Three from H and R

A package from Richard Hatch was waiting for me when I returned from Washington. It contained two sets of notes from Gary Ward and an interesting item from Wittus Witt.

Gary Ward works in the computer industry and is part-time trade show performer. If you're an IBM member you can check out his one-man parade in the May 1994 issue of Linking Ring, and you web surfers can visit him at Delusion Therapy is a 36 page set of lecture notes focusing on close-up magic using cards, coins, rubberbands, paper clips, and other miscellaneous items. There are a dozen items explained, and while the notes are short on illustrations, the text is well written and easy to understand. These are commercial and practical routines. Doing Trade Shows with Confidence is a 15 page set of notes which emphasizes the nuts-and-bolts side of doing trade shows. I rarely see material of this nature offered for sale, and the information here will be invaluable to anyone planning to enter this field. Both sets of notes sell for $10 each, and they are a steal at the price.

From Wittus Witt comes the International Magic Yellow Pages 1996-1998. This fabulous little book is a directory of magic dealers, magic clubs, lecturers, museums, translators, and a whole lot more. In here you'll find email addresses and Internet web sites. There are categories for people who want information about balloons, coins, escapes, playing cards, and ventriloquism. I'm sitting here leafing through this book thinking, "How did I live without this?" You'll be thinking the same thing.

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