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2 of a Kind

Ok, the dealer picks out two cards of his choice. He tells you to cut the deck. he flips over the cards that he picked out then he flips over 2 cards of the deck that you cut. they are the same number.

4 Friendly Kings

Trick similiar to Kings Robbery, where 4 Kings come together.

Ace Party

You have the spectator make four piles of any number. When this is done you flip over all the piles and all four aces are there.

After Drinks

The audience is given two random cards. They look at them, but the dealer doesn't see them. The audience inserts the cards into the deck, and without shuffling, the dealer throws the deck into a chair, but somehow manages to pick up the two cards, holding them up in front of gaping audience members.

All The Aces (1 Variation)

The Spectator cuts the deck into four piles. From each pile three random cards are dealt onto each of the other piles. The spectator then turns over the top cards of each pile to reveal all four aces.

Appearing Card

A spectator picks a card out of a shuffled deck of cards and you place them on any three random cards place the cards at the bottom of the deck shuffle the deck and put three cards from the bottom of the deck and ask the spectator if any of those three cards are his then place them on the table and flip over one of the cards and there card appears on the table.

Back Flip

Audience picks a card, which the dealer does not see. The audience member inserts the card back into the deck. Next the dealer drops the card onto a table top, and the card jumps out of the deck, face up!

Bottom Card, The

You will guess the bottom card without even looking at it {or so your audience thinks so}


To guess someone's card by memorizing order of deck.

Changing Ace, The

You hold the ace of diamonds, spades, and clubs fanned out so that everyone can see them. You turn them over, then have someone tap them three times, turn them over, and now you are holding all the same cards except that the ace of diamonds has now amazingly changed to the ace of hearts!

Count Down

You shuffle the deck several times and then ask a person to tell you when to STOP when they think you drop ten cards. You then count the correct amount of cards actually dropped. You then tell them to memorize the top card and put it back into the deck shuffling anyway they want to. You then fan all the cards out in a spiral towards the middle and pick their card out for them.

Cut To It (1 Variation)

The spectator picks a card, puts it on the top of the deck, cuts it and the magician finds the card (Variation-Abracadabra)A deck is shuffled and a card is chosen. The spectator replaces the card on the topof the deck. The magician shuffles the cards. He strangely reveals the card by using an audience members hand and points out their card. (The card can be revealed by other matters)

Deck Predictor

After shuffling the deck of cards, the performer asks a friend to cut the deck that is in his left hand. The friend then places the top portion of the cards on the performer's right hand. The friend is then asked to take the top card off the portion in the performer's left hand. The friend looks at the card without showing the performer. The performer uses their mind reading capabilities to tell what card has been chosen.

Do It Yourself Discovery

The spectator discovers his own card in a mysterious manner.

Easy Eights

Need one accomplice - they tell you what card the spectator chose by pointing to it

Easy Pick

Just holding the card case and picking the card.


This trick requires a Magician's assistant. 9 cards are laid face down in three columns of three. The spectator is asked to pick a card. The assistant won't be wathcing when this is going on. The assistant will return, and through ESP, the assistant will pick which card the spectator picked

Find The Card The Easy Way

Remember the card by remembering its position in the row

(2 Variations)

Four Islands

There are four islands in an ocean. Each has a king, queen, a son named jack (the jack will be used), and a dog named ace (the ace will be used) One day, a hurricane storms through the ocean creating complete chaos and wiping everything on the islands away. Finally, each King lands on its own island, each Queen on her own island, etc.

Four Kingdoms (2 Variations)

Simple Trick involving telling a little story and dealing 16 cards over and over.

Four Two's Jive, The

Spectator shuffles deck and cuts in half. Spectator chooses cut portion and prefomer takes the other. Both the spectator and performer hold cards behind their back and select a card. the cards selectedare then exchanged and placed face up behind the back. this processcontinues one more time. When done both people bring out their pile andsperad them out. All 4 2's will be face up.

Haphazard Cards

A deck of cards is haphazardly mixed up and is instantly restored.

Hotel & Motel, The

A motel with four rooms, (any 4 of any suit). Four aces, four kings, four queens, four jacks, come and mix in the same four beds. When the inspector comes to check, all the aces are in one room, the kings in another, as are the jacks and the queens. Amazing, huh?

Kathy's Prediction

Predict a card's value that is face down on a pile. Works every time.

Keith's Trick

Simlpe Trick, that's basically foolproof.

Kings Robbery (2 Variations)

Story Telling trick, easy to do.

Lazy Magician, The

The spectator is given the cards, which the spectator shuffles as much as they want. Next while the magician's back is turned, the spectator looks at the top card, and replaces it back on the top. The spectator is asked to place as many cards as the top card (King is 13, Queen is 12 and so on..) from the bottom to the top (still behind the magicians back). The magician turns around and takes the deck and finds out the card!

Liar, Liar

You go through a deck and tell the person to tell you when to stop. You take the first card of the pile and ask them if it istheir card. It is not. Then, you do it 3 more times, all NOT being theircard. Then you pick up one that you put down and it is magically their card.

Lucky 13

The Dealer takes a fresh deck of cards out of the box and begins to shuffle them to make sure that they are in no particular order. He then begins to deal the cards into a bunch of piles until the deck is cleared. There are 13 piles and when he is done all of them contain all Four cards of each suit in each pile.!!!

Magical Cut

Begin the trick by what I call rifling the deck. Tell the spectator to say stop. Where you stop you cut the deck. The card on top of the bottom pile is the spectator's card. Tell the spectator look at the card and put it back where it was. Now you lay the cards face up so you can see them all. You pick a card and that is the spectators.

Magic Riffle

Performer shuffles the deck and then riffles through and finds spectators card.

Mind Reader

Don't Try it on smart people.

Mirror Image

A cut and shuffled pack makes two face down piles of red and black cards.

Nice and Easy

Easy, Simple trick to do and perfom.

Number's Trick

Through math, you can find out two cards that a person has chosen.

Obedient Colors

Two columns are created, a black one and a red one. Cards are drawn one at a time from the bottom of the deck and an audience member chooses whether to put it face down on the red or black column. The column colors are then switched and more cards are placed by the audience. At the conclusion of the trick, all the cards are flipped over and all the colors in each pile are together.

O'Henry Trick

Self-Working Magic Trick

On Tap

You infront of several spectators along with an accomplice lay 9 cards, 3 x 3, onto the table. You ask the accomplice to leave the room, then have the spectators choose a card. When he returns you will have him identify the exact card chosen by the spectators!

Opnick's Dozen

Creative trick for young card trick peformers

Opposite Decks

Quick trick, with a little preperation.

Order Please

You have a spector cut the deck 13 times. Then you deal the cards onto 13 piles (as if you where playing a card game). then you turn over the piles one by one. The cards have in each pile are the same value.

Pick for Me

This is a simple trick in which all you need is a normal playing deck. The effect is surprising to an audience, but I don't recomend doing it more than a few times for the same group of people.

Pick-Up 52

A good trick to finish a performance (an informal one, anyway). Make sure you don't have to clean up.

Psychic Solution

You tell a person to pick the top card of the pile. You tell them to memorize it. You then tell them to put the card back into the pile. Take the deck, and act like you are trying to get "psychic" messages from it. Then tell them their card, while they concentrate on it.

Re-appearing Aces

You will show the audience four aces and put them on top of the deck. Then you will pick up the four aces and give the audience the four cards underneath and as you show the audience your cards they will not be the four aces; the four aces will be in the spectators hand.

Reverse the Card

Simple to do, hard to figure out

Seb's Bottom Trick

Easy to do, very basic card trick

Self-Arranging Trick, The

Shuffling a deck of cards and having it cut nine times can make every card show up in their own pile. (i.e. 2H, 2S, 2D, 2C all in one pile)

Seven Detectives

This is a whole story of Seven detectives chasing a murderer (the selected card).)

Sisters Trick, The

Simple trick with 4 Queens

Spelling Bee

The magician shuffles the deck and takes the top three cards. The magician then holds the 13 cards face down. He then proceeds to to spell the first card name, ace. "A-C-E" and for each letter, he puts one card under the small deck (the 13 cards). he then flips over the next card (the fourth one) and it is an Ace. He repeats this proccess for each card number, Ace-King. AT the end, he has all 13 cards face up on the table in sequential order.


Confusion Trick with 9 & 6 of clubs & spades.


Magician spreads cards in hand and asks spectator to select card. Spectator then memorizes number and suit, then gives the card back to magician, who then puts it back in the deck at a random place. Then the magician counts off cards from the bottom (or top) and then stops, and holds up a card: the spectator's!

Teleporting Card, The

The spectator picks two cards from the top of the deck. The spectator then puts the two cards in the middle of the deck. Without shuffling or arranging of the cards the cards magically teleport into your hands!

Think of Your Card

Trick for beginners using the elimination shuffle

Three In a Row

Easy Trick to perform, little preperation.

Three Card Match

A person form the audiance picks a card and sets it aside. After a little hocus-pocus, you flip over three cards of the same rank as the selected card.

Turn Around Card Trick, The

The performer places 8 cards face up on the table and then turns around. He then tells the spectator to turn one card upside down. when the performer turns back around he points at the card whitch is turned.

Turn Around Deck

Simple trick that can be done by beginners.

Vanishing Card

Performer shows a pack of cards in a case. He seemingly withdraws the deck, announces he will magically make a card leave the deck invisible. He requests that five cards be drawn. These cards are placed face down on the table so no one can see them. Performer now picks them up and asks someone in the audience to write down their names as he calls them off. After the cards are listed, he puts them in the deck. Someone now looks through the deck attempting to find the five selected. Only four are found in the deck! The performer now opens the case the cards came in...the missing card is found to have left the pack and gone back to the case.

Where's The Card

Spectator picks a card from deck and magician finds it. Magician then lays out four cards which does not correspond to the one the spectator picks and magician makes it reappear.

Who's The Magician

Self-Working Trick where the spectator does all the work.

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