by Jim Pace

This is the magical equivalent of the joy buzzer. Jim Pace's trick (which has already spawned clones) is almost guaranteed to produce a visceral reaction in your spectators. The effect is this: A spectator is asked to hold out his hand. The magician shows four blank faced playing cards, placing them in the spectator's hand. Pictures of spider webs appear and disappear from the faces of the cards. Finally, the spectator is asked to wave his hand over the cards. When he does so, he discovers a large, realistic spider clinging to the back of his hand.

You get everything you need, including an excellent adhesive which makes the loading of the spider foolproof.

This trick is a lot of fun, but you have got to be careful who you perform it for. The discovery of the spider is an enormous shock, and could produce a more serious reaction than you want. I would never use it in a restaurant, and, in fact, I'm not sure that I would perform it for people I didn't know well. Please use common sense. Having said that, I will say that in the right situation this trick is a literal riot.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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