List of Card Tricks

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A 2 of a Kind A 4 Friendly Kings

* Ace Party

* After Drinks

* All The Aces Amazing

Acestopper A Appearing Card

* Back Flip

^ Bottom Card, The

* Chased

A Changing Ace, The

A Count Down

* Deck Predictor

* Do It Yourself Discovery

A Easy Eights

* Easy Pick

& Find Card Easy Way

* Four Islands

A Four Kingdoms A Four Two's Jive, The

A Haphazard Cards

* Kathy's Prediction

* Keith's Trick A Kings Robbery

* Lazy Magician, The

* Lucky 13

* Magic Riffle Magical Cut

A Mind Reader

* Mirror Image

* Nice and Easy & Number's Trick A Obedient Colors

* Opnick's Dozen ^ Opposite Decks A Order Please

* Psyhic Solution ^ Re-appearing Aces

A Reverse the Card ^ Seb's Bottom


A Self Arranging Trick, The

♦ Seven Detectives

♦ Sisters Trick, The ^ Spelling Bee

A Switcheroo

♦ Teleporting Card, The

^ Think of a Card Three Card


A Three In a Row

♦ Turn Around Deck

^ Vanishing Card


* Ace's Memory A 4 Extravagant Aces, The

* 49ers Fools Gold

^ A Poker Player's Picnic

A Assistance Needed

* Best Friends

^ Build The Houses

* Calling the Shots

Transposition A Changing Card, The

* Criss Cross Cutting the Aces

* Double Turnover Eight Threatening


A Enchanted Card, The

* Find Card Hard Way

* Fool Proof Reversed Card

From Here to


^ Gemini Twins A Get Money

* Gladlock Knows All

* Housing Suits A I Can't Believe They...

Impossible Card Location A In My Pocket

* Jack Party

^ Magic Breath

♦ Magic Color Seperation

♦ Magic Flick of a Finger

^ Magic Partner A Magic Pockets

* Magnetic Cards, The

♦ Math is Beautiful

A Mental Thought

* Mind Reader II

♦ Mongolian Clock

♦ No I Got It ^ Pair 'em Up A Paper and Predictions

* Poker Trial

♦ Psychic Hotline

^ Psychic Prediction A Not Your Card

* Quick Flip

♦ Reappearing Combo, The

A Similiar Pair, The

* Sitting on the Card

Six Guessed


Cards, The Slap Happy

* Spectator's Trick A Stack It Up

* Stop Now

* Think About It A Triple Threat

* Was There Now It's Here

* Wizard Takes Holiday, The

Year Game, The

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