing Blackjack in two casinos and mention one in Monte Carlo in an off-hand manner as though this were a place just down the street Again, this is all very prestige building and gives the feeling I move in Bond-type environments


Wagner's Twisted Collectors that I sat myself down and actually learned the routine so that I too could impress people the way J.C. had impressed me. After putting in a healthy amount of practice, I felt confident enough to test the routine out on Wendy Wartnogger, the firm but yielding waitress working at Captain Wienee's Hot Dog World. Just as I was about to approach her, who walks in but Allan Ackerman - the notorious Las Vegas Card Expert and noted wienee authority. Right then and there he whipped out his deck, and, before I had a chance to stop him, he impressed both of us with his own version of Twisted Collectors. An impressive concept of J .C. Wagner's made even more impressive by Allan Ackerman's simplified handling.

Ct4c o

ing Solomon was one of Las Vegas' most r- respected professional magicians. He left behind a charming wife whom he entrusted with the secrets of his magic. Mrs. Solomon has graciously consented, through the persuasive efforts of Gary Darwin, to release the secret of one of King's most cherished effects.

Ill HI JI3llllflY[im

You see often psychics have used their skills to beat the dealer in major casinos in the world. Ask yourself, how many of you would do the same with such a gift Well I am sure someone of deflated morals would jump at the chance. However this game of Psychic Blackjack can also be played to develop your intuitive skills. That's what we are going to attempt.

The Right Clients

As an example, the Trump organization owns many casinos. You might get a job performing in one of their lounges and your fee will be dictated by what that casino normally pays such an act. If, however, The Donald's home office is having a Christmas party and you are lucky enough to get a job performing there, your fee is negotiable and the sky is the limit. You can bet what you end up with for a night's work there will be a lot more than that job in a casino

TJlE Tap PanclN A

Further, when Paul does bring out the cards, he makes a point of opening with a distinctly uncommon event. In BIOLOGICAL SHUFFLE (see Index), he takes the single most common action with cards - the act of shuffling - and does the unheard of with it. He shuffles his hand into the deck. Often, he'll substitute LAS VEGAS SPLIT (see Index) in this position. There he takes a Two and visibly tears it into two Aces. Needless to say, few laymen have seen such physical impossibilities with a deck. (For those not familiar with this, it requires a top change of a Two for two Aces held as one card. Not easy ) In either case, the cards are used in a totally non-card-like way. (First published as La La's Lu Lu in Intimate Secrets then later revised in Las Vegas Close-Up. )

Double Discard

As for the Chinese being good gamblers, this Is the bunk. Good losers, yes. Good gamblers, no. But they laugh with a win and lose with a smile. Bear in mind, I speak only of my own encounters with Chinese gamblers. I have found that unless they are fairly certain of having the edge, they'll fold on the second or third raise. And now for a little dodge used in poker that isn't generally known. To the player who has the Intestinal fortitude to use it, it is worth a lot of money. It is called the double discard . If Erdnase knew about it, he forgot to include it in The Expert at the Card Table. I have never seen it In print and you are the first I have ever mentioned it to since It was given to me some years ago by an old professional gambler who retired with enough cabbage to buy a young hotel.

Win You Lose

Hold the deck face up in dealing position. Gear the conversation towards a gambling theme. State, You never play cards with strangers because every stranger is not a cheat, but every cheat is a stranger. I'll show you what I mean. is taking place, continue to talk about gamblers and crooked games.


Fred, in addition to being editor of Tabular' since its formation, is also widely known and respected as one of the world's leading technicians with a pack of cards. It was Dai Vernon who once said that he had spent a lifetime chasing all over the world to track down gamblers and technicians and learn their secrets. And yet he admitted that nowhere had he encountered Fred's equal when it came to false dealing.

Bame Kichardsqs

Y wife Janic has seen world-class performers in Las Vegas and ar naiionai magic convencions. Yet, if you ask her about the magic demonstrations that really impressed her, she will tell you with great enthusiasm of how Jon ftacherbaumer made the seven of hearts she was holding visibly transform itself to a queen of clubs, and how Richard Webster, the genie from New Zealand, looked at her palm and told her specific and accurate thing* about her hobbies, strengths and aspirations.


James obtained a real heavy magnet bar from a flour mill, one of those used in the chutes to catch any metallic substances before they pass through the rollers. A very good magnet for this effect may be obtained from a slot machine repair man. The magnet used in the one armed bandit type is only about two inches long and can be concealed easily in your hand. They are used in the machines to stop iron and steel slugs.

Ihec Fbgeboy

Another visitor to these shores recently was the tall dark and handsome David Copperfield. I spent a day with him and Terri Rogers doing a short tour of the London magic shops. Coincidentally they screened one of his TV Specials a couple of we6ks ago which was more than interesting. Last year I was in Las Vegas where there must have been at least five or six big magic acts appearing and they were all doing similar things. You know, big cages, wild animals etc. but Copperfield doesn't appear to be going in this direction. He seems to be leaning towards magical sketches. Taking one strong effect and building a whole sequence of happenings around it, complete with dancers or other performers where necessary. All sorts of themes are used from gangster type scenes to boy meets girl scenes, and for David it works. I say that because I can't see it working for anyone else at present. You have to be young, you have to be good looking and you have to be a good mover. D.C. is all of these...

End Strippers

And used by gamblers for generations and was certainly originated for the purpose of cheating at cards it has remained practically unknown to magicians generally speaking. This is rather a curious fact since there are many fine effects possible only with end strippers while everything that can be done with the side strippers can also be done with the end variety. Again the cards can be so finely cut that detection is practically impossible and such cards can be freely used even with those that know all about side strippers without arousing suspicion.

Additional Notes

The Zarrow or Vernon Triumph shuffle can be used in this routine for the false shuffles and are quite in keeping with the gambling theme. In Las Vegas Close-Up, Paul Harris suggests the use of a Curry change for the split. He has another interesting handling called Lickerty Split, which is an adaptation of Anneman's

Queens Escape

As you explain instruct the audience you are going to put the four in gamblers cop. This will occur in the motion of squaring the cards. The key to success in this move is rotating your hand rather than the cards. They should stay level throughout the entire action. Show the four on the face, and then bring the packet back to a deep mechanics grip. Act as if you are squaring the cards between the base of the left thumb and the left hand's fingertips. The left hand should lie flat under the cards (photo 3 in this picture the cards should be in motion toward your body, beginning the squaring action). When the cards get far enough back, allow the right thumb to let the face down four fall off. The left hand then rotates down peeling the card into gamblers cop (photo 4). Continue the squaring motion forward. It should appear that you simply squared the cards. In reality you now have the bottom card, the only four (4D), in a gamblers cop. that you guide in front of the single card. Push...

Jacks Wild

Professing to demonstrate a gambler's sleight, you repeatedly deal three jacks to a spectator. Offering to deal him the four jacks, you deal him the four aces instead. 1. Bring the conversation around to gamblers' sleights, explaining that although you are not an authority on matters of this kind nevertheless you have been shown the sleight known as the second deal and that you will demonstrate it. Some day, you say, I'm going to find out how the gamblers do that

Percentage Props

A percentage pmp is one in which the hustler does not have a sure thing but in which he enjoys a substantial inadrematical edge In these bets, the hustler is in essentially the same position as a Las Vegas casino. When an individual player walks into a casino, he may come out a winner, but overall the casino is assured of a steady profi . Similarly, a hustlei working a percentage prop knows that in the short rur. l ie may lose but, l ccause the odds arc in his favor, he has to show a healthy profit in the long run. fact chat figuring the coiiecl odds on a bet can be much trickier than il appears. Tnis is why percentage props arc often more effective on professional gambler than nongamblcrs. The nongar.iblec may shy away because he lias no idea what the odds on the bet aic and no idea how ro calculate them. A gambler is likely to know just enough to come up with the wrong answer. In playing percentage props, whenever possible bustlers like to work the bet as a frec .c out, In this...

The Haft Ways Prop

Explain thar you will have two dollars riding on all the hard ways. When a hard combination comes up, he is to pay you off at casino odds. When hard four or ten (7.-7. or 5- 5) come up, he is to pay you off at 7 to 1 odds, which gives you fourteen dollars for your two-dollar bet. When hard s x or eight (3-3 or 4-4) come up he is to pay off at 9 to 1, giving you eighteen dollars. Of coursc, ever time a seven or a soft four, six. eight, or ten is rolled, he wins your two dollar* and you must ante up again. You poinl out chat if the casinos really have such an edge on these bets he should get rich oil this since he is merely playing the par of the casino.

Tiie Card Turnover

In the 1920s, long before casinos came to New Jersey, gambler Wilson Mi .ner made a killing iu Atlantic City with an interesting proposition. He and a group of other gamblers were walking along the boardwalk, making wagers on such things as which of two randomly chosen swimmers would be the firs' to leave the water and just about anything else they could think of on which a bet could be laid. Eventually they eaine upon a beach lent which had sticking out from under it the largest pair of feet any of them had ever seen. They began speculating 011 the height of the owner of the enor- Using s similar setup, Titani 'IhompsOTi once dipped a bunch of gamblers in Iv ansville, Indiana. The town was going dirough an oil boom at the time and had attracted high-rolling gamblers from all over the country. Driving into town one morning, Ty passed a farmer hauling a wagon full of watermelons. Thinking fast, lie pulled the farmer over and bought his entire stock of watermelons for well above the...

Bruce 1lli0tt

The car, and pretty well discouraged, Dai asked a little girl if she wanted ice cream, and more to make talk than anything else asked if she knew where Bill Kennedy lived. And she imnedi-ately told him where to go. Kennedy turned out to be a truck driver type of person with an ambition to belong to the genteel and elite fraternity of gamblers. Dai's opulence evidently did the trick, and the search for an efficient center dealer was over. Two weeks later Dai was back in Mew York sweating over the sleight he now has mastered. In a letter to Horowitz Dai added a postcript, And a little child shall lead thee. After several years and lots of trouble, an ice cream cone was the answer. Cne of the cleverest single die and cup effects I've ever seen was shown me by a gambler several years ago. The secret of this truly impossible trick has been closely guarded. It is impromptu and uses only one die and a regular dice cup or a paper drinking cup.

Classic Sampler

One of my favorite jazz piano players is a fellow named Dave McKenna. I admire him for several reasons he has an extraordinary technique he has a remarkable touch on the instrument, which allows him to bring out individual lines when he plays he swings as hard as anybody on earth, but can also play ballads with great sensitivity and he has an enormous repertoire. It is the depth of repertoire that really blows me away, for these are not just tunes that McKenna knows of, these are tunes he knows he's worked them out, and he knows all the right chord changes. I mention all this, because if there is a magical equivalent to Dave McKenna, it is Michael Skinner, resident magician at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, sleight-of-hand virtuoso, and possessor of the largest working repertoire in magic.

Don Alans Big Deal

Don Alan achieved success in his chosen field. He appeared on national television many times and he was a top trade show and corporate performer. Unfortunately, he also carried with him a great deal of bitterness and anger toward the world of magicians, whom he felt had not treated him with respect. His health began to decline, and he moved to Las Vegas in 1990. He later moved to a nursing home in Escondido, California, where he died on April 15, 1999, a victim of Alzheimer's Disease. The Just Good Fun section includes several favorites from the Magic Ranch television series, including Stanley (the monkey in the basket routine), Worm's Turn, and Las Vegas Fairy Tale (a combination of Coins Across and the Cap and Pence). Also in this section are Clyde, Pretty Sneaky Nudist Deck, Invisible Card to Wallet, Sneakily Stacked in Your Favor (a terrific Dice Stacking routine), and Tweaking Marlo's Twee. The More Sneaky Stuff section contains some material that will be of interest to stand-up...


Studies have shown that employee theft is often a response to feelings of frustration and powerlessness in one's job. if his is the ease, then most casinos are perfect targets. Dealers have to follow very rigidly circumscribed rides in everything they do. The job provides few opportunities for initiative. Dealers themselves often describe it as the highest paid factory job in America. Because dealers ire not unionised, they have no job security and virtually no employee rights. They are subject to all manner of pressures, harrassmcnt, and abuse from I he bosses who often blame Ihe dealer for any losses the casino suffers. For some dealers, stealing chips becomes a kind of revenge a secret sabotage.

The Thrill is Back

Finally, Dick Stoner gave me a set of his Las Vegas Glasses. This is a great comedy prop, first described by Karrell Fox in Comedy ala Card. (This trick is marketed with Karrell's permission.) The effect is that a card is selected and lost in the pack. The cards are spread on the table. The magician dons a pair of glasses which he says will enable him to find the card. He looks over the spread, but names the wrong card. He does this again. When the magician looks up, the spectators see that two jumbo pips of the card are on the lenses of the glasses. Las Vegas Glasses by Karrell Fox. 20. From Stoner's Funstores, 712 S. Harrison Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Viva Where

As you may have noticed from the change of address information in last month's review column, I have moved out west. The main reason for the move is that I've discovered I have an unnatural need to be close to the Hoover Dam. (And yes, I am seeking treatment.) When I arrived, I was completely surprised to discover that there are a lot of magicians who live in Las Vegas. Who would have thought Anyway, the change of scenery is doing wonders for me, and now Editor Stan doesn't have to make long distance calls asking where my column is, he can bang on my apartment door directly. Chapter three contains gambling themed routines, and of particular interest here are Mr. Avis' exploration and clarification of Dr. Elliott's runup systems from Elliott's Last Legacy. Mr. Avis' interpretation of Elliott's very cryptic instructions is fascinating. If you are interested in runup systems you will also want to examine Mr. Avis' variations on John Scarne's runup system. Another favorite in this chapter...

Re Location

If you already have my phone number, it will be unchanged. If you need to mail something to me personally, the address is 9088 W. Rochelle Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89147. If you need to email me, do so at mail With any luck, next month life will proceed normally. Finally, on Volume Seven you'll find Monte Plus Plus which features Trevor Lewis' great Monte move, and one of the great routines in card magic, The Card Shark & The Four Gamblers. This routine is an extension of Dai Vernon's Cutting the Aces. If you want people to believe that you're the greatest card handler who's ever lived, learn this routine. The routines offered in Routines are less technically challenging than the material in The London Collection, but there are a few that will require some serious practice. Foremost among these is a terrific gambling demonstration that ends with the entire deck returning to new deck order. If you want to convince laymen (or magicians) that you can do just about anything...

Slot Scams

A scam thai is related to stealing and overpayment is the practice of slot machine workers setting jackpots on the machines for their agents. The slot mechanics employed by the casinos to repair the machines are constantly opening up machines in Ihe course of their work *o service In doing so, one can easily set a winning combination on the reels lo bigger a payoff. If you think .slot machine conspiracies are just small-change affairs, consider the scam which was uncovered in 1976, at the Stardust I lotcl by agents of The proceeds from slot machines are not counted coin by coin Rather the coins are weighed on special scales which convert the xjundagc into dollar amounts. The scamsters gaffed he scales so they recorded only two-thirds of the actual weight. 'Ihus, one out of everv three coins could be stolen. The thieves' score averaged about ten thousand dollars a day. That's a lot of quarters to fry to smuggle out of a casino. The cheats solved the problem by establishing a...

Its A Wonderful Life

The three-video series Tales From The Planet Of Bloom showcases many of the effects Gaetan featured in his lecture. The effects utilize a variety of props - cards, cigarettes, Slinkies, grocery bags, paper plates - but all have one thing in common they are all going to fool you harder than you have been fooled in a long time. I attended Gaetan's lecture here in Las Vegas, and watched him again when he performed at the Convention at the Capitol. On each occasion he turned a room full of knowledgeable magicians into a bunch of slobbering laymen, myself included. As he performed the final effect of his lecture (a prediction effect called Quarte, which I'll discuss further in a moment) I thought to myself, If the payoff of this trick isn't a gag, I'm in real trouble. The payoff wasn't a gag, and I was in trouble. My favorite effects on these videos were Top Chrono, in which your wristwatch travels to the center of a knotted rope Bleached, an offbeat card location that has numerous...

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