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Several years ago I had a conversation with a couple of base dealers about the possibility of devising a practical method for secretly dealing the second card from the bottom of the deck without disturbing die bottom card. They had heard rumors that someone had sueeecded in perfecting such a technique which was being called a Greek deal. However, investigation on their part and those of others had led them lo conchide that the story was just a myth based on wishful thinking.

Still, the idea lingered in out minds bccausc such a move would have a number of valuable applications. For example, at blackjack il is customary to "burn" the top card of the deck by placing il face up on the bottom before starting to deal. A blackjack dealer in a sinele-deck game could cull a natural to the bottom and keep il there during the shuttle, lie could then hop the player's cut to keep the blackjack on die bottom and deal it to himself or a partner on the first round despite the obstruction of the face-up bun card on the bottom. Winning the fust hand ot each iew deal would give linn a substantial edge, and the fact that the burn card remained undisturbed on the bottom would prevent even the sharpest players from suspecting the truth.

Similarly, poker as played in Nevada casinos is conducted by a house dealer who shuffles, cuts, and deals but does not participate in the game. He just takes a cut out of each pot to provide Ihe house its profit. It is standaid practice in these games for the dealer to seal the deck before dealing by placing a blank card or joker on the bottom to prevent any of the players from catching a glimpse of the bottom card. It also serves to prevent bottom dealing. I lowever, if the dealer had mastered a Creek (leal, he could still use

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it to deliver winning liands to a partner. The two would then split die profits later.

Struck by die possibilities of the move, 1 v ent to work. After several years of experimentation and practice, 1 hnally mastered a completely deceptive technique tor the Greek deal. I demonstrate this move n my lectures and seminars to illustrate what is possible with a deck of cards. However, to the I jest of my knowledge, no caid cheat working today has succeeded in mastering the Greek deal, so you really don't have to worry about this technique— unless you play cards with me.

When I first perfected the Greek deal, 1 felt 1 was on to something really new. That is, until I read the following passage from fCoscftitz's Manual of Useful Information, an expose of crooked gambling methods pub ished in 1894: "Second dealing from the bottom of the deck may also be practiced ..."

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