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Break -- A slight opening secretly held in a deck of cards.

Breather Crimp -- The Breather crimp is a special type of "pyramid" crimp put into a card. It's good because it's not really detectable like the standard crimp is--but it's harder to put into the card and requires a little privacy. The breather crimp is an undetectable crimp that can be put on a card at a moments notice, and is an extremely powerful weapon in the card conjurors arsenal.

Book Pass Force -- The book-pass force is where you do an overhand shuffle (take a group of cards then throw them on the other pile, you do this repeatedly) except you hold the top card and keep it on top. This will leave the selected card on top.

Bridge-Sized Deck -- A deck of cards slightly smaller than a poker deck, measuring 2-1/4' wide. Bridge-size cards are frequently used and give the magician an advantage in certain tricks becauseof their smaller width.

Card Discovery -- The climax or end of many card tricks during which the spectator's card is revealed or produced in a "magical" manner.

Card Location -- Any method that allows the magician to find or locate a selected card after it has been returned to the pack.

Conjurer -- A magician

Control -- Any method that allows the performer to move a particular card or cards to a specific location in the pack.

Crimp -- This involves putting a bend or crease in a playing card in such a way that you are able to locate it in the deck by feel alone. The crimp can be put anywhere on the card, but the corners or long sides are generally used. You can crimp the card simply by bending the corner slightly upwards when showng it. You can also crimp the side of a card by squeezing it gently at the side between the thumb and forefinger. Basically, any (subtle) identifying bend or crease in a playing card qualifies as a crimp.

Cut Deck -- Magician pulls a deck of cards out of a box showing that the deck is cut in half! (from upper right corner to lower left corner). Magician claims that he/she performed at a restaurant a while ago, and when he was showing a trick to the cook that required him to cut the deck, he took it literally and chopped the deck in half. Now, the spectator fans the left half and asks the spectator to point to a card. That card is removed and given to the spectator. The spectator then fans the right half and asks another spectator to point to a card. That card is removed and given to the other spectator. The spectators are then asked to place their cards face down on the table. The magician takes their cards and puts them together, showing an exact match on the back of the cards. They are flipped over and revealed to be the 2 matching sections of one card!!!!!!

Do As I Do -- When you have the spectator do the same things as you do.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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