The Art of CloseUp Magic Volumes 1 and

compiled by Lewis Ganson

For example, you could spend your money on these books. L&L Publishing has reprinted these classic texts in very nice, new format. The two volumes of The Art of Close-Up Magic are books from my youth, and I am fond of them. Back in the days when a big book of magic was published once a year, these books were very special, and I probably learned most of the routines from both volumes.

What makes these books special is the caliber of the contributors and fact that there are no card tricks included. There are routines from Dai Vernon, Ross Bertram, Fred Kaps, Roger Klause, Ken Brooke, Horace Bennett, and Chuck Smith. There is a wide variety of props used, and the skill level varies enough that you should find usable material, regardless of your ability.

Lewis Ganson wrote the explanations in his clear, competent style. I always felt that the Dennis Patten illustrations were the weak link in these books, but they are serviceable and understandable.

I'm delighted that these books are back in print, and I highly recommend them.

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