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4 Extravagant Aces, The (1 Variation)

Nice Counting Trick. Fun to perform and watch.

49ers Fools Gold

Spectator, without picking it up, picks a card from among 49 lying on the table and the magician is able to find it, and even bet some fools gold on it.

Amazing Acestopper

The magician takes a borrowed deck. He tells a spectator to say stop whenever he/she wants to. Whenever he says stop, the magicians takes all the cards above the point he said stop and turns them over. Then he starts spreading out the deck from the top slowly until he gets to the first face down card, which is where the specatator said stop. The magician puts this card face down on the table. This process is repeated three times. Then when the four card are flipped over they are found to be all four aces,,,,,

Ace's Memory

Trick uses full or almost full card deck; one ace, one king, and one queen of any suit placed in order of ace-king-queen at bottom of deck (ace as bottom card); dealer must know how to deal from bottom of deck.

Any Way You Count 'Em (1 Variation)

Counting Trick. One of my favs. (Variation-Counted Cards): A simple trick using a mathematic principle and an amazing finish.

A Poker Player's Picnic

You shuffle a deck of regular cards and hand them to the spectator, the spectator then cuts the deck into 4 piles. He picks up the first pile and fools with the order of the cards, then repeats this action for the other 3 piles. When you turn over the top cards of each pile, the spectator sees that they are all aces.

Assistance Needed

You lay out a bunch of cards on the table and have a member of your audience pick one. Your assisstant goes out of the room while this is done. The assisstant is called back in and knows the person's card!

Best Friends (1 Variation)

Two cards are freely (yes freely) selected and inserted face up in the deck in two different places. Magician runs through the deck and drops the face up selected card, and the face down card next to it, on the table. When the face down cards are turned face up they are seen to be the mates of the selected cards.

Bottom's Up

Simple trick; hard for spectators to figure out.

Build The Houses

Find their card and make them pick it out.

Calling the Shots

First of all the card trick centers around the idea that you know the bottom card which means you need to be good at shuffling. Make sure you know the bottom card.

Card Transposition

You put a card in your pocket, and one in the spectators hand then the cards change places.

Changing Card, The

Involves the palming of a card. (1 Variation): Now not only does the card change, it disappears!

Criss Cross

Spectator cuts deck and sees card. He then shuffles the deck, and the magician finds the card. He can then present it it any number of ways.

Cuttting the Aces

Magician cuts a deck into four piles, turns over the top card on each pile which turn out to be the four aces.

Double Turnover

Select a spectator to remove the top half of the deck for him/her, while the magician takes the bottom half. Each puts their half behind their back and removes a card at random. Each lays their half on the table and looks at their card. You exchange each others selected card without looking and places them face down in their face down half of the deck. The pack is immediately reassembled and both call out their card each has selected. The pack is spread out and both cards have magically turned face up in the deck!!!

Eight Threatening Kings

Person chooses card from deck, and magician tells player the suit and number.

Enchanted Card, The

In this trick you will have a friend pick a card and give him the deck . Then he will take the top card and put it on the bottom. Next he or she will turn the next card face up and put it anywhere in the deck and it will find the card he picked.

Find The Card The Hard Way

Remember the card (the hard way) by remembering its position in the row

(1 Variation)

Fool Proof Reversed Card

A spectator chooses a card, replaces it, turn the deck over three times in their hands, snaps it, riffles it, shuffles it, whatever then they look through the deck to find it reversed.

From Here To There

The magician shuffles an ordinary deck of cards. He then fans the cards and asks a spectator to select a card show and memorize it. The magician then fans the cards again and tells the spectator to to place his card any where in the deck he wishes. The magician then places his card on the bottom of the pack and he then squares up the pack and holds the deck up so the spectator can see the bottom card. The magician asks if this card is his.The spectator will answer yes. The magician then places two cards from the top of the deck on to the bottom thus covering the spectators card. He then holds the pack up as before and asks is this your card. This time the spectator answers no. This then repeats itself again. the magician then takes the spectators card and places it on top of the deck. and repeats the procedure as before. Now with the three cards in the spectators hand the magician asks him if the bottom card is his and he. answers no. The magician then places the bottom card into his hand and shows that the other two cards are not the spectator's. But when the spectator looks at the card in his hand to his surprise its his card!

Gemini Twins

A magician removes two cards from a deck and places them face up on the table. The deck is handed to the spectator where he/she will start dealing cards face down onto the table, when he/she stops, the magician places one face up card on top of the dealt pile and the rest of the deck is placed on top of that. The spectator again deals cards face down and when they stop, the magician places the other face up card at that point. Upon examination of the placement of the face up cards, the spectator sees he/she stopped dealing where the two "prediction" cards' twins were located.

Get Money

You're in a room with a bunch of friends and a deck of cards. You allow a friend to pick any card, then put it back in the deck. After shuffling the deck, you start turning over cards until you see your friend's. You bet everybody in the room $1, $2, $5, or whatever, that the next card you turn over is theirs. Seeing that it's already there, they greedily make the bet. You turn over the card lying on top of the faceup pile. Be sure to collect your cash.

Gladlock the Great Knows All

A spectator picks a card you dial a number on the phone you ask for Gladlock the great you then hand the phone to your victim and Gladlock tells him his card.

Half and Half

The performer evenly counts half the deck (without the jokers), places three cards from the counted pile face up, puts an amount of cards on the three facing up to equal ten, asks a participant to count down a certain number of cards, and then tells the next card up.

Housing Suits

Flip top card over and put the next on the bottom. Continue doing this forming suits counting down from Ace to 2. When you find a card out of order you tell the person their card.

I Can't Believe They Don't Get It

Good trick, easy to figure out, it works on people who don't pay attention.

Impossible Card Location

Three people pick and memorize a card then they get lost in the deck and you will find them.

In My Pocket

A spectator picks a card. The magician then looks for the spectator's card in the pack but can't find it, he then magically pulls the card out of his pocket.

Jack Party (1 Variation)

This trick is a great crowd pleaser and will get a lot of recognition for it's seemingly magical effects. Basically You separate four sets of cards and magically bring them back together!!

Liar, Liar

You go through a deck and ask a person to tell you when to stop. You take the first card of the pile and ask them if it is their card. It is not. You do it three more times, all NOT being their card. Then you pick up one that you put down and it is magically their card.

Magic Breath

Spectator chooses a card. The card is placed randomly back in the deck. The magician explains about magic breath, that it will magically make a card appear where a person wants it to be. He hands the deck to the spectator, tells him to think of a number in his head, to breath on the deck, and to deal off that many cards. The spectator flips the last card and finds that its not his. The magician then deals off the exact same number and flips the last one, showing that it's his card.

Magic Flick of a Finger

After the spectator tells you that you have the wrong card 6 times, you flick two cards away from his grip and the third one magically becomes his card.

Magic Magnets Color Seperation

Long explanation but very easy to do.

Magic Partner

Long explanation but very easy to do.

Magic Pockets

A spectator inserts a card upside down in a deck and memorizes the 2 cards next to it. The performer does the trick and pulls both cards out of his pockets without ever looking at the cards.

Magnetic Cards, The

Two cards are either chosen by the same person or 1 card each by two people. The magician then drops the deck and only those two cards remain.

Math is Beautiful

This trick is a math trick. You make alot of piles, have someone choose 3 of them. Have them mix around the piles while you're not looking, then flip over the top 2 cards of 2 of the piles and then tell them the top card of the 3rd deck.


A spectator choses a card from three columns and is then led through several steps that will in the end seem to make the spectator find their own card from piles of face down cards.

Mental Thought

Counting trick, where you find their card.

Mind Reader II

This is just a slightly advancecd variation of the trick Mind Reader, submitted by James Blackie.

Mongolian Clock

The spectator chooses a card from a "clock" made by the magiain. Then the clock is put on the bottom of the deck; at this time the magician turns around while the spectator takes the same number of the hour that they picked and put thar many cards on the bottom of the deck. Next the magicain turns back around, throws the whole deck on the table(one by one) then mixes them up on the table and finds the exact card!!!

No I Got It

Gives an effect of the card vanishing and reapearing back on top of the deck. Or being knocked through the table.

Not Your Card (1 Variation)

Hard for the audience to figure out, not difficult to perform.

Pair 'em Up

By picking 2 cards from the deck, you will be able to match both of them

Paper and Predictions

Performer makes a prediction and writes it down. The folded paper is given to a spectator who does not look at it. Someone cuts the deck and takes a random card. The performer counts off a number of cards equal to the face value of that card onto the table. The last card turned is the predicted card.

Poker Trial

A person arrested for cheating while playing poker, bribes the court members (11 jurors and 1 judge) into playing one hand of Poker. If he wins he is a free man, but if he loses he must go to jail. All jurors the judge end up with three of a kind. The Poker player gets four of a kind. The order of cards will vary (2,3,4,ace,8 etc.), but it will always work if done correctly.

Psychic Hotline

You tell your volunteer that you're psychic and that you can pick out whatever card they're thinking of. Explain that this trick depends on them, so if they don't concentrate hard enough, it won't work. After they have the card in mind, you pick up the deck and look through the cards. After a moment, you set the deck facedown in front of the spectator and announce a card. If this is the correct one, then they are amazed (and you can start your own 900 number). Since this seldom happens, let's continue. When they say it's not their card, you tell them that they didn't concentrate hard enough. You tell them to take the top third of the deck and shuffle it. Then they are to take the whole deck and find their card. When they do, they are to put it on top of the deck. Then tell them to take the bottom third of the deck and shuffle it and put it on top of the deck. Then tell them to cut the deck. You pick up the deck and flip through the cards. After a second, you put the deck facedown in front of them again and ask them what their card was. when they announce their card, you flip over the top card on the deck and it's the same one.

Psychic Prediction

Guess any card in the deck someone wants you to.

Quick Flip

Not a difficult trick, with many tips.

Reappearing Combo, The

Cards are eliminated by the audience but somehow appear at the end. Combination of a couple of tricks on Card Trick Central.

Similar Pair, The

Trick dependent on audiences memory.

Sitting on the Card

The magician displays a normal deck and asks a spectator to replace the card on top. The magician then asks the spectator to stand up. The spectator does so and the magician deals the spectator's card, along with several others, on to the table. He asks the spectator to put his hand on that pile, to prevent the card from being tampered with. The magician then deals several other cards onto the spectator's seat. The spectator sits on those cards. THe magician reveals that the spectator's card has moved, magically, from the table, to under the spectator. Note: this trick is best when the magician is performing in a restaurant or other meal time.

Six Guessed Cards, The

This trick will seem magical to the audience but once you know the secret, it's not so mysterious. All you need is a ordinary deck of cards and a audience. The person watching will need a piece of paper and pencil to write with.

Slap Happy

One of six cards is selected from the magician. It is then counted off and placed into the middle of the deck. Spectator tells magician when the pile is large enough, he then holds cards. Magician slaps cards from his hand and only one remaining is the chosen card.

Stack It Up (2 Variations)

Simple Trick using interesting delivery at the end. (Variation-Rising Card): Magician deals out five piles. Spectator picks a pile, and choses a card. The magician then deals out the cards again and magically, he taps the top, then taps the bottom and their card "rises"(Variation-Double Reverse Table-Hit)

Stop Now

You will hand a spectator a deck of 52 (or 54 with jokers) and tell them to shuffle them a few times, then you will place the cards on your left hand, then take your right hand and start sliding the cards back about one to 5 at a time then say tell me when to stop before i get to the bottom of the deck then when the spectator says stop you will tell the spectator the card you stopped at. and pull the cards off the deck that you slide back a little bit revealing the bottom card is the one you said

Sun, The

Nice Trick, with cool effect.

Think About It

After shuffling the deck of cards, the performer asks a friend to cut the deck that is in his left hand. The friend then places the top portion of the cards on the performer's right hand. The friend is then asked to take the top card off the portion in the performer's left hand. The friend looks at the card without showing the performer. The performer uses their mind reading capabilities to tell what card has been chosen.

Triple Threat

Simple trick to do, but spectators can't get it.

Spectator's Trick

The magician asks spectator whether he knows any card tricks. The spectator answers Magician says "Well heres a great trick only YOU'RE going to perform it". The specator is handed a deck and asked to hold it face out to the magician, back towards himself. The magician picks a card which the spectator removes and places on the table, never looking at it. The spectator, after some manipulation, then ends up with two piles of cards on the table. The top cards on each pile are turned over and one reveals the value of the selected card while the other reveals the suit.

Was There Now It's Here

What you are going to do is to trick the other person or people that the card you gave them is a different card.

What's On Your Mind?

Gives the spectator the impression that you can read their minds!

Wizard Takes a Holiday, The

You accurately predict three cards which the spectator picks!!

Year Game, The

Trick involving numbers of the year. Check it out.

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