Working the Tables

By David Drake

David Drake is another old friend whom I first met years ago at one of Howard Lyons' Ibidem Conventions. David is from Toronto, is often in attendance at Obie O'Brien's 4F convention, and he has been performing close-up magic professionally for 25 years. In this manuscript he details 20 routines from his professional repertoire.

The first two routines, "The Pill Trick" and "The Steel Balls," were featured in David's appearance at the 1972 I.B.M. convention in Buffalo. These routines require that the performer be seated, but they are the only two in the manuscript which impose this performing condition.

Magic with cards and coins receive the main focus in this manuscript, although there also routines which use keys, balls, finger rings, a nut and bolt, and string. The explanations are clear, but the photographs seem to designed more for artistic effect than clarity. However, everything is understandable. At the end of the manuscript is a very useful glossary which explains the various sleights used. All the material is well within the abilities of the average close-up worker.

This is commercial material from the repertoire of a working pro, and it is certainly worth your consideration.

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