Three Ropes and a Baby Picture This

by Richard Sanders

Camirand Academy offers two items from the professional repertoire of the very clever Richard Sanders. "Three Ropes and a Baby" is a multi-phase rope routine which has as its starting point the popular (and unfortunately, now often exposed) "Professor's Nightmare." The Sanders routine is a synthesis of ideas from many people, including Slydini, Aldo Colombini, and George Sands. I didn't find anything earth-shakingly new here, but it is a tight and commercial routine. I was a little disappointed that the presentation included was so bland (the patter merely tells the spectators what they are seeing), and the presentation has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the title. However, if you don't already have a three rope routine in your repertoire, this one would be an excellent choice. The instructions are very clear and are accompanied by 106 photographs. The necessary ropes are also included.

"Picture This" is another variation of the venerable "Out to Lunch" effect. The performer has a card selected (forced). He then shows a picture of himself as a young boy, dressed in a top hat and cape, holding a magic wand and a fan of cards. The spectator initials this picture. The picture is placed face down on the spectator's hand. When it is turned over, the picture has changed: all the cards have dropped to the floor, except for the previously selected card. Of course, the picture still bears the spectator's initials.

This is a very commercial trick. It's easy to do and is quite memorable. There is one problem, however. For some reason, the picture cards were printed with the words "Photo by Anne White © Camirand Academy" along the lower right edge. This is completely bogus and as far as I'm concerned is unnecessary. The patter line about the picture being of you as a youngster pretty much gets shot to hell if the spectators notice the copyright information. I've talked to Guy Camirand about this, and he tells me that he will try to print the next batch without the copyright info. If he indeed does this, then let's do our part by not ripping him off. If you need refills, order them from Guy.

A couple more things. You get three different force pictures, so if you're working tables you can have different cards chosen. Also, I've got some work on this trick, and I've agreed to give it to Guy for his newsletter and future reprints of the instructions. Contact him for details.

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