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Of the many different kinds of scams that can be run against a gambling house, the ones the casinos fear most are those involving eollusion between players and casino personnel to take off the house. I'he dealer cheats to help Ins partner win. Few outsiders realize that the casinos' elaborate surveillance apparatus is primarily designed to keep an eye on their own employees. The Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Division of Gaming Kntoreemenl in New Jersey also work hard to uncover this form of cheating partly because, by hurting the casinos' receipts, these conspiracies also hurl the state's gaming revenues. Vet collusion remains a persistent problem in die gaming industry,

Such seams can range anywhere from a single dealer dumping off a game to an entire baccarat crew or crap table crew working with a network of agents (accomplices who pose as players), and sometimes beyond that to include management personnel such ¿s floonncn. pitbosses, and shift bosses. In numerous cases a casino executive, on learning that he was on the vcigc of being terminated, has quickly organized a scam to take as uuch money out of the casino as possible before leaving. Needless to say, the higher up die conspiracy goes, the move difficult it i> In in cover Some idea of the magnitude of the problem may be gained from "he tact that whenever a casino is hit really hare, it almost always involves inside help and almost the only times the authorities succeed in uncovering such a scam is when a member of the conspiracy decides lor some reason to turn irformer.

The situation is aggiavated by the tact that most casinos are inclined to simply fire a suspected chcat ralher than seek criminal prosecution, lhe policy of the Nevada Gaming Control Board is that sleight of hand cheating must be observed by three different agents on three different occasions in order to have a case strong enough to take to court. Allowing the cheating to go on long enough foi such observation does not ap|ieal to most casino managements. In addition, experience has convinced many casino executives that juries are not very sympathetic to the casino's claims in these cases, bor this reason, the Control Board is more likely to setde for revoking the work card of a cheating employee rather than seeking a criminal conviction.

Fiosccuting also means publicity Most casinos fear having their names publicly linked with cheating even when it is clear the cheating was the work of mi individual rather than the casino. Ur fortunately, while firing a suspected cheat under some other pretext solves the problem for that one casino, it frees the cheat to seek employment at another casino where he may again go into business for himself

Although these scams arc aimed at defrauding lhe casino, they may also victimize innocent players. Casinos maintain running records of the amount of money earned by each shift, each pit. each table, and each dealer When earnings drop below a ecrtain level, management begins to consider the possibility of fraud. Of coursc. projections of earnings arc flexible since even the casino is subjcct to the short run cffccts of uck. Consequently, a croo.ecd blackjack dcalei. for example, can take a good deal of money out ot the casino without affecliig earnings crough lo cause suspicion. However, if the chcatmg seam is a ma or one and operates over an extended period of time, the dcalci may begin to swindle honest players to keep the casino's bottom line up Hi cheats lo help his acco mplice win and also cheats to make die ether players lose. In e-fect, he is robbing one player to help the other one while keeping the casino's profits uralfeeled If you arc a casino gambler. Ihi.s alone should he enough reason for you to learn how these scams work.

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