The Complete Dungeon

edited by Anthony Owen

The Dungeon was a British magazine which lasted for 10 issues and ran from August 1993 to November 1995. The focus was on close-up magic, although stage and parlour magic was discussed as well. There were interviews with people like Penn and Teller, Ali Bongo, Alex Elmsley, Jay Marshall, and Channing Pollock. There was also a great deal of commentary, criticism, and critique of books, tricks, conventions, and the magic world in general.

Dynamic Fx Limited is offered a limited edition of one hundred copies of the complete run of the Dungeon, and according to Anthony, no more will be produced and the production rights will not be sold to another publisher for future editions. The book is cloth bound, gold stamped by hand, and numbered, dated, and signed by the editor. The pagination is not consecutive, but I'm guessing that there are over 500 pages here. The price is $200.

Obviously, the intent is to make this a collectors item, and certainly the price will keep it out of the hands of all but collectors. I think that this is a pity. There is some excellent magic in these issues, and I find it refreshing to read a point of view outside of the American "party line." The layout of the individual issues is less than stellar, but I think the goal here is substance rather than style.

I very much enjoyed reading The Complete Dungeon. I only wish I could afford to own it.

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