Dice Switches

Tins can be done by means of the thumb switch. The cheat will pick up the galfs from his lap and hold tnem hidden in his cupped fingers. 1 le then picks lip the regular dice and apparently drops them in his cup. Actually, the levels aie retained in the thumb crotch as the ringer-palmed dice are dropped in I le may then use the same- hand to cover the month of the cup and shake il, Ihe palmed dice bciiis^ hidden against die side of die cup, 01 lie will shake with the other hand, the hand with the held out dicc going to the table edge or being dropped in the lap.

He may instead use :hc palm sw tch which leaves :he switched out dice trapped in the palm between die- base of the :humb and the edge of the palm as the yaffs arc dropped in the cup. In this case, the cheat will hold Ihe cup between both hands as he shakes il His empty hand will cover the mouth ot the cup as the other banc holds the base of the cup. 'litis completely hides the palmed dice from view. Later ihe switch is repeated to clean up and leave the square dice in play. The fact th.it dice used at haekjfjammo-i are often smaller ihan those typically used in crap games makes the switches even easier.

ihe Butterfly Cup Alternatively, the dice may be switched by means of a butterfly cup. This is a specially gaffed dicc cup which performs the switch mechanically without any need for sleight of hand, "llic typical design foi .1 quality leathei cup is a cylinder shape with a curved cap stitched to one end

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to seal it off. In the butterfly cup. this cap contains two compartments, each large enough '.o bold a pair of dice. The bottom of the cup contains a semicircular opening so that one of these compartments leads into the cup while the other is sealed off, While the cap appears to be stitched to the cylindrical part of the cup, it is really attached by means of a groove so that it can be turned. The gaffed dice are in the sealed-off compartment When the regular dice are tossed in, they go iritc the open compartment Under cover of shaking the cup between both hands, the cheat secretly gives the cap a half-turn, litis seals off the compartment with the septa re dice and opens the compartment containing the tops, which are then rolled out. A repeat of Lite action later will bring the squares back into play. The inside of the cup is all dead black for camouflage purposes: someone giant ing inside will notice nothing unusual.

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