Flat Stores

All carnival games are divided into two general categories- games of chance and games of skill. AWheel of Fortune would be an example ul the former while a game in which the player tried to pitch a ball into a bushel basket or throw a honp over a block of wood with a fifty-dollar bill wrapped around it would be an example of a game of skill. ITiis distinction is more theoretical than practical since many games of skill are so difficult that the average person could succeed only through luckā€”and phenomenal luck at thai. When the game is gaffed, neither skill nor luck will be of any help to you.

The chance and skill categories arc important for only two reasons: I' ir.st, some jurisdictions prohibit games of chance on the grounds that they constitute gambling, but allow die games of skill; second, many players who would never dream of gambling allow themselves to get hooked on games of skill and drop a bundle. In fact, many players believe, quite erroneously, that skill games cauno- be rigged.

Not all carnivals carry flat stores. Whether or not you will encounter any crooked games at a carnival or fair depends on two factors. The first is the policy of the carnival management. Some carnival owners will not Loleraie crooked joints on ethical grounds. At such a carnival, you can play with confidence that die games arc all hanky panks or other legitimate stores. These honest operators are the biggest enemies of the grifters because diey sometimes suffer due to their actions. A carnival loaded with i'rifl will sometimes play a spot and rip off the locals so badly they hum ihe Iol. The townspeople are so disgusted by Ihe experience that no carniva. can subsequently play the area, not even a scnipnlonsly honest one

The operators of honest carnival games pay the management a fiat daily fee which is bascc on tire front footage of the joint. I lowover, flat store owners must pay a percentage of each day's take to the management. Since the earnings from such games can be enormous, this arrangement is very-profitable for a carnival owner

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