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You have probably seen the ads for this magic kit in the past few issues of MAGIC. You were probably intrigued; I know I was. And you probably asked yourself, "What the heck is in a magic kit that costs $100?" Well, now I know, and in a couple of moments, you'll know, too.

In a letter which comes with the kit (addressed to "Dear Weird Customer") the Amazing Jonathan (hereafter known as A.J.) explains why he decided to produce his own magic kit. He gives two reasons. The first: "I felt it would be great to have my name on the first Magic Set that didn't include the same old tired tricks that have been included in ALL

magic sets in the past 50 years." The second reason: "To make money." A.J. decided which effects would be included, manufactured many of them himself, directed, edited, and starred in the companion video, and wrote and produced the companion manual. He feels that the cost-to-market ratio is in line with those sets which contain cheap plastic tricks (Ball & Vase, Cups and Balls, Sponge Bunnies, etc.), and that you would pay about $150 if you were to purchase each of the props individually. So, what do you get for your $100?

The kit contains: a thumb tip, an 8.5 inch square red silk, five (5.75 inch) square sheets of dental dam, a jar of slush powder, a needle to do "Needle Through Arm," a gaffed Rubik's Cube (which allows you to do the effect of instantly solving the cube), a gimmicked Sharpie marker which allows you to do a practical joke, a rubber tongue (for "Pen Through Tongue"), some blue-tac, an ungaffed deck of playing cards, a rubber spider (to secretly attach the back of a spectator's hand ala "The Web"), a 60 minute video tape in which A.J. explains all the tricks, and a small spiral bound manual which also explains the material. The video and manual explain 25 tricks which can be done with the props provided. The card tricks which are explained are, but for one notable exception, the standard ones which have been exposed countless times in beginner's books (a simple four ace revelation, a one-ahead card prediction, an ambitious card effect using similar pairs of cards, and the classic "Call the Wizard" phone effect). Unfortunately, also explained is a basic version of "Card Warp." I'm not sure why A.J. decided to include this trick. I wish he hadn't.

The video has some funny moments, but for the most part A.J. just demonstrates and explains the material. The manual is also easy to understand. And the tricks are very nicely packaged. A.J. also pledges to handle all questions and problems promptly, preferably via email.

So, do you need this? I have no idea. But now you know what you're getting.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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