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by T.A. Waters

T.A. Waters is the author of Mind, Myth, and Magick, a monumental (and wonderful) 800 page book which is required reading for anyone interested in mentalism. On this video T.A. demonstrates and explains 12 routines from the book. The routines use common objects such as envelopes, playing cards, and tarot cards, and all are within the abilities of the average magician.

Notice that in the above paragraph I used the word "demonstration" rather than "presentation." At the beginning of the tape T.A. explains that he has chosen not to include full-blown presentations for any of the routines explained. I understand his reasons for choosing this route, but I wish he had gone the other way. The two assistants helping T.A. are pretty lifeless, and T.A.'s demonstration style is fairly lowkey. I fear that many magicians may pass this material by because the performance is not "exciting," and that would be a pity, because there is some excellent material offered here.

I'll mention a few of my favorites. "No/No" takes an old mindreading gag and turns it into the first part of a convincing number divination. "AdamSmyth" is another number divination, based on the "Smith-Myth" principle. "Zodiaccount" uses the Linda Goodman book Love Signs in a clever book test. And "Quintasense" is an ingenious combination of the well-known Matrix force and the Major Arcana of the tarot deck.

The tape concludes with an informal interview by Amy Stevens which will allow to you learn more about T.A. Waters.

If you have not read and studied Mind, Myth, andMagick, this video is a good introduction to T.A.'s material. The book is a must-have, and I certainly recommend the video for anyone looking for simple, effective mental routines.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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