The Haft Ways Prop

Here is another hustle for the mark who thinks he knows all there is to know about dice. When the subjecl of eiaps comes up, casually mention that you make it a practice to bet only on the hardway combinations ant lhat you almost always win. Your friend will promptly lccture you about how die hardways arc sucker bets with the house having all the best ol it.

When he explains this lo you, tell him that you disagree. Act as if you are completely unable to grasp all the mathematical explanations he will give you as to why you're wrong. Finally, when he is thoroughly frustrated at your obtuseness, spring the trap. Offer to play a game of ciaps with him in

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which you will bel only ihc hardway numbers: four, six, eight, and ten He is lo look the action, playing the role of the casino.

Explain thar you will have two dollars riding on all the hard ways. When a hard combination comes up, he is to pay you off at casino odds. When hard four or ten (7.-7. or 5- 5) come up, he is to pay you off at 7 to 1 odds, which gives you fourteen dollars for your two-dollar bet. When hard s:x or eight (3-3 or 4-4) come up he is to pay off at 9 to 1, giving you eighteen dollars. Of coursc, ever/ time a seven or a soft four, six. eight, or ten is rolled, he wins your two dollar* and you must ante up again. You poinl out chat if the casinos really have such an edge on these bets he should get rich oil this since he is merely playing the par of the casino.

This is a swindle if ever there wras one. It is certainly true that the casino enjoys a massive edge on the craps hard way bets. It is also true that die setup you've lured your victim into bears litrie resemblance to what happens in a casino. I he scam comes in when you say that if a seven is rolled your opponent wins your two dollais. In a casino, if you bad two dollars on all the hardways, you would lose eight dollars whenever seven came, a loss of two dollars for each of the four possible hare-way numbers. Under the rules outlined above, you will enjoy a massive 31.8 percent edge on hardway six and eight and an even more incredible >8.8 percent edge on hardway four and ten. To make this a fail bel, your opponent should pay only ■Wi to 1 on every hardway rolled rather than 7 to 1 and 9 to 1. This prop is so strong that it is a guaranteed money maker even if you are not betring freeze-out style.

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